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1. Wireless Headphone Transmitter Charging Connection

Wireless Headphone Transmitter Charging Connection

This BTH01 is compatible with your TV, record player, and tablets. The BTH01 headphones have a soft ear pad/memory foam/adjustable headband, designed to provide the maximum comfort. The sound is amazing. Enjoy the sound. The digital signal provides great sound with deep bass. Digital music can have better audio quality. The wireless range is up to 100 feet/30M. When not in sight of the transmitter, the headphones can be used. The original sounds are reverted by the decoding. The headphones have a transmitter that also serves as a charging dock. Rechargeable batteries The included Li-ion batteries can last 18 hours on a full charge and can be charged automatically when you place the headphones into the base station. No delay. Their headphones have a 2.4 GHz wireless technology that allows you to watch sports or play a game. It works with any device with an audio out port.

Brand: Rybozen

👤Sometimes I want to watch a program that my spouse is not interested in. This headset works well. Sound quality is good and volume setting doesn't need to be high to be adequate for listening. I don't have a hearing issue but I think this set works well for hearing impairment needs. It is easy to install. I have it connected to the internet. I will attempt to connect via the digital audio connection. There is a The first unit I received had a faulty power adapter, but the seller was quick to respond to my inquiry for help, and sent a new set without reservation. I would recommend this set to anyone. It was very easy to work with them.

👤This was a gift for my father. He likes it. The sound is very good. He's used headsets his whole life. One of my most vivid memories is when I was a kid, I used two wired headsets to listen to music on the living room floor. He is excited about the sound quality of the headset. I agree that it is a great product.

👤My mother is 80 years old and her hearing aids are adjusted so that she can't watch tv without using the caption. She doesn't get to see the actors because she's so busy reading what they're saying. She is able to look at the picture instead of just reading thanks to these earphones. Great product! Thanks.

👤My husband is almost completely blind, but he says theses are the most comfortable headphones he has ever owned. He doesn't have to turn them up very loud because of the sound. The controls are easy to use. They are the easiest to put on when I put them on the charger. They are very east to set up and hook up.

👤I got this product for my wife who enjoys watching TV but not at the same level as me because of my deafness. These were easy to set up, easy to use, and great volume.

👤A friend of mine has a high priced version of these and lent them to me. I liked the idea but it was a bit high so I bought these. It was easy to hook up, I went to the back of the TV to get the audio out. They were "hooked up". They work well. The sounds you miss are with good tv speakers. Doesn't have fancy settings. They work well.

👤The headphones are the best I've used. They are very comfortable to wear and the sound is great. I would recommend them without a second thought. If you can't hear voices on your television, try these. They have made a difference for me.

👤Well made product. Good fit. It was easy to setup. Excellent sound quality. It fits a little snug at first, but after some use it will fit. It is worth the price.

👤I'm not happy with this product. There is a delay in turning on the headphones. The push button volume controls are difficult to use. There is a loud noise if you turn them all the way down. You can't see the warning for battery charging on the headphones. For one evening of TV, the battery life is good. The first time the battery stopped the warning noise, it was so loud that it startled me to the point of having a heart attack. I will probably return them. For the price, the cons are more important than the pros.

2. Wireless Headphones Watching Bluetooth Transmitter

Wireless Headphones Watching Bluetooth Transmitter

Plug and play. You could enjoy a truly plug and play experience with this BTH01. If you want to enjoy your TV show quietly, you need to connect the BTH01 transmitter/charging dock with a compatible power supply source and your TV via cable, switch it on and take the headphones from the charging dock. The range is long. You can get a long range of up to 100ft (30M) with Class I technology. Allow you to listen to music while walking around in your home. The range is dependent on obstructions and interference. The headphones will turn on automatically and connect to the transmitter in minutes if you turn on the transmitter. 35 hours of battery life is a full charge. Don't worry about the charging and battery, you're free in your show. It allows you to watch your favorite show or game with clear sound quality and perfect sync. This BTH01 is compatible with your TV, record player, and tablets. The BTH01 headphones have a soft ear pad/memory foam/adjustable headband, designed to provide the maximum comfort.

Brand: Besign

👤I can't get this product to link up. The manual says things multiple times. It took a day then tried again. I tried this product and it didn't have tech support but what Amazon would do for you. She tried her best, but still no good. Almost all products like this have a website or phone in tech help, not this one, which is an email with a 24 to 48 hour wait for reply. I'm returning frustrated and mad but I'm only able to do worse by snail mail. I would tell everyone to stay away from this company. The instruction manual is the worst.

👤These headphones are great. Good value and good quality. They are great for senior citizens that don't want to put their ear in too much. I would recommend it.

👤Our big-screen TV works great with these. We don't have bedroom TV's because we are a 1-TV family. We moved to a place with no doors on the dining room. These are great when he's on a call or working and I want to watch a show or news. It's great when our teen wants to watch something but we're both at work. It's very easy to use - just run your TV volume to -0 before you watch a show. It's a tip. I noticed that the headset only charges on the cradle, so be sure to check the red light when you re-charge it. I have to turn them down every time I use them because theDEFAULT seems to be really loud. Light weight as well!

👤The headset is comfortable and good for you. It is effective in noisy kitchens with kids running back and forth at prep time. It's great in the family room when the ball game is going on and mom wants some quiet time. You won't have to miss the action as you head to the fridge or the bathroom because of the range of coverage. They can't hear the music to accompany your voice, so don't do a sing-along.

👤My husband seems to be losing his hearing so I bought these for him. He has to have the TV volume loud so he has to go to sleep early the next day. These have been helpful. He can now watch his movies as loud as he wants, without disturbing the sleeping grand baby.

👤They won't pair with the base like other reviewers. I got them to pair and they were great. They are getting back after spending hours trying to get them to pair again. It shouldn't be hard to use headphones.

👤They are very good and came as discribed. They ran on for 12 hours and I just thought I should charge them and they were done in 2 hours. If anyone has a similar setup, this is good. My old ones were dropped and taped together. I would have gotten these instead. I went for an online replacement for my old headset because it is just as strong and stay charged longer and charge faster than the old one. The ears are comfortable. I would buy again if the size was the same.

3. Wireless Headphones Over Ear Headsets Transmitter

Wireless Headphones Over Ear Headsets Transmitter

With the digital connection, now is the time! TV wireless headphones let you enjoy TV without disturbing others. You can enjoy your shows up to 160 feet away by connecting the base to your TV and wearing headphones. The base is easy to charge on. It can run for up to 20 hours on a full charge. Smart TVs with digital audio output are compatible. There is a choice of black or silver. WIDE COMPATIBILITY is compatible with tablets, laptops, cell phones, radio, CD and mp3 players and computers. You can get easy access to all kinds of audio device with a 3.5mm Adapter and a RCA Cable. The TV headphones have a range of up to 100 feet and no audio delay. BUILT FOR COMFORTABILITY The headband is soft and lightweight to provide maximum comfort. It is possible to return a sweet dream to your family while you watch TV. Loud stereo sound, no static. Digital signal gives you the extra bass and treble performance. One to many. Multiple pairs of headphones can be used at the same time. You can change the volume of your headphones without affecting other headphones.

Brand: Techgarden

👤I bought this because it had a box that could be plugged into my piano keyboard. It has a lot of ear-curdling static that accompanies it.

👤These are very good value for money. The sound is clear and they cancel out all other noise. There is a You get ten hours off of a charge. It's perfect for watching TV in the evening.

👤Excellent instructions, easy to install. The purchase was great. If you use the single 3.5mm sound jack, you may need to pull the plug out of the sockets to prevent back ground buzz.

👤If you don't want to disturb anyone else, they are great for ball games, sounds like you are there.

👤I could not adjust the volume on the first set I received. The company set me up with a new one. Thanks for the great customer service.

4. Avantree Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Transmitter

100% satisfaction guarantee. They will do their best to satisfy everyone. If you have a problem with your use, please contact them. They have a free return/replacement policy. Hassle-free set up. You don't need to go through the complicated process of connecting with this wireless TV headphones; just plug the transmitter into your TV's audio output port, and they'll connect with each other, and you should be good to go. Works well with older TVs as well. It is universally compatible. It is compatible with all TVs on the market thanks to the optical, AUX, and RCA input cables. It will allow you to listen to your favorite TV shows at your own volume and not have to turn the TV speaker volume up. The 200 has a lip-sync delay, but the HT4189 does not. The market has a lot of typical solutions. The audio and visual will always be perfectly synchronized, no matter what you're watching. Use them separately. Do you want to use the headphones with your phone? No problem! The headphones are designed with 40mm stereo drivers that deliver powerful yet steady audio quality while ensuring a smooth and dynamic listening experience. The range is extended. Class 1 is equipped with the highest range, so it can connect up to 100 ft. Need to make dinner? No problem, move around the house and do what you need to do without thinking about the audio cutting out.

Brand: Avantree

👤Why didn't she mention that ausb charging would be required? Why wouldn't Avantree include theusb charging station? I paid a premium price. What is necessary use the product?

👤My TV would have worked on any of the three ways the transmitter was connected to it. The audio cable was the easiest way to connect to my TV and the audio out Headset, but the instructions didn't say which way would give the best sound. I connected the Audio Cable to the "Optical Audio Cable" on my TV and then disconnected it after experimenting with it for a couple of nights. You have to go to your TV's menu to make sure "External Speakers" and "PCM Audio Format" are chosen before you can use the "Optical Audio" connection. Both connections gave excellent sound, and both connections muted the external sound on my TV when the "ON/OFF" switch on the transmitter was turned on. There is a The only problem I had was locating theusb port on my TV. It was on the side of the TV. The transmitter will have power if you connect theusb cable to your TV. When I took the headphones out of the box, they were already charged up. The instructions didn't explain how to turn on and off the headphones. There's a silver button on the left ear-pad that you have to press and hold down until a voice tells you the earphones are connected. The earphones are turned off the same way. The instructions were clear, but I thought they could have been clearer. There is a Setting up the earphones was easy once I understood the instructions. The earphones are very comfortable, easy to adjust, and provide excellent sound that doesn't bleed beyond the earphones. The earphone's silver ON/OFF button has a "+" and "-" button on the ether side. I'm very happy with the design of this unit.

👤The headphones were great but could not get the volume to work. Customer service was called to find out if they were faulty. We were told send would send detailed instructions, but we never received them. We wouldn't have understood them anyway. They were sent back and ordered a newer model. I called the 800 number for help figuring out the audio. The recording began with me taking a short survey. I was forced to hang up after listening to the shpeal for at least 3 minutes without ever having the option to skip it and talk to anyone.

👤Immediately after installation, the headphones and transmitter werepaired. Excellent sound quality. I use a blue tooth transmitter that produces tv and movies for my hearing aids. I don't need my hearing aids to hear the sound of the headphones because they produce a more natural sound. The cost of the ReSound TV transmitter was $279 if I had tried the Avantree first. I will buy a second headset for my home in Arizona when I have more money in my pocket.

👤Initially, they worked well. The headphones wouldn't pair with the transmitter after a few weeks. We couldn't get it to work because of the help and patientness of Avantree Support. I'm not happy.

5. Avantree Wireless Headphones Transmitter Bluetooth

Avantree Wireless Headphones Transmitter Bluetooth

One full battery charge lasts up to 10 hours. It works with all TVs on the market thanks to Opera's Optical, AUX, and RCA input cables. It will allow you to listen to your favorite TV shows at your own volume and not have to turn the TV speaker volume up. It's perfect for watching TV. It's easy to connect to your TV for shows, movies and gaming. Their headphones are perfect for on screen video. The headphones have preset to enhance your TV listening experience. You can choose from 3 different preset to emphasize speech or music. You don't need to go through the complicated process of connecting to your phone or TV, just plug Opera's transmitter dock into your TV's audio out port, and they'll connect with each other, and you should be good to go. No audio lag no matter what you watch is possible with older Non-Smart TVs. The Soundbar/Stereo AVR support is available. While sharing the same audio output port on TV, you can use your existing Soundbar or Stereo AV Receivers to listen to the TV through headphones, while your family and friends listen through the speakers. Let your ears breathe. The Opera headphones come in at 8oz, which is less than the 10. Of its competitors, it has an oz of 290+ g. The soft memory foam earpads that are designed to seal the audio in while still allowing your ears to breathe will provide you with immense comfort even after a full day of use.

Brand: Avantree

👤I bought these after I bought a set of BOSE and they wouldn't connect without another item. I should have bought them first. The sound is good and they were quick to set up. I bought a separate cable for my mom to charge her bedside. The feature that I love the most is that it allows the headphones to work with the tv sound. The tv sound is not as loud as it used to be, but I can still hear it. If she doesn't watch without me, she just turns the tv volume down. I am happy that she loves them so much because she got the hang of turning them on and off quickly. I wish I had bought these a long time ago.

👤I needed a replacement for my old wireless Sennheisers because I am hard of hearing. I'm wary of the devices because they don't provide the volume I need to hear comfortably. I'm happy I took a chance on the opera. The sound quality is clear and crisp, and there is enough volume with some to spare. If these headsets have enough volume for me, you people with normal hearing or mild to moderate hearing losses are going to be drowned in quality sound. I don't have to worry about anyone else hearing what I'm saying because they're well insulated and comfortable. Even though I have the transmitter inside a solid wood cabinet, they work fine, even though I'm using optical to the TV hub. Unless you're planning on using the headsets for other devices, I suggest you use the "lock" feature so the bluetooth will automatically connect to the transmitter as soon as you turn them on. If you don't, you may need to turn the headset and transmitter off to get the bluetooth to work again. I contacted the pre and post sales customer service at Avantree and they were knowledgeable and responsive. I dinged the rating for 2 small quibbles, but I like this equipment a lot. The first thing they do is give you a power cable that can be used to charge your phone or computer, and the second thing they do is give you a power cable that can be used to charge your computer or phone, and the third thing they do is give you a power cable that I needed to plug it into an outlet, but they don't have a power adapter. I think it's ridiculous that they don't include one with the package. While they claim that this product is great for seniors, all the switches are small and black on black, which is hard to see for a lot of us older types. A couple of strategically placed LEDs would help out. The Opera is a great product and I highly recommend it.

👤I'm 75 years old. Hearing is not what it used to be. I bought a headset several years ago. We got a new TV that was smarter than me. I couldn't get the old headset to work on the new TV because it would cut off the TV speakers when plugged in. I found the Opera wireless headphones on Amazon and it looked like it was what I was looking for. The only thing that was not mentioned in the description was that it might cut off the TV speakers. You could use the headset charging unit to route the sound bar. I am not familiar with the pricing of this sort of thing, but I thought it was very expensive. I was told by my wife to order it for my birthday. It arrived in a few days. The setup instructions are very easy to set up. It worked perfectly when I attached it to my TV. There is no sound bar for my TV. My wife and I could listen to the TV in different ways. I don't know about sound cancelling headphones, but when I have a headset on it is hard to hear anything else. This is a good thing. This is the most comfortable headset I have ever used. The controls are easy to use, the headset fits over my ears, and it's easy to use when you're used to it. After hours of use, there was no pain. I fell asleep with these on. The button that tones down the noise and lets the dialog come through clearly is what I like the most. There is a When I put the earpieces down, I turned one of them too far. I thought I pulled it apart, but it went back together. I recommend that you be careful. I absolutely recommend this product.

6. Wireless Headphones Watching Bluetooth Transmitter

Wireless Headphones Watching Bluetooth Transmitter

One to many. Multiple pairs of headphones can be used at the same time. You can change the volume of your headphones without affecting other headphones. The TV headphones provide a robust audio signal transmission with minimum latency, working range up to 100ft/30m, no audio delay, and you can walk around without miss TV shows. The TV set can be used independently or as a set. You can use the Headphone with your phone PC. You can use a transmitter to enable your headphones speakers. The soft-padded headband and classy lightweight design provide maximum comfort for long listening. You can enjoy watching TV without disturbing your family with full-sealed ear pads. You can listen to your favorite shows, music, and movies for up to 40 hours on a full charge with the built in 650mAh battery. It's compatible with almost all TVs. It's easy to setup a connection with a TV, computer, laptop, cell phone, DVD player, or both.

Brand: Techgarden

👤The headphones are amazing. I purchase it to watch movies because of my hearing problems. Sometimes I sleep with them, and they are still ok. I know they will break if I don't stop sleeping with them, but they are still great. Love it. It is cheap.

👤I received the headphones yesterday. I used the headphones for the TV. I couldn't get rid of the background noise in the headphones. I used the volume control on the tv remote to amplify the sound of the headphones, and then turned the volume all the way down on the headphones. It seems to work for what I need.

👤It was easy to connect and the sound quality was better than I thought.

👤The sound is great and the set up is easy. I work third shift and now I can sleep while he watches tv. Great purchase!

👤Great product. Would recommend to everyone. It's great for TV reception.

👤Everything else is perfect. Quality all around.

👤It was not with proper instructions.

7. Avantree Headphones Earphones Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Headphones Earphones Bluetooth Transmitter

You should be able to use theHassle-Free Set Up to connect the HT5006 to your TV without having to go through the complicated process of connecting with other devices. Works well with older TVs as well. The "FastStream" built-in of the HT5006 provides 40 ms audio latency, which is significantly lower and better than the 200. The market has a lot of typical solutions. The audio and visual will always be perfectly synchronized, no matter what you're watching. Stereo AVR support. While sharing the same audio output port on TV, you can listen to the show in your earbuds while your family and friends listen through the speakers. It is universally compatible. It is compatible with all TVs on the market thanks to the optical, AUX, and RCA input cables. It will allow you to listen to your favorite TV shows at your own volume and not have to turn the TV speaker volume up. Do you want to use the 5006 earbuds with your phone or PC? No problem! The earbuds are designed with 40mm stereo drivers that deliver powerful yet steady audio quality while ensuring a smooth and dynamic listening experience.

Brand: Avantree

👤These are great! When we went to bed, my husband would complain that the tv was too loud. Every night I have to watch tv in bed. I got the headphones. I saw these. I got the headphones back. They are better than the headphones. They don't dig into your ears if you lay on your side. The battery lasts a long time. I am very happy with the headphones.

👤I'm old and deafness so I can't hear the TV unless the volume is too high. The sound of these is great. I use TV ears but they are small and easy to pack when travelling, they can hear up to 100' away, and I can wear hearing aids so I can hear what my wife says during a program while TV ears must be removed to hear. These buds are lighter and more comfortable. Even though I'm techie, I could set these up. I think you will love me.

👤I've been wanting a wireless head phone for a long time. I wanted them so I could hear the TV while on the treadmill or when the husband had his computer game volume up. I can have the ear buds loader and the TV at the same time because they have separate volume controls. I was a bit worried about setting it up as it had a lot of technical stuff about all kinds of stats and fetchers, I come from headphones being plugged into the jack. There are a few more steps. I turned the earbud power on after I had 3 plug ins. There is a Sometimes the base will turn on randomly when the TV is off, but I absolutely love it.

👤My dad is hard of hearing and I got him these. He hates the over the ear headphones because they make his ears hurt after an hour. I thought maybe he would like them. The transmission range is not true. The range of the transmitter is only 164 feet, but it doesn't include the range of the headphones/ earbuds. He can't even go to the bathroom while he's here and can only go into the next room to get a drink or snack. Since the headphones don't give that information, why bother to tell that the transmitter has a large range? We are not sure if we will keep these. I reached out to the company to see if I could change my star rating. There is a Everything else about these is very nice. They were easy to set up, have not hurt his ears so far, the sound is nice, and the battery has been going for a long time. My mother is happy that the volume is not going through the house. The range may be a deal-breaker for him.

👤After a lot of research, I got these. They were prompt to replay my questions on live chat and via e-mail. I wanted to make my TV more comfortable. I am able to connect the Bose headphones that come with this set to my partner, who wears hearing aids. If more than two people watch the TV, the TV sound out works. My TV is a new smart 8600 tv with it's own bluetooth, but it was useless to connect more than one earphone at a time or get the TV sound out when connected via bluetooth... I got the car. A two year warranty extension is possible when the product is registered on the site. No lag, the sound is very good. The volume control is easy to use. The voice prompt can be turned off, but I like it. There are lots of different cords in the product description, so these should work with most tvs.

8. Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth

Soundcore Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth

You can easily share audio between two sets of AirPods. 20 million people love the sound. The Hi-Res audio is produced by oversized 40mm dynamic drivers. Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones reproduce music with extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz for extraordinary clarity and detail. Their team of engineers conducted more than 100,000 tests in real-life scenarios to fine-tune Life Q20's 4 built-in ANC microphones and digital active noise cancellation algorithm. The hybrid active noise cancellation can detect and cancel out a wide range of low and mid-frequency noises, such as cars and airplane engines. BassUp technology conducts real-time analysis of the low frequencies to instantly strengthen the bass output. Double pressing the play button will amplify your listening experience. Up to 40 hours of playtime in wireless active noise cancellation mode is extended to 60 hours in standard music mode. A single charge will give you enough juice to listen to over 600 songs. Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones can be used for 5 minutes and 4 hours of listening.

Brand: Soundcore

👤I like and use a lot of Anker products, but sadly for a lot of aesthetic and clunky design reasons that don't have much to do with their intended function, these don't make the cut. Good ANC and pleasant sound quality are what they provide at their core. The pros and cons of using them on the first day are outlined. I don't think these are worth a recommendation since I think they should be reasonable expectations at a $70 price point. I would give them 3.5 stars, but since their core function is great, I'll give them 4 stars.

👤The Soundcore Life Q20 headphones are not what I was expecting. The sound, weight, build quality, and style of this pair of headphones are something to appreciate. If you're looking for a pair of headphones that sound good for a small price, look no further. I will show you all of the specifications of the headphones. The headphones have to offer. The first thing to notice about these headphones is that they have a microphone. They are low energy data transfer headphones. This pair of headphones has all the extras turned on and has a 30 hour battery life. If you have features turned off and don't need the volume very loud, you can get up to 60 hours. They have a bass boost function. The padding around your ear is called memory foam and it does not sit on your ear. They have a good sound. The bass is the most impressive part of the headphones. I really liked the sound from my testing, people who don't want bass may want to stay clear. They had auxilary cable, charging cable, and a carry pouch. Sound features are discussed. The sound of the box is normal. They have a bass up feature that will hit if you want more bass. They can drown out background noises with noise canceling. You can get up to 30 hours of battery life with bass up and noise canceling on. You can get up to 60 hours of battery if you don't use these features. I don't need the noise canceling feature yet. The sound in normal mode is great. 40 hours out of these headphones was easy for me. The battery life will be affected by louder volumes. If you are an audiofile, you may have different opinions than I do, but I think these sound good. Quality builds. The headphones are light and adjust for different head sizes. I like that they don't feel cheap. The cushion around the ears is comfortable. They are big enough to go around my ears, which is something I like about them. These headphones are very comfortable. There is a The Soundcore Life Q20 are a great pair of headphones. They provide the sound and I think a more expensive option would provide that sound. They have a good battery life. I would suggest this pair of headphones to anyone who is looking for an affordable pair of headphones.

9. Wireless Headphones Watching WHRF400R Transmitter

Wireless Headphones Watching WHRF400R Transmitter

The range is extended. Class 1 is equipped with the highest range, so it can connect up to 100 ft. Need to make dinner? No problem, move around the house and do what you need to do without thinking about the audio cutting out. All-in-one audio headphone set includes a wireless headset. The BONUS Y-Adapter has a 5mm Stereo and 2 NeeGo RCA Plugs. Radio Frequency is an easy wireless connection. Up to 20 hours of battery life per charge is possible. Sony Technology produces high fidelity sound and booming bass. The 40mm is durable and powerful. Drivers make clear warm sound and dynamic music for hi-fi entertainment. The over ear pads are soft and lightweight and are ideal for watching movies, Binging TV, and playing video games.

Brand: Neego

👤I believe the product I received was a fake, made to look like a genuine Sony product. Absolutely horrible signal to noise. The true signal was unintelligible even with maximum input. I was surprised to find a genuine Sony product. I returned the garbage the next day. The outer wrapping was very suspect.

👤The new ear cups, smaller headband, and charging station are great. My husband and I purchased these after he broke his Sony headphones. We use these for viewing television because they make every word clear and easy to understand. British shows.

👤I've been wearing headphones for 15 years. This is the first one that provides the sound from bass to treble and the loudness levels that allow me to hear the TV clearly even without hearing aids. That is the first. The range is the best I have ever had. I didn't even think about the noise cancellation until my wife left in the morning. I didn't hear a word as she left, but I realized she had already left. The noise cancellation must have worked because she was always heard in the past.

👤The supplied batteries wouldn't hold a charge for more than a minute after a 24 hour charge. They would work with the new replacements. I learned that the headphones' batteries are proprietary to Sony after reading the owners manual. They can't be replaced with off-the-shelf batteries. You need to buy them from Sony when you need to replace them. The model number of the headphones wouldn't show up on Sony's website when I tried to find a supplier. I don't believe that the 'Sony' batteries are the only ones that can be used in these headphones. Does anyone think they could find replacements for these after a year or two? Part of the reason I returned them was built-in obsolescence.

👤It was a gift for my Dad, so I don't know if sound quality is up to snuff. It was a gift for all of us, so he wouldn't have to have the tv so loud, because he is hard of hearing. It was easy to set up and he seems to be happy with them.

👤They can't be connected to the TV without an accessory. The sound quality was not good. There is a The quality of the headphones seems to have gone down. We own an older pair from Sony that we ordered from Amazon. I was disappointed that these were not the same quality.

👤I had to buy a cord with two ends that were not supplied with the headphones. Not happy.

👤The headphones fit well. Sound cancellation is very good. I bought them to use on my tv, but the tiv has a problem. I plugged them into my PC to listen to music and watch movies. They work well. I can enjoy without being bothered by anyone else. Volume control is hard to feel, but I have the ability to do it. Thanks.

👤"Like New" is what I bought those headphones for. They promised to deliver me Feb 2 - 4. 1. I received them on January 31, 2022. 2. They look new. They function very well. 3. The battery is over a year old and probably out of warranty, so I couldn't evaluate it. I'm looking forward to using them for a long time.

10. Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Transmitter Makemate

Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Transmitter Makemate

Class 1 of the Ensemble ensures stable and reliable connection of up to 100 ft (30 m) with the highest range of Bluetooth. Do you need to take a bathroom break? The audio will not cut out if you do what you need to. The new CSR8670 chips fromQualcomm allow for strong walls, little static sound and few interferences of cutting out, ensuring constant perfect audio and image synchronization. The makemate digital TV Headphones guarantee you the punch bass, clear human voice and crisp treble performance without distortion. Especailly has a Toslink-in connection. Plug and Play will connect you to the wireless network with the help of the transmitter and headphones. The manual has an instruction video that makes connection easy. Long-wear clothing and sound absorbents. Solid ergonomics, stretchable band, and premium protein earmuffs offer a comfortable wearing experience and a stylish look for long time use. Better passive noise cancelling can be provided by over 90C roating earmuffs. WIDE COMPATIBILITY is compatible with 99% of TVs on the market. It's necessary to set tv audio to "PCM" and "External Speaker". Their tv headphones are not compatible with streaming tv and APPs.

Brand: Makemate

👤Another update: bought a second set to use as a second TV. I could not get the second set to pair with the transmitter for my first set even though I followed all the instructions. The solution was to install the second set with its own transmitter since these are a complete kit. I used a single optical output jack on my TV, so I had to buy a splitter cable to accommodate both transmitters. The second set's verbal on/off/ connected messages are barely audible. My rating has been knocked back one star. I used the third set in my house. Each TV pairs with it. The first two sets have been good so far. The optical jack in the transmitter is loose, making the connection unreliable. I will see if I can get a replacement transmitter. I bought a second set of headphones and put them in my house. I asked on Amazon if they would interfere with each other while they were in use. I have tested both sets and can confirm that the answers indicated they wouldn't interfere. It is great that the connection is for each heaphone. There is a The comments I made from the first purchase still apply. My setup uses a tv with an optical connection. After attaching the headphones to the transmitter, it worked. The audio quality is good. Headphone comfort is ok. Controls on the headphones work well. I can't speak to theDurability, it was only used for a couple days. There is a The only fault? You can't leave the headphones on the charger for a long time. The instructions warn about overcharging. My 10 year old Sony headphones, which I replace, could be left on the charge when not in use. I think a cheaper battery is being used to keep the price down. It's not a deal breaker.

👤I ordered this for my dad because he can't hear very well. I discovered the problem after a while. I used it from my phone. I finally got everything working. Customer service told me I have to return the entire headset after I asked for a charging station. He is using it now and that's poor customer service. It's Pathetic!

👤I have used headphones before. These are up there with the best. It's easy to set up and lightweight. I pay more for less quality headphones. My wife uses them once in awhile, but it is nice to be able to adjust the size for different heads.

👤The best investment is what I love the most. I can now watch all my shows without being bothered by anyone. It's so cool. It's a super satisfy! The best Tv headphones! I try others and this one is the best. 10 stars for sure! I have tried many different ones but this one is the best I have ever heard. I can control the volume. Its amazing!

👤The headphones are easy to set up and a steal. It's very comfortable to wear in bed. If anything goes wrong, I would buy these again.

11. Rechargeable Headphones Connection Transmits Wirelessly

Rechargeable Headphones Connection Transmits Wirelessly

WIDE COMPATIBILITY is compatible with 99% of TVs on the market. It's necessary to set tv audio to "PCM" and "External Speaker". Their tv headphones are not compatible with streaming tv and APPs. The headphones are from the OWNZONE Wireless TV Headphones. It surrounds you with full stereo sound. 2.4 GHz DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Operates On Radio Frequency & Transmits Wirelessly up to 100ft! Ready to use right out of the box? There is no need for a Pairing! It's possible to connect to virtually any make or model TV. All charging and audio cables are included. One full battery charge lasts up to 10 hours.

Brand: Sharper Image

👤I was a little skeptical of the quality after watching it on TV. I was excited to see the extra goodies they gave with my package. I have an old school red and white RCA cable for my parents TV, an optical cable for my new TV in the living room, and an aux cable that can work on my computer speakers when I'm working late. It was easy to set it up, just plug the transmitter into my TV and use the optical cable. I missed that but the transmitter needs power. I was able to connect to the transmitter immediately after I turned on the headphones, because they came charged. The sound quality of these headphones is comparable to what I get when I exercise religiously. There was no crackling or cutting out. I was able to connect cleanly from the furthest corner of the living room, which I didn't need, but wanted to test. There is a Totally love these things! When we don't want to drive our neighbors nuts, I have trouble hearing the TV and have trouble with the volume. My dad is going to get a pair for christmas.

👤The product did not work. I tried every trick and tip. Couldn't get it to work on a TV. The product was returned to Amazon. It worked fine after being replaced with a different brand.

👤I like these things. They work well in the bedroom at night. We have a pretty big house and can get amazing range out of them. If you run into the same thing I did, please give this tip a try. I thought the didn't work at first. I have a TV that has an optical-audio-out. I was getting this on my headphones. There was no audio from the TV. I tried the rca-out on the cable box. I was looking through the TV settings on an off chance. The audio out settings on the TV were the same as before. However... The audio settings on the box did not change. The headphones get static when set to "dolby" on the cable box. They work well if you set them to "PCM" or "Stereo". I'm using my cable box to transmit signals from my TV to my headphones, and they're perfect. They charged up quickly and thus far, no problems. If you run into that static issue, you should check the audio out settings on all your components.

👤It was difficult to pair the headphones to the base. They should pair automatically, but they didn't. The optical port and A/V jacks didn't work for me. The instructions to reset the devices and pair manually did not work. After an hour of frustration, he gave up and returned the product.

👤This thing didn't work at all. I followed all the instructions but it didn't work. It was a huge waste of money.

👤No sound! Defective volume control? Couldn't pair after many attempts. Good idea. It doesn't work out in the box. Save money.


What is the best product for own zone wireless tv headphones?

Own zone wireless tv headphones products from Rybozen. In this article about own zone wireless tv headphones you can see why people choose the product. Besign and Techgarden are also good brands to look for when you are finding own zone wireless tv headphones.

What are the best brands for own zone wireless tv headphones?

Rybozen, Besign and Techgarden are some of the best brands that chosen by people for own zone wireless tv headphones. Find the detail in this article. Avantree, Techgarden and Soundcore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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