Best Speaker Volume Knob Headphone Jack

Knob 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. USB Powered Hi Quality Connection Headphone Plug N Play

USB Powered Hi Quality Connection Headphone Plug N Play

When you purchase a computer speaker from them, you will get 6 months of worry-free replacement service and lifetime customer service, which makes your purchase absolutely risk-free and satisfied. If you receive suspected second-hand goods such as scratches, abrasion marks, other marks, fingerprints, smudges, you should report it. They will reply to you if you contact them. The Small Computer Sound Bar boasts dual 2-inch Hi-Sensitive drivers and bass ports, which will bring you loud, stereo and vivid sound. There will be no static noise after you have plugged in the AUX jack. The universal 3.5mm audio plug can be used for various audio devices, such as PC, Laptop, Desktop Computer, MacBook, Chromebook, Tablet, Projector, PS4 and more. The PC speakers will turn on automatically after you plug theusb port into your laptop,desktop computer orusb adapter. The length of the cable is 3.8 Ft. Plug your headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack and you can enjoy the exclusive time for gaming, music and movie. The volume knob on the right side of the computer speakers allows you to adjust the volume very easily and quickly.

Brand: Yofanqi

👤Good size and specifications. The design and features are nice. Excellent sound quality. What I was looking for.

2. Controller Switcher Splitter Selector Attenuator

Controller Switcher Splitter Selector Attenuator

Left/right circuit grounds are isolated to provide a safe connection for the amplifier. Accurate, noise-free switch. Easily adjust volume level up and down with the switch of audio source input. 3 in 1 out 3.5mm aux input jacks Control volume and signal in one box. There is no amplification function. The build looks nice and durable. There is no need for a power supply. Plug and play.

Brand: Chenkuiyuli

👤Corrected and Corrected. The audio 3.5mm switch was faulty when it arrived. The only input sockets that worked were "C" and "Off" None of the other sockets worked in the switch. I thought I could re-wire the case, but I discovered that the internal connections are made by a printed circuit board. I didn't see any solder bridges or cold solder joints. When the input was connected to the "C" sockets, the switch only provided output when the switch was in the off position.

👤The problem was replaced with another problem. Don't buy! There is a The audio 3.5mm switch was faulty when it arrived. The only input sockets that worked were "C" and "Off" None of the other sockets worked in the switch. The seller sent me a pretested one and it worked great. Must have been a bad bunch of these.

👤The audio switch/volume control looks great and works well for my application. I was concerned about some reviews of units that did not switch inputs. The internal components are a switch and volume control potentiometer. The 2p4t switches seem to be common in similar form factor. I have soldering experience so I could replace it. The one I got works well. It would take me a long time and cost a lot more to build something like this from scratch.

👤I have the same issue as Robert H. The device does not have outputs in normal mode. There is an output from B only if the selector is turned off. The circuit board must be malfunctioning. Returning.

👤It seems like it was made well. There are three 3.5mm inputs and one 3.5mm output. I like that the switch has an Off position for the 3 inputs. There is a The switch and knob feel solid.

👤I work as an electronic technician. I opened the unit to check out why it stopped working. This device was poorly built. Nothing in the side is worth repairing. I found a use for the knobs and did not send them back to Amazon. The rest went to the dump.

👤The item does not work. Nothing comes out of the output when you put your plugs in. It is sad and substantial, but it doesn't work.

👤Inputs A and B don't work at all. The volume control works. You get what you pay for.

3. DiyTech Headphone Connectors Modular Extension

DiyTech Headphone Connectors Modular Extension

The 3.5mm wall jack provides exceptional sound reproduction. Only the best audio wall audio jack wall plates are delivered. The 3.5mm audio wall jack is ready to go. Your project will be over before you know it if you have the same 3.5mm stereo wall jacks extension cable. The audio jack wall plates have a quality low voltage mounting bracket so you can get up and running quickly. Their aux wall plate includes all the mounting hardware, so you can save time and money. Things are even easier with the extension cable. Installation in tight places has never been easier with a built-in extension headphone wall jack cable. Quality products are delivered to their customers. Their support is what makes their 3.5mm audio plate come with it. They are here to help if you have any issues with the audio jack wall plates.

Brand: Diytech

4. Nobsound Controller Adjuster Amplifier Switcher

Nobsound Controller Adjuster Amplifier Switcher

The case is small and delicate. 3.5mm audio. In: connect a computer, phone, and audio player. 3.5mm audio out, connect power amplifier, active speaker, and headphone amplifier. The signal cable has to be replaced. Customer service is great. Give it a try. You can return it within a month if you don't like it. They will send you a new one if it is faulty within a year.

Brand: Nobsound

👤This is used to connect a speaker to an amplifier. It doesn't work with headphones. There are 41 little indents for volume control in my unit. Only the first 3 are able to use headphones. The first two are too loud and the third is too low. I paid for a lot of things. This cost me $50. I give this 5 stars because it is well made and it makes a nice $50 paper weight.

👤I wanted a device that was well made, had a quality build feel, and that was exactly what it was. I thought it would provide many years of faithful service. I wish I would have gone with the Canadian one, I labored over it, but I think I would have chosen this. There is a I can tell you that this little monster killed two tube Amps in less than four days. I am angry and shocked at the situation. The evidence shows that this device was responsible for making two up until then, fully functioning reliable pieces of audio equipment. This little accessory leaves me out several hundred dollars and no means two recover my losses. There is a I am not an audio pro but I have been around component stereo equipment my whole life and am an avid music listener. Until now I have never blown an amplifier, let alone two in a few days, maybe some speakers, but no Amp. There is a I was not using this device in a reckless, irresponsible or careless way as it pertains to my beloved stereo setup. I have had no issues with this device for a number of years and it blew up my amplifier because it was not being played at high volume. After this was introduced into the signal path, one of my tubes suddenly stopped working with no fanfare, one minute music and the next nothing. I thought "Maybe its just its time to go, it's been in use a fair amount of time, and unhappily tried to accept its fate." I replaced the non functioning unit with another tube amplifier that worked fine until the next day when it stopped working, I couldn't believe it, one minute music, the next silence, it just stopped working. There is a I replaced the tubes with brand new ones and tried different power supplies, but nothing. This device is to blame for their demise. I have used a volume attenuator in the signal path between my DAC and tube for many years without any issues. This was not being played at a high volume that would blow a amplifier, and it was quite a respectable low volume when these things happened, having recently decided to be nice to my neighbors. There is a I can't say for sure that this device caused these two tube Amps to fail, but it would certainly seem that way, seeing that my system had been preforming without issue for quite a while, and this device was the only change introduced into the path. The signal chain has been problem free since the Noobsound volume controller was removed. There is a The Amazon tech support rep was not helpful in finding a solution. There is a There was a steady stream of scripted attempts to appease an irate customer with assurances that she would feel the same way, as well as endless insincere apologies on behalf of Amazon for what had occurred due to a product they were selling and finally did result in. There is a She couldn't do much more than recommend contacting the seller, Douk Audio, as it may contain higher amounts of profanity than what some may consider acceptable. I have a couple of other pieces of equipment made by Douk, and like very much, but this has disappointed me as well as angered me considerably, and left me unsure if I will be able to purchase any thing further with any kind of confidence. There is a The device was called Noobsound. I believe Douk is the parent company, it seems as though a lot of the China manufactured audio stuff is all manufactured by one company based in Shenzin and then a bunch of different brand names are slapped on them. I have had no issues with them and have been very satisfied with everything I have purchased from them. If there were no product support, ratings, or instructions of any kind, it was not helpful. There is a I don't know if it was a coincidence or bad luck, I got a faulty unit. I wouldn't get one of these things near my stereo equipment. There is a If anyone reads this until the end, I would like to thank you for your perseverance and sharing in my attempt to recover from the traumatic event.

5. OSD Audio Theater Speaker Control

OSD Audio Theater Speaker Control

It can be used for phone and computer, just insert it to your computer and it will work. High power. The SVC 100 is rated at 100 Watts per channel. Up to eight pairs of 8 ohm speakers can be added with front mounted jumpers. Volume control. The controls allow you to change the volume of speakers in a house audio system. They are ideal for higher volume locations. Impedance protection. The feature of SVC 100 helps in stabilizing the load going back to the amplifier or receiver with parallel connections to avoid overheating and damaging expensive equipment. A knob with a 12-step linear style can be used for a wide range of listening volumes. White, ivory and almond trim plates match any room decor, as well as junction box and screws. The design: The d├ęcor plates are easy to install and work with almost any system. It accepts up to 14 gauge wiring and fits in a standard gang box.

Brand: Osd Audio

👤Volume control is great. Installation instructions for the unit are not for the controller in the box. The "correction" shown on the Amazon site is incorrect. You are crossing wires if you connect as specified. Common leads are the 2 center positions designated with the "down arrow" in the diagram. This will be the black wire. There are 2 plug positions on the outside labeled "in" and "out"

👤14ga is pushing for the max wire size. The push button source switcher is in the 2 gang box, but it is tight. I had to make sure the wire was pushed back into the wall. I prefer the OSD knob for volume control. I bought an OSD push button source selector, but decided to switch to the OEM Systems because the button is larger and there is a graphic on the front showing A vs B source. I have a small amplifier that I use to power Polk Audio. I need a 100w total for this solution. If you need more power for larger speakers, you should move up to the 300w model. You will have less space in your gang box because it is much heavier. The back of the deep gang box needs to be cut off to make it easier to install. It was too late for me. There is a Pull the black and red wires out first, then plug them back in. That is much simpler.

👤The instructions are easy to follow, and there is no soldering involved, so you can use it for any project. There is a I had to drill 2 additional holes in the wall to secure the top plate, and there is a white metal plate behind the gang box that matches the screws on the speakers.

👤There is a lot to like about this volume control. I like the design and the implementation. I love the fact that they have terminal blocks that can be used for both input and output. This makes wiring this control much simpler than other ones I have used. The terminals have been painted. There is a The retention force of thoseremovable connectors is not that great, which is one of the reasons why this product is not getting a fifth star. The retentive force of most German terminal blocks is better than that of Chinese ones. German brand terminal blocks cost a lot more. There is a Wait to put this unit into the gang box until you know that the system is working perfectly, and you can play music while buttoning up. There is a I had a speaker that was not working. After tracing the entire system, I checked the volume control and found that one of the terminal blocks was loose. I would recommend this volume control. You will end up being very happy if you watch out for that one.

👤This is not an amplifier. This will not increase the volume because it is not powered. You will be fine if you have a robust amplifier that drives the signal to this unit. There is a One reviewer noted that the "pods" for IN and OUT do not attach to the unit very well, despite having screws for a nice solid attachment to the speaker wire. I secured the unit with electrical tape after taking the reviewer's advice and not detaching thepods from the unit. Before final mounting, definitely test. There is a You will need a deeper box, but speaker wire is only in a box.

6. Volbox Inline Audio Control Attenuator

Volbox Inline Audio Control Attenuator

Simple operation: rotating the volume knob to turn up and down volume, press the knob to make it silent, keep pressing the knob and it will enter night mode, breathing light will stay on. The knob is easy to grip. Stereo input and output jacks are 3.5mm. No batteries are required. Quality parts were built in Canada.

Brand: Sonshine Electronics

👤I'm not using this to adjust the volume of headphones. I use it as a mic input to adjust a mic's sensitivity. There is a flaw in the audio of the action camera that I have, which is when the decibels get too high, and there is no level adjustment on the camera. The audio was being roasted and so many of my rides were not usable. I bought this to turn down the mic. I put it on my helmet and set it to 50%. The audio doesn't clips no matter how loud my exhaust is. I was ready to give up on the video of my DJI and buy a Gopro. I love using my camera again and the audio is great, I fixed my audio issues with this device.

👤I almost gave up. The Canadian made Volume Pot was under 20 US dollars. I took a chance because I thought it was a good deal. I have many stacks in various types of computers. But my stack. I love this stack. I was getting a humming sound from the volume even though I used a different cable. I tried a few cheap Chi-Fi solutions. But to no avail. Silence! That's all I wanted. There was no background noise in the NO electronic loop hum. The situation was made worse by all the other devices. The little guy was in the mail. I waited to set it up. I was not having high hopes because nothing had worked before. All that has happened now! This is a great device to reduce volume. It made the background noise go away, and finally got rid of the annoying noise. There is a I am getting clear, precise music from the artist. I'm listening to a song by Chick Corea. I placed the Volbox Mini between my headphones and the Schiit stack because it was in glorious Qobuz high resolution from my Macbook Pro. Tonight's selection are my headphones. It is time for me to leave now. Enjoy my music. Thank you, Clark! You have done a great job. Worthy of all the 20 dollar bills.

👤I own a Sony FDR-X3000 action cam, which takes amazing videos. The audio with the camera's microphone is very tin can, I suppose, but it's fine for general use. When I hook up an external microphone to the camera, the audio is so bad that I can't change it. There is a The Volbox is an easy solution. I now use the Volbox to connect my external mic to my camera and have perfect audio through it. I stuck the Volbox and the external mic together, since the external mic will always be for this specific camera, since I have another external mic. If you're having the same kind of issues, I recommend this Volbox 150%.

👤Exactly what I needed. Due to the speaker's size, I had to place the one with the volume control beyond arms reach while seated. I mounted a separate volume control under my work surface to control the speakers I was replacing. I wanted the same for the new speakers. The volume control works perfectly. Plug in the 'from' and 'to' stereo plugs and everything will be back on. I had to purchase a male-male stereo cable to go from the back of my computer to the volume control.

7. Switch Stereo Receiver Speaker Selector

Switch Stereo Receiver Speaker Selector

2 Way Stereo Speaker switch panel. Speaker Set A, B or A+B should be selected. Sturdy metal construction. There are self-adhesive rubber feet. Speaker Selector is limited to 200 watt per channel.

Brand: Keen Eye

👤It works great with a few clarifying details, and Spkr 1 on and Spkr 2 off works well. From spkr 1 to spkr 2. Case 2 is off. Spkr 2 will likely return to spkr 1. I suggest you hook up your Main speakers to Spkr 2 and remote speakers to Spkr 1. It's sort of backwards. The difference is due to the fact that spkr 1 is on and spkr 2 is off. When spkr 2 is on and spkr 1 is off, the spkr 1 leads "float" and crosstallk can occur. All speakers are disconnected from amplifier if Spkr 1 and Spkr 2 are turned off. It shouldn't be a problem on a solid state amplifier. This condition may not be good for tube Amps. Case 4. The speakers on the left and right channels are put in series when Spkr 1 and Spkr 2 are turned on. The solution provides needed protection for the amplifier from the alternative, which is running the speakers in parallel--bad in my set up as my speakers are 4 and 6 ohm.

👤You will get full power from your amplifier if you just play speaker A or speaker B. If you play A and B at the same time, the speaker switches are wired in series mode, which cuts amplifier power in half. Since both sets of speakers are playing at the same time, power is cut in half again, meaning that each speaker only gets a quarter of the original power rating. There is a If you have a 50 watt amplifier, you only get 12 1/2 watt to each speaker when both A and B are playing. That is adequate for background listening, but not nearly enough for serious volume listening. The unit is very well built.

👤I will have to build it again. The cables are not well soldered. If you need both channels on, the power output of the amplifier will be affected by that. Maybe the metal box works for me because I'm going to rebuild it with better quality cables and change the switches to make it work as it should. The most expensieve metal box you can get for a project is this one.

👤The unit is larger than it needs to be. Terminals are small. Can't use modern spades or banana plugs. It reminds me of a product from forty years ago. Will work in a pinch.

👤The power is split between the two speakers when you turn both switches on. Nothing wrong with the product yet, I just think it's expensive and useless.

👤The materials used to make it were heavier than I had expected. I was expecting it to be less sturdy than it is. The unit's function is simple, but I like the size of the rocker arms and the solid clicks. This product is very good.

👤I like the product. I didn't rate the volume control because it didn't have one. The product did what I wanted it to do.

👤A or B or A+B is a nice switch. Good quality construction, nice price.

8. Koss 155954 VC20 Volume Control

Koss 155954 VC20 Volume Control

Convenient level adjustment from headphones is provided by volume control. It connects to a 3.5mm plug. The pocket/belt has a clip for convenient positioning. Can be used with any portable device. It connects to a 0.125-inch jack. The plug is not gold plated.

Brand: Koss

👤The quality of this is so bad that it doesn't last long. The first one lasted more than a year, and the last two have only lasted a few months each. It gets to a point where the source device's connection isn't stable, and sound is cut off from one channel unless you change the connection. I like the form factor. I can't find anything else that I like. The volume adjustment is fine. I don't have an issue with the "throw" of the knob, even though some may say the range from lowest to highest volume is a short turn of the knob. It's a good length for me since I'm usually using it with my laptop where it's not convenient to adjust volume as needed. Looking at a replacement for headphones. If I'm going to be buying 2 or 3 of these each year, I should spend an equivalent amount to get something that will last a few years or more. The Proster Headphone amplifier is the best option in terms of price and size.

👤The unit works, and it's the only type of volume control that's small and portable. The newer upgraded unit isn't even shown on the Koss site because the Amazon listing is outdated. Koss doesn't honor the 90 day warranty on the updated unit, so you'll have to pay shipping and replacement costs, which will be more than buying a new unit.

👤I owned two of these KOSS small amplifier units. The KOSS brand name was believed to guarantee excellent performance and long life. I was wrong to give a second unit purchase. The units worked well for a while, but then the connection went out and only gave distorted sound through one ear-bud. The volume adjustment made the line hum and static. I tried to push the connection in tighter but knew that the time of life of the unit was about to end. I've purchased Koss products and expensive headphones in the past 10 years. This is the third time I have experienced trouble and a cheap product. I realize that this is a very small KOSS amplifier unit and a low-cost item, but it's not a reason to abandon or drop the quality from the previously high quality perceived KOSS brand.

👤Cheaply built. After just over a month, the connection went out. The clear stereo sound through the earbuds and the volume adjustment helped me turn my music down. I only get sound out of one earbud if I physically hold the connection in tighter. The sound goes from one ear to the other when I turn the plug. This is a cheap imitation from China that is starting to spread around Amazon.

👤A lot of junk. Don't spend your money on a product that isn't worth it. I can only turn the volume control a millimeter either way for almost unaudible minimum volume to very loud max volume. I have to fight with the wire connection in order to get stereo play back. The right speaker is all I hear. It would be a law and somone would be held accountable. If the rating system gave a zero star rating, I would give it one.

9. Logitech 3 5mm Compact Laptop Speakers

Logitech 3 5mm Compact Laptop Speakers

A knob for adjusting volume is built into the headphone jack. The stereo sound has 5 watt of power. The low-profile design is ideal for desks with limited space. 3.5 millimeter jack input for your mp3 player, on-speaker volume and power controls, and a headphone jack. A 3.5 millimeter plug is used to connect your laptop or desktop. It works with both Windows and Mac.

Brand: Logitech

👤The speakers arrived in good condition. It's rare that I have enough similar products to run a comparative reveiw. I have 3 pairs of budget priced AC plug in speakers. The speakers are offered by Amazon. The Cyber Acoustic 2.0, the Logitach Z130, and the Logitech S 120 are the ones that I will review first. There is a The price is very good. These are spkrs. There is some distortion at full volume in the most amplification set. There is a Sound is flat and tinny. Spkrs are not a good choice for music, movies or TV because they have little or no bass. Voice comes through loud and clear so it might work well for classroom audio presentations. These are small spkrs. They're not going to be enough for a large area. There is mismanagement. The on-off switch is a nice touch. Though the spkrs. The units seem to have the least quality applications. LOGITECH S 120 PRICE: $12.49. Good. The S 120's still work well for most applications, even though the amplification is not as good as Cyber Acoustic. Sound very good. The sound reproduction of the three sets seems to be the most accurate. There is little distortion. There is mismanagement. These spkrs can be useful for tight spaces, but can also tip over easily. I used a piece of cloth to keep them stable. There is a Conclusions: A very nice set of amplified speakers for all around use. The Z130s have more amplification than the Cyber Acoustic spkrs. The Z130s boost is spread between bass, mid range and treble, whereas CA spkrs has most of its boost on the treble side. Sound very good. The Z130s have the same qualities as the S 120s, except the Z130s are louder and have more bass. There is mismanagement. These spkrs are small and have a wide base, which makes them very stable. There is a I have tried the Z130 spkrs. On computers, TVs, tablets, and mp3 players. These are the best of the three sets of spkrs and cost a few dollars more. It was tested.

👤I bought the speakers for my computer. I have been using these for over six months and I am really impressed. I have had no issues with this product. These speakers are great. It is easy to install and use. I didn't test these out at the loudest setting since I didn't really need to but the music that I played on it sounded really crisp and clear. There is a I have been using these day in day out for over 6 months now and the sound quality is perfect and the price is amazing. There is a If you're looking for a quality speaker or just something for your room, go with these! There is a If you found my review helpful, please click here. I like to leave reviews to help others make decisions and I enjoy reading your reviews to help me.

👤I can't believe the quality of these speakers. I wanted to upgrade my speakers and they are a massive upgrade. I was looking at studio monitors and bose computer speakers, both of which were around $100 for a pair. I was considering getting a logitech or similar system that included a sub and satellite speakers. I decided to go for a basic pair of speakers instead of purchasing a low-mid range computer audio system because I didn't want to be disappointed. It was between this pair and an Amazonbasics pair. I noticed that the Logitcech pair had more power than Amazon's, so I went with the Logitechs. I'm very pleased I went with these because they are more powerful than other speakers in their price range and they sound great. They do not distort except at high volumes. They have decent bass and fill a room with clarity at high volume. I don't have to use ausb port to use these plug into the computer's headphone jack. There is a jack on the right speaker that I can use to listen to my headphones. This is a good price for a pair of speakers. These are perfect if you're not picky and consider yourself an audiophile snob.

10. Volbox Inline Audio Control Attenuator

Volbox Inline Audio Control Attenuator

The knob is large and easy to grip. Stereo input and output jacks are 3.5mm. No batteries are required. Quality parts.

Brand: Electronics More

👤The manufacturer reached out to me after I requested a refund from Amazon. The replacement was offered by the manufacturer. I looked at the wires I was using to connect to the box while I waited for it to arrive. There is a The box is the same as the picture shows, with two female plugs. I bought a long extension cord for females and a short extension cord for males. The earphone cord plugs into a box plug, one end of the short cord plugs into the other, and the male of the long cord plugs into my TV. The plugs on the short cord are different. The short cord is only for mono. My review is below. There is a The box works perfectly, both stereo and volume control, thanks to the stereo, male-to-male cord I purchased. There is a I apologize to the manufacturer and potential buyers who might have been misled by my original review. Customer service is also outstanding. It's out of the box that sound is only in one ear and crackling in the single ear is a sign of poorly executed connection. I can only assume that the maker builds them and then doesn't test them before shipping because of the mix of good and bad reviews. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Quality control is important. Definitely a throw of the dice.

👤It's not sleek or sexy, but it works and there's no other product like it. This is what I was looking for. I took off 1 star because it was overpriced. I took off a 2nd star because the left and right channels are not the same volume. It would be great if it had screw holes so I could mount it, it's very light and the whole device twists when I turn the knob. The 3.5mm jacks should have been on the top of the box. It does not seem linear. It doesn't get much louder once you turn it over 50%. Cristicism aside. It's still better than having to press FN + F7 on my laptop and praying that it will work. Tech companies seem to be replacing knobs with buttons, but these controls don't work well for volume.

👤I use computer speakers to amplify my television. The computer speakers don't have a remote. I used to have to get out of my seat. I used long cables to place this product between the television and computer speakers, and I sat at my desk to watch TV. I don't have to get up to change the volume. There is a There are 2 things that I noticed about this item. These things are not something I care about. It is important to know how someone else plans on using this. When the volume is turned all the way down, sound still comes through. If the input signal is loud enough, you'll still be able to hear it when the volume knob is turned all the way down. There is no sound. 2. The first 5% on this dial is mono audio. The sound comes through both sides when you dial past 5%. There is a Again, these things are not something that I care about, and I think most people wouldn't care. Depending on the set-up and use you might care about this.

11. Audio Controller Aluminium Control Lossless

Audio Controller Aluminium Control Lossless

The channels are 2 and Stereo. The input is 3.5mm (1/8" - 1/6 inch) and the female is sockets. The output is 3.5mm (1/8" - 1/6 inch). The material is aluminum alloy. The dimensions are 49.8 x 39.4

Brand: Excelvalley

👤Two of these were bought weeks apart. The first one broke after my headphones tugged on the jack. I secured the base and cable with gaffer's tape and earthquake gel to make sure it wouldn't move around my desktop, because I figured this was just a faulty unit. Within two days after the second one arrives, a light tug on the cable of the headphones plugged into the jack causes them to break again. The jack pulls out of the plug, and I'm assuming it severs a surface-solder mount inside the device. I haven't cracked it open yet, but there are two breaks with two separate units within a couple weeks. This one is a dud.

👤I use this for watching television while my son plays games and my wife plays the stereo, it's a nice little device. I didn't like that it didn't come with a male-to-male cable to connect it to anything, and I had to order a cable before I could use it. There are two more If you are looking for something that will give you a lot of volume on the television, it won't happen. Even though the volume will go relatively high, which is good enough for me, it will not go high enough to please a person who likes their volume so loud that they can hear the walls rattle.

👤When turning a knob, there is no noise. It seems to use a 10k potentiometer. It's a bit expensive for what it is. I didn't feel like designing a 3d printed case for the jacks. I'm using this to control the volume on studio monitors. It's difficult to adjust volume without something like this because each monitor has its own volume control. I was using Windows volume control, but it was annoying because of the "ding" it makes. I would have to reduce the number of full screen apps. I can't say I've noticed a difference, but they say software volume control reduces audio quality.

👤It controls mono volume very well. It is not compatible with stereo headphones. I needed a 4 pole 3.5mm system.

👤The audio cable is not included. This thing and the other should be in your audio source. Plug your headphones into the other side of the thing. You now have volume control! I use this to listen to music. I can control the volume with my headphones on, without having to fiddle with the controller app, because I plug this into a Sonos connect via an rca adapter and then plug my headphones into this knob. Works well. I don't use hi-fi headphones with this setup, so I can't speak to sound quality for experts. This thing is what I needed to add volume control to my setup.

👤I wanted to control the volume of my audio out to my headphones. I couldn't get this to work unless I pulled out the headphones from the volume knob. If I bumped it, it could come out. I tried a cable that had a 4-pole male output and it worked great. I got a cheap 4-inch adapter so that I didn't have an unplugged mic cable hanging out. There is a It's great, and I like it more than having to use a headphones for volume control.


What is the best product for speaker volume knob headphone jack?

Speaker volume knob headphone jack products from Yofanqi. In this article about speaker volume knob headphone jack you can see why people choose the product. Chenkuiyuli and Diytech are also good brands to look for when you are finding speaker volume knob headphone jack.

What are the best brands for speaker volume knob headphone jack?

Yofanqi, Chenkuiyuli and Diytech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for speaker volume knob headphone jack. Find the detail in this article. Nobsound, Osd Audio and Sonshine Electronics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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