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1. MOSWAG External Converter Compatible Desktops

MOSWAG External Converter Compatible Desktops

The usb to audio jack adapter has a low noise reduction chip and delivers loud, clear, high-def stereo sound and enhanced bass. The audio out interface to your devices can be added with a 3.5mm TRRS aux port. 3.5mm aux female support CTIA standards TRRS headsets and microphones. There is a wide compatibility with theusb male with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and OS X. Don't work for TV, Car, PS3amplifiers,CD players,xbox or truckusb ports. The nylon braided cable of theusb audio adapter ensures stable transmission and allows you to use your 3.5mm headphones more conveniently. The system will recognize the 3.5mm port in seconds. The aluminum shell of theusb to audio jack adapter is compact and portable. The nylon braided of theusb to 3.5mm jack audio adapter is more durable and lighter than other plastic shells and the plastic cable audio accessory. The package includes a 3.5mm Jack AudioAdapter and a MOSWAGusb to 3.5mm jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem.

Brand: Moswag

👤The product was plug and play and I could not tell if it hit all frequencies. Fine details were easy to pick up when listening to it with a pair of studio headphones. Win in my book, considering the price point. Couldn't think of a better way to replace the broken headphone jack.

👤The PS4 automatically recognizes it and will output sound over it. There is a The sound of the PS4 controller is better than the 3.5mm cable that comes out of it. This is perfect for a PS4 without the ability to play the audio. I'm using a 3.5mm cable that feeds into my speakers and it works great for this, I haven't tested the microphone function.

👤The sound of my speakers has improved since I plugged them into theusb device instead of the laptop's headphone port.

👤This is a great accessory for me. It is what I needed.

👤I couldn't use my usual headphones because the jack entrance of my computer stopped working. This piece of equipment solved the issue so I could continue using my headphones without having to buy new ones. I didn't notice a change in the sound quality.

👤The item arrived undamaged, but it doesn't work on my devices or on any of the other ones I own.

👤Left and right channel audio is different. If I pay more than fifty cents for a product, it shouldn't break.

👤I volume del gioco/chat vocale era pi basso rispetto a quando lo usavo suk controller. Inoltre nel party playstation ho dovuto alzare.

👤I ha salvato, una collegato riconksce subito la periferic ae fa il suo.ecceellente.

👤Ottimo prodotto per chi non ha un ingresso aux nel pc! All'audio ottima perfettamente funzionante.

👤No interfiere en la calidad y no nitidez del audio o microfono, exelente calidad del producto. El satisfecho con el igualmente recomiendo.

👤I bought this to use my TRRS headset on my computer but it didn't have a microphone input.

2. MillSO Sapphire External Headphone Desktops

MillSO Sapphire External Headphone Desktops

Customer service is friendly 24/7. If you have a problem, please contact them via e-mail and they will solve it for you without delay. MillSO is a 3.5mm audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack One combo interface has dual functions. Adding a 3.5mm TRRS aux port to your devices is easy, or use it as a replacement for a failed 3.5mm tousb audio adapter. The audio is output, not input. Audio can only be transferred from the 3.5mm port to theusb port. Thisusb to aux is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 as well as OS X, Linux, Chromebooks, and Windows Surface 3 pro. To connect a 3.5mm headset or speakers to a TRRS 4-pin audio jack, you need to convert ausb port to a TRRS 4-pin audio jack. Not compatible with standard headphones, TV, amplifier, car, PS3. Plug and play is easy to set up, no driver is required. There is no external power required. The compact body size and longer design make sure you don't interfere with other devices when using other ports. It's perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse. Premium materials have a smart Chipset that can decode high-speed audio signals and offer a full and delicate tone. The robust blue metal housing is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, solid protection, and charming out looking. 20 strands of three Cores, enameled copper, and soft and durable PVC covers are combined to make thisusb to audio jack adapter. Its high density shielding protects against sound and soft touch. MillSO offers an unconditional warranty for the audio jack to the external sound card. You can contact the MillSO customer support team. Their support team will help you.

Brand: Millso

👤I think this is a great package for people who are going to be working from home, but there is a noticeable noise floor for the audio input. I uploaded a video to compare the audio of my cell phone with a headset plugged in to the audio of the headset plugged into the audio jack. It will do the business if you are just trying to work from home, because it is an interface for something like twitch streaming.

👤There is a headset and microphone icon in the image. This item does not accept microphones. If I read the fine print, I would know that. The icon is not real. It's useless for me since I'm looking for an adapter that can accept both output and input.

👤I use this to listen to music on my computer. I plugged the headphones into the port on my speakers to make it convenient, but it wasn't convenient. The sound setting on the task-bar is what I wanted and now have, a way to switch from my desktop speakers to headphones. I don't need to plug the headphones in. I want to be able to make the change while I am sitting on the desk with my keyboard in my lap. I was not sure if this device would work that way, but I asked a question and someone confirmed that it did. I was able to change the device's name to "headphones" so I can use the task bar sounds icon to switch my output device. If the headphones are plugged into the jack on the speakers, directly into the output jack on the board, the sound quality is the same. It looks like a well made device. The longer cord was purchased by me. It's not braided like the shorter version, but it is a quality material that is soft and flexible. The extra length allowed me to wrap the cord around the base of the monitor stand for easy access. I am very pleased with this purchase and have no issue giving it a recommendation for anyone who will use it the same way I have described.

👤I was excited about the product because it would fit my needs. But no. Most of the time, the connection from your headphones to the MillSO does not work. Everything is good if you can get it seated correctly. I discounted some of the reviews I read before buying them. There are some issues. There is a sound level and a static one. A poor connection is to blame for both. I think it would be great if they could make the jack connect properly. The sound was good and there was no static, but it never lasts. The connection will be degraded or completely disconnected if there is a movement. I can't recommend this product. I don't recommend that you buy this.

👤There will be an update on March 20. A representative from Millso reached out to me. They gave me a new one. I don't know if it is experiencing the same problem as the original. They were applauded for trying to fix things. When I have a chance to review the new unit, I'll add a star for support. Original review. I wanted to use a mic with my Windows computers. I bought this thinking it would work the way you'd expect. Listen to the calls and talk back to everyone using the built in mic. It does work, but it has an annoying echo where the incoming caller audio is sent out to everyone on the call, even though it should only be going to your ears. When someone other than me speaks, my system takes their audio and pushes it back over the call. It's similar to being in a small canyon. The call audio that I generated will come back and go out again and again, and the echo will happen multiple times. It was very annoying. I pulled my headphones out of the equation and even without them plugged in, the incoming audio echoes back into the "mic" input. Again, it does this when the headphones are not on. I tried this in a number of applications. I setup an overdub and loaded up an Ableton session. There is a mic in the headphones. A clear copy of what I was hearing was contained in the recording from the mic. It was down from full, but there was no sign of it. This wasn't the sound from my earphone. The audio was recorded back into the session. The headphones were disconnected completely. The problem went away if I set the audio to output into something other than the headphones. The mic preamplifier is very loud. It's a lot to ask that ausb plug sized device has a decent mic preamplifier. This thing is small. 2 stars for that, because it sounds fine as a headphones accessory. I'm returning it because it won't work for what I need it for.

3. LZYCO External Connector Headphone Microphone

LZYCO External Connector Headphone Microphone

What do you get? The audio jack cable is provided with an 18-month warranty and a 24 hour customer service. If your onboard sound/mic jacks or a damaged headphone jack have failed you, you need a new one. Fix for a broken audio port. For more quantity with a cheaper price. Plug and play doesn't require external power, just easily plug and play. The audio port will be recognized by the system in seconds. You can carry it in a pocket to the office, conference room or home. It's easy to connect your existing phone or gaming headset with 3.5mm and it's 888-282-0465 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. Support for Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 and Mac OS X, PS4 and Linux It's not compatible with theusb port on your TV or car. The usb to audio jack adapter has a low noise reduction chip and delivers loud, clear, high-def stereo sound and enhanced bass.

Brand: Lzyco

👤This is for an audio jack accessory. They want me to mention warmth, sheerness and thickness. The audiojackadapter is pretty much a room temperature. When plugged in, it can be a little warmer. The thickness is the same as a drive.

👤It worked for two-point-five minutes before it died. The person I was talking to said that my voice sped up and then stopped, as the adapter was blazing hot to the touch. I'm happy it didn't fry my computer's port when it died. Cheap junk. Save your money.

👤I like this sound card, it kept me from having to buy a new sound card for my computer, it worked out of the box. I have received intermittent feedback noise at the point of installation. I think it was a good purchase.

👤I have a few systems from AORUS, ASUS, and MSI. I was surprised to learn that the front panel is not as good as the rear ports. The LZYCO 2in1 is a 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter. The sound card is an external one. This has the chip set that is automatically detected in without the need for drivers. Love this product...

👤The cords are kept from getting bent and broken by the 90 degree elbow. Will buy more for other applications.

👤This is a hard to find accessory. I own a pair of noise cancelling headphones that I like, but I need a special cable that fits a proprietary jack on the headphones to be able to charge them. The proprietary jack is connected to a standard 3.5mm jack by this adapter.

👤I've had mine for over two months. It works perfectly. My headphones are plugged into my phone. The mic on my headphones works. The sound quality of the mic is excellent. I don't get all the negative reviews. I'm not experiencing any negative effects if it's faulty manufacturing.

👤This is not a fix for the failing headphone port. The speakers work but the microphone is not. It sounds like I'm talking half way across the room and I can't see how I can fix it. If you need to talk to someone, do not get this.

👤Awesome product. It is not value for money. What it says is delivered.

4. Adapter Charger Headphone Dongle Samsung

Adapter Charger Headphone Dongle Samsung

Customer service and warranty for 12 months are what you get. Their c to aux adapter is perfect for the new S22/S22 Ultra. And fit for the following: Macbook Pro 2020/iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the HUAWEI MATE 20. XiaoMi PRO/11 Ultra, Pro/Mate 30 Pro, P30 Pro, P40 Pro, and more are included. Most of the devices in the market support phone calling and music control. There's no need to switch between charging and streaming audio with the audio to 3.5mm cable. It supports up to 60W. Also, note: It may take a while to charge when listening to music. When you stop listening to music, it will support fast charge. There is music in CD-QUALITY. Their aux tousb jackadapter is compatible with up to 24 bit/ 96Khz, built-in DAC chip. You will be able to enjoy your favorite tracks while enjoying more depth and clarity. Does not support data transfer. Perfect travel partner. The perfect accessory for when you're on the go. Plug and play, no need to install drivers or apps. High quality. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case of their jackadapter is designed to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls.

Brand: Phoie

5. DuKabel ProSeries Mic Supported Headphone External

DuKabel ProSeries Mic Supported Headphone External

The portable and compactusb to headphone adapter was made from durable ABS material. There is an important note. The audio conversion only supports mono microphone, does not support TRRS. 2 in 1 essential: DuKabel has dual functions. You can add a 3.5mm TRRS aux port to your devices. This stereo tousb adapter can be used for a lot of things. Don't work for TV, car, PS3/truck, etc. It is easy to setup the DuKabel audio adapter. Plug and play. The system will recognize the port in seconds. No external power is required. One for all compatibility, the Usb audio jack is compatible with TRRS headsets and microphones. There is no system limitation. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Vista, andXP, Mac OS X, Linux, and the like can be supported. The sound card is built-in with a smart chip that will give you the best listening experience. Efficiently decoding the signal of sound and making a clear sound. They recommend to use DuKabel cables. The Usb to microphone jack adapter has a braided cord and premium metal. It is much more durable than other plastic cases. It has a 12-month free warranty.

Brand: Dukabel

👤I have a Tritton mic/headset that I use to game on my PS1, but could not for the life of me get it to work on my PC, so hopefully this will help someone else. I bought a 3.5mm jack that I would plug into a splitter and use it for the mic and headphones on my tower. Still didn't work. I could hear, but I couldn't use the mic. I was crossing my fingers that theusbadapter would work after purchasing this. It did! The sound quality was great. I was glad I found a solution to my problem.

👤It works as intended. When referring to an object, all that matters. It has no feelings, but is constantly questioning me. I don't understand why I must be the middleman. Why do I need to transfer sound from your computer to this jack? "Because humanity didn't create a psychokinetic medium to transfer sound from computer to ear, silly," I replied. I don't think so. The DuKabel lifetime warranty is also included with the Splitter. Wait! There's more to come. Post purchase worry is alleviated by the 18 months coverage they offer. It's worth the money.

👤It was great for music for a while. There is a I started using the program for work. The mic works for a while, but then it blows up my camera on the hub. Plugging in all the devices is necessary if they stop working. I bought the Ugreen because it works all day long. Buy the Ugreen.

👤I used to own a TROND brand sound plug in that worked well for getting audio into and out of a small radio. I noticed a low audio signal when I tried to use it with a higher quality cable. The audio level increased by 30dB when I pushed the TRRS plug into the TROND sound card's jack. That's not a problem with the two sound plugs I bought. They're very high quality and have a TRRS plug on each interface. I use the TROND for my home computer and the DUKABEL for my mobile device, but the audio cable is now dedicated to the TROND. The quality was better than the TROND and the price was lower. This has the same chip set that is automatically detected in Linux without the need for drivers. Plug-n-play is what it is.

👤The audio jack on my computer stopped working. I called a computer repair shop near me and they told me that replacing the jack would cause my computer to fail, an operation that could potentially damage my computer. The repair shop tech suggested a solution. I'm happy to say that it works. All I had to do was plug it into a port on my computer and connect any device I wanted to use the jack for. The adapter is made of very sturdy stuff. It has braided wire on each end. Nice.

👤I wear headphones most of the time. While my husband watches his videos or plays his games on our computers in the same room, I'm listening to a movie I've seen many times before. The audio jack broke. The audio jack is upward-facing. It's only a matter of time. I was mad because I couldn't use headphones. I don't like disturbing others with what I'm listening to unless I'm on a crafting rampage, and even then, those aren't normally in the same area as others. I knew I had to have an audio to theusb jack. It worked like a dream. We're off to the movies that I love so much after plugging it in and wearing my headphones. The shorter cord was great for my needs. If you're the type of person that likes to have loud noises, you might want to turn the volume down. The packaging was sleek, so props for that, and the adaptor feels sturdy and well-built. Even if it's just a block email, I received a message from the seller, which is a touch of professionalism I enjoy. It's all about attention to detail. I was very pleased with my purchase. I'll be happy to come back to this one if I ever need to, but I doubt I'll ever need another one.

6. UGREEN External Adapter Aluminum Desktops

UGREEN External Adapter Aluminum Desktops

In the box is 1x Jabra Evolve2 75. The weight of the headphones, the charging desk stand, and the carry pouch is 199 g / 6.9 oz. All in recycled packaging. Adding a 3.5mm aux TRRS port to your devices can be done with the 2 in 1usb audio card. It doesn't work with a headset with a 3.5mm audio port. The external sound card can be used with any system that has a standardusb audio class. It doesn't work for TV or car. The Superb Sound Quality:usb external sound adapter uses advanced C-Media IC technology for optimal sound quality and device performance. It allows you to get audio function back from a broken sound card or audio jack. The built-in smart chip supports automatic recognition of CTIA and OMIP standard headsets, which means you will get better listening experience. Plug and play, no driver required, and a slim size with a durable aluminum housing make the Aux tousb portable.

Brand: Ugreen

👤It didn't work on either of the two different macOS computers that it was tried on, and it wasn't recognized as an audio device. I tried it on two macs, one of which was the "Mac Mini" and the other the "Late 2013 Mac Pro", both of which had the exact same outcome, the device simply wasn't seen or recognized at all, and no additional audio output device was available. I'm a software developer and I'm pretty sure that this is a plug-and-play device, but I don't know. I'm returning it because it didn't work for me. Grrrrr.

👤There are built-in drivers for Windows 10 2004 and linux. The audio is okay. The microphone works at appropriate volume levels. The device has a weird behavior when you plug something into it. When you plug something into the TRRS jack, it will reset itself and reappear as 0bda:49b5. This identity morphing behavior is a problem if you want to change the location of the device to a virtual machine or if you want to keep the device safe. It's good for a cheap device.

👤I hate wearing bulky headsets and spent a lot of time trying to find a way to connect Apple Earpods to my desktop PC. Apple uses a modified CTIA standard, which means that almost all the standard adapters out there do not work with Apple headsets. It seems like it will work with any standard. There is no microphone boost option in Windows because the audio driver used for this is generic. When I tested the microphone volume, it seemed quieter, but people said it sounded fine. It is known that any inline volume controls do not work on headsets. I am happy that I can finally use a lightweight headset on my PC which works well for gaming chats. There is a The device is made of metal and seems solid. I've seen similar devices that use a generic design and just put their brand logo on it, but this product seems unique and from a brand I have actually heard of. I have a 12 inch extension cable that I plug into the cable adapter to make it work.

👤I thought I had a solution to my headset problem when I first used this. I could hear and be heard clearly on the conference calls using this with my headphones. After a few days, I get full volume static. Since then, I have tried a number of different things, but no luck. I don't know if it is overheating or if it has a memory leak but it will work fine for a while.

👤It's a clever idea. I was excited to receive it. The audio port on my laptop stopped working. I need a microphone and audio output from a headset. This should be provided by the stated product attributes. It doesn't. The hearing part is fine. I hear clearly on any of the headphones. There is a It won't pic up the mic on any of the headphones. I tried to record with a mic but it didn't pick up sound. I tried a headset. Again, no pickup from the MIC. I tried with earbuds. Each headset has a plug in. They work on my phone. They wore out when the laptop's audio component worked. There is a My settings recognize the external headphones and mics. For whatever reason, the littleusb connection does not transmit the phone signal. I need that. I will update this review if they can help me. It's a 1* and likely to return.

7. Hagibis External Headphone Microphone Desktops

Hagibis External Headphone Microphone Desktops

Premium metal and braided cable ensure a long lasting life. The plastic case is much more durable than the one for the cable. Add more style to your lifestyle. It has a 12-month free warranty. The sound card is external. You can use your existing 3.5mm audio headphones, headset, speakers, or microphone to connect to the internet. It's a perfect solution to replace a broken audio port or faulty sound card. Plug and play doesn't need drivers. It's not compatible with any standard audio class enabled system, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and the Chromebooks. It is possible to use Windows 10/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8/Linux/Mac OSX. The PS4/ Windows Surface Pro 3/Raspberry Pi are compatible with the audio adapter. It only supports mono microphone TRRS, it does not support any other mics. Not compatible with PS3. ThePerfectAdapter is lightweight, compact, and constructed of durable aluminum. There is an important note. The product only supports mono microphone TRRS.

Brand: Hagibis

👤The product description says 2 in 1 Headphone/ Microphone jack, but it doesn't function that way. I've used this with both a PC and Mac and the results are the same. If you only need a jack for headphones, that's fine, but I was looking for something else.

👤I almost thought I'd bought a lemon, but I'm half way to requesting a refund. There is a That was a bit premature for me. There was no audio sound when I plugged in my audio aux head into my laptop. I tried to watch a movie. There was no sound. I tried to watch a video on the internet, but there was no audio. I didn't press the audio aux head into the audio jack slot until I noticed that I had not pressed the audio jack. I put my headset on and still no audio output. After about 10 minutes of fiddling, I realized that I had not adjusted the audio icon on my laptop menu bar. After setting it as the default audio hardware, I was able to use it. There is a There is no static noise in the audio. I used this on my laptop and it worked great. There is a The price is too high. A good recommendation. Hope this review helped.

👤When I used it with my wired headset and laptop, it did not allow for speaking. Other participants could not hear me. The headline is "Headphone and Microphone Jack Audio Adapter". This is not true. I'm not happy. The money was wasted.

👤I got this because my audio jack wouldn't let me use my mic. This is a temporary fix until I can get my laptop fixed. It's a simple little guy that plugs into a port and allows you to plug in a pair of headphones or headsets. It allows the mic on a headset to work. If you're having problems with mics and audio, I recommend this product.

👤The built-in audio on the new system had some high-pitched electrical noise. I didn't want high-pitched screeching in my ears all the time, so I got this conversion. There is a I didn't check the audio quality when I got it, but I usually listen to audio at 44.1 kbps. This thing can only play 16-bit audio at 48 kbps. I didn't notice until I listened to a song that had some complex effects at the beginning, and it was obvious that the device couldn't handle it. It sounds very messed up. The on-board audio is amazing. There is a I did a quick test and it was obvious that my on-board audio sounded better than the converter did. There is a Again, it works, and some people wouldn't even notice. It feels like watching videos at 720p when you could watch them in high definition. It was like playing video games at 60 frames per second. I think I'm going to go back to the on-board audio for now. I don't like the noise, but it's not really loud, and I'd rather have a small noise when there's nothing playing.

8. External Supported Headphones Compatible Desktops

External Supported Headphones Compatible Desktops

WARRANTY: Provide 12 months warranty service. You can use the External Stereo Sound Adapter to connect a 3.5mm TRRS aux port to your device, or you can use it as a replacement for a broken sound card. It is compatible with all of the devices that have ausb port, including laptop, PC,Desktop, PS4, XBOX, Macbook and more. The nylon knitting wire cover has high strength and resistance. A high quality core and stereo sound transmission. Plug and play without any external drivers. The system will recognize the 3.5mm port instantly. The length is 0.6 feet. It is easy to carry. They're always willing to listen to your concerns, so please mail them from Amazon.

Brand: Earla Tec

👤I had a boombox with a tape cassette. The boombox was loud. I plugged a double-ended jack cable into the input of the headphones and then plugged the other end of the jack into the laptop. The sound is loud. The boombox has great sound, terrifc speakers. I'll have to record the tapes directly from the boombox to the laptop using the computer's recording program. It may not be the fault of the adapter. I was disappointed.

👤I couldn't get it to work. I couldn't use the mic because of something. I'm unsure if the product worked or not, so I'm giving 3 stars. I returned it because it didn't work for me.

👤I bought this for my wife's car stereo so she could use the feature. It works.

👤This works great for an old computer that has a broken plug.

👤I bought a device to connect my earbuds to my laptop. I didn't want a headset because it was so annoying. It was possible to change to earbuds. It doesn't disrupt clarity of microphone or earbuds.

👤Exactly what my son needed.

👤Good sound quality doesn't make anything worse.

👤The sound was good when it was new. It only lasted 2 months.

9. KEPULU Audio ProAudioLine Strong Braided Microphone

KEPULU Audio ProAudioLine Strong Braided Microphone

Plug and play, no external power is required. 24 months product warranty and lifetime technical support is provided by CableCreation. There is a robbery. The same craft as Apple's auxiliary cable is used for theusb audio adapter's connection. A strain relief and a high-elastic PVC barrier are protected by 16x3 strands of braided-nylon outer. The 4-pole TRRS wire core is twisted by 4x12 strands of 4N Oxygen-free copper, with an extra anti- shielding layer fully covered. The best audio experience can be presented with the help of theusb sound adapter. The Kepulu is ready for the person who wants to get the best sound from their gear. Various functional formats can be played with the help of the inner chip. You can't listen to anything else if you hear a promised sound quality. You can hear an improved bass performance, more detail across the spectrum, better attack speed, stereo, and expanded soundstage. There is a decision that is free of regret. The Kepulu audio card can be used in a wide range of ways. Plug and play, no drivers required. A sound card for Windows, Linux, Mac, and more. The combability for the PS5 is great. You can connect the audio cable to extend the length. Not sure what to get? They can provide a professional audio solution. Enjoy the perfect fit, made with premium materials like anodized aluminum and Ultra-Slim, for an absolutely secure fit, even in moving. The smooth one-piece-design of the gold- plated female 3.5mm plug makes it easier to plug in and out. The design presents a futuristic look. Kepulu 3.5mm to USB focuses on pure essentials. They will go wherever they please. 11 years of excellence Kepulu has provided exceptional personalized service since 2010. Irresistible factors forced them to start an online business. They might be "noob" in online-marketing. They are serious about audio cables. All Kepulu cables have a 30-day no-reason refund, 90-day no-reason replacement, and a 5-year free exchange. Shh!

Brand: Kepulu

👤I didn't think much of it. I was trying to get around a bad sound jack. I bought a 3.5mm DAC that is supposed to upgrade the sound to 192khz. It was recognized by my desktop, but it was always greyed out. They are supposed to install from the device. They did not. As soon as I plugged it into the available slot, "adding drivers" appeared and then disappeared in a few seconds. It is in Windows 10's play back devices. At first, it was a bit difficult. When the bass hit, it was almost all the time. The level needed to be turned down. I put it at 60 out of 100. I also have a computer at 60. I let my speakers do the work. I control the master volume by that. You have to pay attention to your volumes. You don't want the signal from iTunes to be amplified. Leave that to your speakers. If you see a volume out level, make sure it's not maxed out. As soon as I did that, I was horrified. I've heard Dave Matthews 100 times and tonight I'm hearing instruments I hadn't heard before. This isn't hyperbole. It made the music sound better. The voice was separate from the music when I turned up the volume on my Klipsch. The sound of the bass was so loud that I felt the breeze from the port of the subwoofer. The vocal was not muddy, and I have a good ear. Do not hesitate if you need to add a 3.5mm jack to a computer, phone, or desktop. But this little guy. I'm the kind of guy who studies $10 items. I can tell you that this thing works. There is a separate microphone accessory. I have a cheap stand up mic in my webcam, but I'm thinking of buying a cheap one. I changed the sound quality from the lowest to the highest 92khz by right clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen. I'm not sure if that made a difference because I did it before I played any music, but it certainly can't hurt. I've never heard of this company before but it can't be packaged like something in the $50 range. Very pleased with the device. If I could, I would give 10 stars. If you're like me, you'll spend another 2 hours reading reviews on Amazon, but you're wasting your time. Unless you want to use multiple inputs for studio recording. Good stuff, guys. Thank you. The desktop didn't care about the DAC I bought on Amazon, so I'll have to use it in the car with my phone. This thing can be purchased for any amount under $20 I can't believe it was a medium value meal. I'm happy.

👤The product did what I wanted it to do, which was take an earphone output from an old cassette recorder into a PC via theusb port, using the mic input. My computer does not have a mic input jack. The audio from the recorder is converted perfectly by my laptop PC. The same device that I use to convert this tousb has an underlying hum in the audio that I can't get rid of completely by changing the volume levels of the audio recording software or the recorder output itself. I was able to remove the hum with the help of Audacity, but that shouldn't be necessary. I don't have a PC with a dedicated mic input. I can use it, but it's not ideal.

10. Adapter Headset Separate DuKabel ProSeries

Adapter Headset Separate DuKabel ProSeries

This switch audio transmitter is great for PS4 and PC and works for Nintendo Switch. You can easily connect to your TV with the help of theusb-c tousb-a cable. Multiple uses and a great add-on to your switch device. 2 in 1 essential is to support listening and speaking. If you're looking to replace your sound card or audio port, the DuKabel is a great option because it adds a mono microphone-in and a stereo audio-out interface to your computer through ausb port, which enables you to connect your existing headphones, headset, speakers, It's easy to setup. Plug and play. It is possible to recognize the DuKabel 3.5mm tousb adapter in seconds. No driver download is required. It only supports mono microphone TRS, it does not support TRRS. Not compatible with PS3. There are no standard restrictions for one for all compatibility. There are no system restrictions. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Vista, andXP, Mac OS X, Linux, and the like can be supported. The PS3 does not have an audio signal, so this audio adapter does not work with it. The smart chip is built in with the exclusive chip from DUKABEL. Efficiently decoding the signal of sound and making a clear sound. Combine use with DuKabel cables for optimal experience. Premium metal and braided cable ensure a long lasting life. The plastic case is much more durable than the one for the cable. Add more style to your lifestyle. It has a 12-month free warranty.

Brand: Dukabel

👤They were very gracious about the whole thing after Dukabel contacted me. They were very proactive in trying to solve my problem, even though I figured it out on my own. I have changed my review to 5 stars. There is a The mic input on this unit is Mono Balanced. The ring carries the ground, the tip carries the mono signal, and the sleeve carries the bias power. The ring is right, the tip is left, and the sleeve is ground in classic headphones/ ear buds and mp3 players. The police scanner is the same as mine. Trying to run a basic cable from the scanner to the mic doesn't work. I need to buy a couple of adapters to split my left and right signals and send them to this device's input, then convert one of them into a balanced mono signal. I learned something today and this unit isn't faulty, you just have to be careful what you plug into the mic input. There is a The original review has been updated. Others have said that the unit is plug and play. The microphone input does not work when using a 3-pole plug like Dukabel claims. I've tried multiple microphones that all use the same 3-pole plug, but it doesn't work when the plug is all the way in. If I jimmy the input plug, but it won't stay there, I have to tape it to the Dukabel input. It will cut in and out even if it is not vibrated. I've written to Dukabel. They haven't responded. If they don't have a solution, I'll send them back and try another brand. If you don't care about a faulty input and only need an output, then you can get it for eight bucks. The original review should end.

👤There are two things on this product. . . ADVANTAGES. 1. The product works well. It doesn't work on my laptop or desktop computer. There is no distortion of the audio. . 2. Plug and play is what it is. Wait for a few minutes for the computer to recognize and connect after you insert the device into the port. Everything is done without a driver. . 3. It is a steal to have the adapter for $10 . 4. It is the most popular audio accessory on Amazon. On September 24, 2020, 77% are 5-stars. . . There are disagreements. 1. There is a significant loss in sound quality. There are two free software that can be used to compensate: FX SOUND and VIPER FOR WINDOWS. You can adjust audio output to the max. 2. The product took 20 days to arrive. . . The information contained in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. . The product died within two days. I bought two. The music continued even after the replacement of the defect. Let us know how long the second will last. . . There are no words to describe the feeling of being in this situation. . The manufacturer replaced the purchase. The device worked well so far. The audio module went bad, but it operated better than that. There was no static, hum, or another objectionable background noise.

11. Female Converter Adapter Player Computer

Female Converter Adapter Player Computer

What do you get? The braided cord and premium metal case of the OneKerUSB A/USB Type C jack adapter ensure a long lasting life. It is much more durable than other plastic cases. It has a 18-month free warranty. Good sound quality is ensured by the copper which is oxygen-free. The inner cord can be protected by the outer tube. The cable near the plug is thick to make it harder to break. It's suitable for CD player, computer, TV, various types of players, mobile phone, mp3 and so on. The 3.5mm jack plug is 888-739-5110

Brand: Ashata

👤The headset doesn't work on the device. There is a It failed because it had only one job.


What is the best product for usb to headphone jack adapter pc?

Usb to headphone jack adapter pc products from Moswag. In this article about usb to headphone jack adapter pc you can see why people choose the product. Millso and Lzyco are also good brands to look for when you are finding usb to headphone jack adapter pc.

What are the best brands for usb to headphone jack adapter pc?

Moswag, Millso and Lzyco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for usb to headphone jack adapter pc. Find the detail in this article. Phoie, Dukabel and Ugreen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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