Best Small Zipper Pouch for Headphones

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1. Decibullz Headphones Carrying Earphones Earplugs

Decibullz Headphones Carrying Earphones Earplugs

The Decibullz premium case is designed to protect your earphones, earbuds, headphones, in- ear monitors, and custom molded earphones. RUGGED EVA SHELL & SOFT INTERIOR: The case has a soft interior lining and is perfect for keeping your earphones or earplugs safe while on the go. The internal dimensions are 3in x 2in x 1in. Kyle is a gymnastics coach, extreme athlete and tech nerd. He was fed up with the headphones that wouldn't stay in and sounded terrible. Kyle consulted audio engineers, material specialists and high-level athletes to develop and test hundreds of designs, formulas and prototypes in order to create an easy and affordable custom molded earphone. Kyle created the first thermo-fit earphone in February of 2012 and Decibullz was born. The form factor is small.

Brand: Decibullz

👤I use electronic ear protectors when I shoot. We have to wear traditional uniform hats while on the line and this year I began shooting with a North-South Skirmish Association team. I looked for alternatives after finding that the protectors didn't work. The Decibullz were reasonably priced and you could fit them yourself. There is a I spent a day with 75-100 other people firing at the same time and found these to work well. I tried them in comparison to my electronic muffs. They were better at reducing sound than at allowing me to hear conversations. I bought the earbuds with the neck cord. If you want to hear someone speak to you, I would recommend that. There is a plug that can be removed and put back in place. It seems like a lot less likely if you tie that plug onto a cord around your neck.

👤I would not have bought the case if I had known that the earplugs came with a well made bag. I don't carry either case. I put the earplugs in my pocket for quick use. If you plan to store the plugs in your vehicle, the case is great.

👤I use the Decibullz when I need to concentrate. Occasionally, I will find an escaped earplug at the bottom of my purse, even though the little bag they come with is ok. I love that this little carrier is small enough for my purse, it's easy to put my hands on, and the zip keeps them safe inside.

👤It's easy to mold the hearing protection. The hearing protection on the lanyard makes it hard to hear anything when you touch it, but the accessories sound great, but once you have them in every place, it's hard to hear anything. The hearing protection is a great value, sturdy, easy to clean, mold-proof, and you can put them back in your case if you lose them.

👤It gets loud when you work in a warehouse. I hated using the cheap disposable ones because I went through 5-9 pairs a day. These were easy to mold, but hurt your ears. I had to see my doctor because he told me to stop wearing them because of the inflammation in my ears. They don't block out noise as well as the cheapest do.

👤I wear ear plugs for motorcycle riding. They work well. The case is good for storing them when I'm not on the bike. When I remove my full-face helmet, I use a lanyard to keep them from falling out. Good value and unique design. I'm happy.

👤The ear plugs are protected by this case. It's easier to find the ear plugs in the case. The lanyard fit in the case without any issues. I plan to use them soon.

👤It seems like a great company. Excellent customer service. They really stands behind their product and have a great follow up. There is a The hearing protection is outstanding if directions are followed in the video. After reviewing the written and video, give enough time to stick to the instructions.

2. Protection Storage Airpods Featured Pouches

Protection Storage Airpods Featured Pouches

Perfectly fit: for the Airpods Pro, Airpods 2, Airpods 1 and the Type C hub. A strong case to fit a purse is featured. It's good for travel and home storage. The device is protected from shock, shake, and scratch with a semi-hard carrying case. PEVA materials are water resistant. The design is user friendly and has two mesh pockets in the lid and base to keep the true wireless earbuds box and wall charging cord separate. CaseSack offer 100% refunds with quality problems. Only a protective case for sales. Click the orange button to purchase. Share your review with your friends.

Brand: Casesack

👤I bought this case for my daughter as a stocking stuffer. The color was just as described. It was delivered in a plastic bag. There was a small scratch on it when it arrived. It was not noticable. I gave it a 4 star because it is easy to use and it is a bit hard to start and go around the case. Excellent for my daughter as she travels a lot but I'm not sure how well the case will hold up with wear and tear. My daughter loved it so I am happy. I don't mind if I have to replace when needed. Fast shipping from the company.

👤I'm not happy with the mesh compartment, the elastic is too loose, and the zip on the outside is smooth. I was wrong to think that this would be the perfect companion to my airpods. Will return them. The mesh was not straight. I really wanted to like this.

👤Love it! It keeps my things in the same place. I wrap the case around my wrist when I'm on the go. This is a great item if you are on the go.

👤This is very cute and it fits my phone, my head phones, and my charging cable. It came with a microfiber cleaning cloth. I took 1 star away because the zip is hard to use and can get stuck when trying to open and close it. I would buy it again if I needed to, it's a solid product.

👤While living overseas, it was delivered to the US location. It was useless when I picked it up and returned it for my daughter to use in school. We never expected to have a problem with a simple item like this. The overseas order and later pick up took us past the return window.

👤This is a cute holder. If I need to take it with me for the day, it fits in either my purse or work bag.

👤I have mixed feelings about this product. It is sturdy and cute. The box isn't complete and the zipper isn't the best.

👤If you are going to be a serious user of the device, you need to have this. I have a set of Spigen ear hooks for comfort, and a VIMVIP AirPods strap, which is large enough to hold the charging case, Apple accessory, and the AirPods strap. The case has a strap that you can use to carry it around. If that's what you like.

3. Carabiner Earphone Carrying Protection Katloo

Carabiner Earphone Carrying Protection Katloo

The Wireless Earbuds and accessories are not included. If you have a problem with the case, please contact them. The dimensions for the exterior and interior are not large enough to take up a lot of space. The case is lightweight to prevent extra load on the body. The mini pouch is made to hold small valuables that need extra care to stay out of harms way. The lightweight water-resistant EVA material for the exterior is rubber-like softness, designed to resist wear and tear, and it is also water resistant. The hard case is shockproof and anti-squeeze. The soft padding on the inner cushion protects it from bumps and dents. The items are secured in a compartment with a strap. The mesh divider is formed to store airpods, wired- ear buds to avoid tangles. The case will organize important objects and separate them from other big valuables. There are ways to curse. The clasp is used to hang it on a backpack. You can use the belt loops to hook it up. The clip can be put on the pants sac or bag pocket. The case has a small metal ring that can be worn as a necklace. It is hardware. The thickset metal carabiner is well-built, it doesn't bend or pull off even for multiple uses, and it can be used to hang the pouch anywhere you want by sticking to its place safe and secure. The smooth-running zippers with durable zipper pull let you open and close the mini case without having to struggle.

Brand: Katloo

👤The review is for the case. There is a This was a good find. There is a It appears to be made with good quality materials, with good stitching. There is a The two halves are made in such a way that they don't squeeze or compression, to give good protection to what's inside. There is a There are mesh pockets in both sides with elastic bands. The carabiner is included and there is a strap with a 'D' ring. The carabiner and the 'D' ring should only be considered light duty. The woven nylon strap has the 'D' ring pressed and fitted to it. There is a The stitching is good. The pull is rectangular. The paint is chipping off of the pull from wear. This is to be expected. There is a The case is not water proof. There is a I am very satisfied with the size and shape of it. I can't say anything about the quality of the materials or workmanship, but I can say that they give me confidence. Recommended!

👤A nice pouch for my airpods. The problem was solved when I wanted extra protection for my Ear Pods. It has two small netted pouch on each side of the inside so you can put your Pod on one side and your leash on the other side. The price was reasonable. I'm happy with the product so far. The carabiner is cheap and comes with this case.

👤Excellent item. I would recommend it. My case has been bumped many times. I would change the part that has the carabiner. I would like it to be thicker. I have this hanging on my pack all the time, and it has never fallen off, but I have lost keys when they were accidentally caught on something. It has never happened with this, and it does feel strong, but I wish there was a carabiner that was attached to the box. This will protect your headphones. It was a perfect fit and size.

👤A friend of mine has hearing aids and used an open pouch to store them. She can attach it to a purse or most any item with a carabiner and it is much stronger and crush proof. It's great for expensive headphones or valuables. Surprised at the quality.

👤I have a mini garage door opener that I keep in my purse, I would accidentally open it by moving my purse. I don't want my garage doors to open when I wake or arrive home. Hard plastic is very durable. Like a small suitcase. The emergency $100 should be kept in there as well. The important stuff!

👤It's perfect for new earbuds. There are Earphones with aptX Sound, CVC noise-cancelling dual microphones, Charging Case, Touch Control, 28-H Playtime and Secure Fit. Hooks to a briefcase.

👤I bought an ear bud because I listen to a lot of audible books. I only have one ear bud, so I can hear with my other ear. The small case is perfect for earbuds. The case keeps my ear bud from being lost. Keeping me organized is what the case is designed to do. I think it's a good idea.

4. Headphone Organizer Container Electronics Protective

Headphone Organizer Container Electronics Protective

Their headphone carrying case provides good protection for your earbuds, especially when you're on the go or traveling. The built-in lining uses a soft and comfortable fabric to prevent damage to the accessories. The mesh bag was designed to separate the data and headphones cables. It's a good solution to store small things like Airpods, earphone, earbuds, data cable, keys, coins, andusb, as well as fragile items. A must-have item for travel. The 20g is a good size for hand hold. The circle is 3.14 in diameter. There is enough room for extra earpieces and earbuds in the mini size. They provide a 30 day refund and lifetime replacement. If you are not satisfied with the earphone case, please contact them.

Brand: 7xinbox

👤These are great for little cases. It appeared well made. I love the color of the zippers. They have sleeves that are perfect. I like to wind up my iem cables by putting the wound up cable into the sleeve and letting the buds just rest inside. When they are returned to their homes, there is no mess. It's a good thing. They smell horrible. Can't even describe it. It's not strong but it's pretty bad. I rubbed them down with a dryer sheet. Time will tell.

👤Product smells like I'll get cancer and it seems good in every aspect. A review mentioned a bet. I thought I'd air them out. They still smell poisonous after being out for over a month. For those who don't mind the smell, they're probably a good product.

👤I still have the wired earbuds and this case is the right size for them.

👤I like the texture but the little pouch is a little smaller than I thought.

👤They smell like something. It will fade over time.

5. Earphone SUNGUY Carrying Colorful Smartphone

Earphone SUNGUY Carrying Colorful Smartphone

It's compatible with XB950BT/B,XB950B1,XB950N1,XB650BT,Cowin E7, headset. The Earbuds Case is affordable. You can give cases to your family or friends. One case for one item is what the colored zip top is for. There are different colors that make items easy to identify. It could be put in your pocket. If you have a case with loops and carabiners, you can clip the carabiner to it, so it won't get lost. The material is made of waterproof and dust-proof, it holds your items from movement. Keep your items out of harms way. You will get 5 color cases and 5 pieces carabiner for a year. Please contact them if you have any questions. Thank you!

Brand: Sunguy

👤Everyone got a case for their earphones for Christmas and they loved them. Not cheap made, it's pretty sturdy. The black part is smooth and the stitching is firm. The clips were ok. They don't lock into place, which concerns me, but they have been swung around, tossed lightly across the room, and carried around with no issues so far. You can see in the pictures. It only takes a light push to push them back, but nothing near the clips will push them in that direction when you wear them. They may revisit how they hold up in an update. There is a Great value.

👤These cases are great for small knick-knacks you want to take with you when you are out-n-about. The cases seem well made. There is a The cheap carabiners that came with the cases were a bad part of the purchase. There is a The carabiner gates are useless for anything. Not a big deal since I didn't plan on using them. I plan on using the plastic coated cable key-rings that have a small turn-buckle to lock the ends together. I don't need to worry about the case falling off because it's attached to something. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤These are small cases. It's great for headphones with cables or cables you need to store. There is a They are labeled with a color. You can clip onto your backpack or travel bag with a carabiner style clip. There is a They are not waterproof. There is a I haven't had time to put them to the test yet, but they are cute. There is a The outside is a hard shell, the inside is soft and nonabrasive, and has a little cargo style net storage. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤When I ordered it, I thought I would only get one. I was surprised to get five. There is a They are very useful for my smaller electronic items that I like to keep in my bedroom and in my car. They are made very well and I like the little clip that they add onto it so that you can use it whenever you want. I think this was a great product for the price and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some great little pockets for most anything of that size! Great colors as well.

👤The compartment is small. It is sturdy enough to protect. The zippers are done well. The small hooks are very flimsy. The piece is hollow. I would definitely recommend them. Maybe you should buy yourself a few Dr safety hooks. You will lose your buds if the flimsy latch opens. I like to have a spare and put it in my belt loop. I have a second pair ready to go if I need a refill. These are better than that.

👤I love the value of buying these cases. They are strong and seem to last. If you use them for charging, they don't fit the cords. I tried to remove the piece of clothing. My bad! Not much else will fit, they're great for just the cords.

6. SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

The package includes a cover case for Airpods Pro, a carabiner, and a storage bag. The Charging Case for the Airpods Pro and AirPods is not included. Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate, and this earphone case bag has different 5 color design. The earbuds carrying case has a portable size of 1.2 inch and is better for storing your earphones, hearing aid and more electronic gadgets. The high qualtiy Zipper EVA hard case, PU leather appearance protection, and inside soft velvet cloth protection are all part of the Great Protection Performance. Pocket size earbuds case compatible with Bose SoundSport. The Panasonic Ergo Fit is a Sony MDR-EX650AP. There are more mini electronic parts. There is a 12 month worry-free warranty on the 5 x SUNGUY Square Earphone Case. Please contact them if you have any questions. They would like to respond to you in 24 hours.

Brand: Sunguy

👤There are two separate reviews. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. Pack Large Case is 2. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's the same thing. It's not a good thing These were picked up to house my new ZST's. The ZST's earphones have cables that can be removed and reinstalled, so I needed a larger case. Failure will occur sooner rather than later if the more one fiddles. I keep the earphones in this larger case. I use a strap of a similar size to keep the earphones neatly wound, and the same size as the case, to keep the earphones stationary, so they aren't thrown about inside the case. That is what the cargo net is for. The storage case makes it convenient for me to keep the extra earphone cable in the cargo net. The case is large enough to hold my earphones and upgraded cable. There is a The case is strong enough to hold a backpack or purse without crushing it. It has a quality zip that zips smoothly. The price for the product is a fair one. I will order more of these cases if I get more earphones that have memory wire. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Pack review is 5. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing I have dozens of in- ear monitors and I have another dozen being shipped to me via Amazon as I write this review. How do you keep all those IEMs organized? There is a I use this "coolsell" 5-pack of earphone cases. I have ordered this set on more than one occasion and will be ordering more. I color-code which earphones go in which case. It's easier to pick out a pair of earphones from a sea of earphone cases. There are two more I labeled each case according to the color of the Sharpie I purchased. There are 3 more I bought a roll of 1in. Attach my earphones with 4 inch sections of Velcro and cut them up. I keep the earphones in the case. I keep the eartips in the cargo net so they don't get lost. Problem solved! There is a The cases are strong enough to keep your earphones out of a napsack or purse. The earphone case is in the cargo pocket of my khaki shorts. The cases are well made, but they are not as good as the snake skin cases, but the quality of the exterior skin is more important. I have both. There is a You can store two sets of earphones in one case if both earphones are in ear monitors. I'm not sure if there is enough room for earphones and a charging plug in one case, and I'm not sure if two pairs of earbuds are too bulky. It depends on the size of the earphones and the charging port of your phone. I will post more pictures later.

7. Carrying SUNGUY【2Pack Portable Headphones Earphones

Carrying SUNGUY%E3%80%902Pack Portable Headphones Earphones

You will get 5 color cases and 5 pieces carabiner for a year. Please contact them if you have any questions. Thank you! The grid can separate corded, headset, cables or other things, which can prevent them from twisting or mixture together. The EarCater Carrying case is used to store your Sony and other Wireless Earbuds, as well as your phone, mp3/sd cards, and coins. The material is made of EVA PU leather, Inner flannel, and Zipper, and it is easy to carry around. The standard size has a free carabiner. This case can be put in a pocket or backpack. 12-Month free warranty. They will solve your problem if you contact them via email or phone.

Brand: Sunguy

👤It is convenient and cheap. It protects my mp3 player when not in use or when in a purse or home, and it keeps my ear buds from tangling, so it is a very practical purchase. I bought it for a small mp3 player, but it ended up being a handy down from my daughter, who we upgraded to for her some years earlier. She didn't like the color or the small size. It is more expensive than my older one and a bit bigger and even shows videos so not complaining, but since I measured the case to fit my older mp3 it ended up being like my purse with too many things. The case is hard, but they have a small amount of give to them. I use to carry it around with the added clip, so get one like this.

👤Love these cases. There is a mesh pocket on one side of the set that can be used to store the charging cord and buds. The price was great. I wanted to give my husband a new set. It is large enough to do the job and the black zip will make it easier to see in a dark bag.

👤Both came broken and refused to be touched. Returned. I wrote a review with 1 star and was notified by the seller. I received a brand new set with a working zipper. They sent me a new one. I added a few more stars.

👤I finally found something to fit my earbuds. I wanted something to keep the case secure because I am accident prone. It was a great fit. It's an easy fix to replace the carabiner.

👤I speed money to get a decent case when I try to save money and the fabric part is ripped apart. I was able to find my ear bud after I fell down.

👤I needed something to carry the cables cases and extra ear clips for my headsets and this holds it all together.

👤My kids like these because they are different colors and it is easy to tell them apart at home. I was able to write my kids names on the outside of the school building with paint markers.

👤The dimensions are for the outside of the case. The inside dimensions are much smaller. The cases are too small for what I needed.

8. GLCON Rectangle Protection Enclosure Lightweight

GLCON Rectangle Protection Enclosure Lightweight

It was made of supreme quality. The material is weather resistant. Good for Earphones, Earbuds, Earphones, Earphones The Mesh Style with Zipper Enclosure has a soft cloth lined interior to protect your earphones. The compact and functional hard case keep items safe and portable. In the product description, there is a more size option. It can be hung on a back bag with a carabiner.

Brand: Glcon

👤I bought this case for my emergency inhaler. I attached a key ring to the loop and it fit. The mesh pocket inside is where my inhaler is kept in place while I open it. I have a bulky key ring and my inhaler handy while I'm out, but it's a little bulky on my keychain. There is a Please vote if you find this review helpful.

👤I received a free case for my earbuds that felt flimsy and did not have a way to truly close it. I wanted to get something that was small, durable and functional. I only needed something to hold my earbuds, but I am happy that it has more function than that, which includes a place to hold credit cards, drivers license, money, etc. I don't want to bring a purse. It's lightweight and easy to carry in my pocket, so I don't worry about being out for a long day. It has survived the bottom of my purchase and the pounding it receives on a daily basis by having items tossed on top of it. I have had it for a couple of months now and it still works and looks the same as when I received it. No dents, the kewpie still functions. I like all the color options. It is nice to have more color options than just black or neutral colors, but I always lean toward bright colors. Black items are hard to find in a purse. I can quickly locate it if I have a bright color. I showed this case to someone else and they liked it so much that they purchased one of the other options.

👤These are small cases. Inexpensive cases for gear. If a tank rolls over them, they're not going to save your stuff, but they're excellent. They are too small to fit in a jacket pocket or bag. They work. The little nets hold stuff. They're all great. Sometimes simple is best and these do their job exactly as they are supposed to. I have different ones to hold Ear buds so I don't have to change them. No one had a problem with them. There is a They are durable. Hold up to it all. Look good. They're $5 but not award winning. Don't get hair or lint. They do what they're supposed to, and on simple items like this that's exactly what you need. I can't recommend them enough.

👤A very small case. I kept this in my backpack because it was a mini grooming kit. It's a hard shell exterior with light padding on the inside and a mesh pocket on one of the sides. The small zippers are sturdy. It has an external loop for attaching a key ring or D-clip to your bag. The inside is less than the outside. I was able to fit nail clippers, tweezers, a small pill container, and a couple of band-aids and Q-tips.

9. Earphones Headphone Organizer Bluetooth Carabiner

Earphones Headphone Organizer Bluetooth Carabiner

The small earphone case is made of shockproof and water resistant neoprene material and has a soft lining to protect your headphones or small gadgets from accidents. The case is widely used to carry small items, like the AirPods, the earbuds, and the flash drive. The pocket earphone case is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to put into your pocket, purse or bag. It is more convenient to attach your pants, backpack or bag with a portable carabiner. The dimensions of the exterior and interior are: Please contact them if you have a problem with the storage carrying case.

Brand: Yicheey

10. Learsoon Zipper Storage QuietComfort Headphones

Learsoon Zipper Storage QuietComfort Headphones

It's ideal for Bose QuietComfort 20. The headphone can be secured with enough storage space. The bag pouch is well designed. Grey is the color. The dimensions are 14 x 8 x 1.2 cm. Buy with confidence and you will get a 12 months worry-free guarantee.

Brand: Learsoon

👤I bought a new bag to replace the one I lost. I bought the bag with the ear buds four years ago.

👤This did what it was advertised to do. The price is fair for what you get.

👤Artculo perfecto para mis. Bose.

👤It replaced a lost item on the plane.

👤It works for my corded ear buds.

11. RISETECH Earphone Waterproof Headphone Soundsport

RISETECH Earphone Waterproof Headphone Soundsport

The Risetech Storage case protects your earphone, earbuds, mini wireless headphones, and Clip Sport mp3 players. This case is made from resistant EVA and PU textured nubuck materials, which make it stylish and sturdy enough to protect your mp3 player and earphone from dirt and dust. The inner lining of your mp3 is soft. The inner bag design makes it easy to store the earphones and cable. Don't worry about losing them. The case is multifunctional. The outer size of this case is 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5in, which is suitable for smaller devices, such as the Beats Fit Pro and the AirPods. The mini storage case has a metal hook that can be used anywhere, and the zip helps you store in and take out for travel. The Wireless Earbuds and accessories are not included. If you have a problem with the case, please contact them.

Brand: Risetech

👤There are not many confirmed cases for these. It is a perfect fit.

👤It's perfect for storing a case. It's a good idea to keep a Pocket on top.

👤The case appears to have held up well, protecting my KZ IEMs. There is a hard shell soft case that provides plenty of space for my KZ's. There is a I bought a second one because I liked these so much.

👤It serves the purpose. Enough space to hold the earphone. There is a The zip is getting worse. It happened too soon.

👤I like the small size. The hard case is made to protect. It is perfect for mp3 or head phones. The carabiner clip can be used to hold my backpack. It's great for travel. It was too small. It would have been better if it was a little bigger.

👤The hard case is great. It works with both the mp3 player and wired earbuds. There is room left in your pocket for small items. There are no complaints about this case.

👤The internal pocket of the case is nice. I got this case because of the external loop for a clip, and it pulled out after 6 months of weekly use. I don't think I'm overly aggressive with my usage and the only weight in it is my headphones and 2 guitar picks, so I'm disappointed in the durability of the external loop.

👤Don't waste your money. Poorly made and stopped working after a month.

👤I wanted something waterproof and resistant for my hearing aids. I love the case and have been for 4 months. It has space for my hearing aids and earbuds. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It works great for what I need it for.

👤Great product. It's nice to hold your wired headphones.

👤This is not waterproof because of the misleading information from their heading. Its trash. You can get it at a dollar store.

👤Not as strong as advertised. It does what it's supposed to.


What is the best product for small zipper pouch for headphones?

Small zipper pouch for headphones products from Decibullz. In this article about small zipper pouch for headphones you can see why people choose the product. Casesack and Katloo are also good brands to look for when you are finding small zipper pouch for headphones.

What are the best brands for small zipper pouch for headphones?

Decibullz, Casesack and Katloo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for small zipper pouch for headphones. Find the detail in this article. 7xinbox, Sunguy and Sunguy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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