Best Volume and Bass Booster Headphone Jack

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1. Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

You need a 3.5MM to If you want to track more than one musician at once, or if everyone in a group wants to listen to a song, you need a monitor distribution system. The compact, flexible PH03 can power up to four pairs of headphones. The upgraded version ofPH06 has a power switch and 3.5 MM headphone output. When a recording session calls for everyone's heads and ears to be in the game, the PH03 is the perfect solution and a real money- saver. The 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in the PH03 maintain the highest sonic quality even at maximum volume levels. The same opamps found in full-size audio equipment are included for outstanding audio performance. The Ultra-Compact Design is a simple solution for studio and stage applications. You can power four of your headphones at the same time with this super-compact amplifier. Let up to 4 people in your studio listen to the main mix while recording, and each of them can choose their own volume level using the dedicated output level controls. Their worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get withPH06 Amp.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤It gives a lot of power to the connections. I wanted to hook up my old 2.1 set with the set I bought for 2.1 but the volume was being sacrificed by the shared connection. I decided to purchase it to see if it helped. There are two sets of 2.1 speakers that have full usage. I'm afraid they will blow as I imagine they will. I connected 2 single 40w speakers along with 4 others as a test and all of them had full volume. The performance of each would be weakened by a direct connection. I'm happy with the performance and it's unbeatable.

👤I have good headphones that have different impedances from 20 to 150 Ohm. There is a Each headphone has its own sound, volume, and special needs because of the external noise. There is a Each person could use a different volume and adjust to their own preferences. There is a My mother is not hearing well. She likes to watch movies or the news with me. She liked it a lot and we have used it. She adjusted the volume to her needs and I did the same, it solved the problem. It's recommended for other purposes as well.

👤I bought this so I could listen to the same music with my friend. All I was looking for was fidelity on the ports. The volume controls are convenient. It's not possible to ask for more given the price. My only suggestion for improvement would be to have the input on the back side and the outputs on the front, which would make cable management easier. I wouldn't call it portable since it requires a wall outlet, but that's not an issue for me.

👤The newer model of ROKU allows listening through headphones, which we replaced with a newer model. It's not designed for multiple headphones, and the remote has to drive them. If you want to watch something on the ROKU with someone else, you need something like this. It allows each listener to set their own volume, which is a real benefit. What can I say about wire management? I'm not saying that it's perfect or that it's an excellent amplifier, but it's really good for the price, and it solved the problem at hand.

👤I am using this to manage audio source feeds to mini-stereos in different locations in my house, it works great sound quality is good, helps compensate for signal loss from multiple extra long cables. I discovered that two of my cables and one old splitter were bad and this helped me single them out.

👤My TV has a very low analog output, so my speakers sounded very low, especially with videos on websites like YouTube. There is a This is what I needed. There is a This is not a turntable amplifier.

👤This works great because I have my music headset, gaming headset, and PC speakers all hooked up. No need for an accessory!

👤The product is well built and has good volume control for two of the four dial options, however, the other two have static at low volume and one knob barely works. I am giving a low rating because I reached out to their customer service two weeks ago to see if I could get a replacement, but have yet to hear back from them.

2. Koss 155954 VC20 Volume Control

Koss 155954 VC20 Volume Control

Convenient level adjustment from headphones is provided by volume control. It connects to a 3.5mm plug. The pocket/belt has a clip for convenient positioning. Can be used with any portable device. It connects to a 0.125-inch jack. The plug is not gold plated.

Brand: Koss

👤The quality of this is so bad that it doesn't last long. The first one lasted more than a year, and the last two have only lasted a few months each. It gets to a point where the source device's connection isn't stable, and sound is cut off from one channel unless you change the connection. I like the form factor. I can't find anything else that I like. The volume adjustment is fine. I don't have an issue with the "throw" of the knob, even though some may say the range from lowest to highest volume is a short turn of the knob. It's a good length for me since I'm usually using it with my laptop where it's not convenient to adjust volume as needed. Looking at a replacement for headphones. If I'm going to be buying 2 or 3 of these each year, I should spend an equivalent amount to get something that will last a few years or more. The Proster Headphone amplifier is the best option in terms of price and size.

👤The unit works, and it's the only type of volume control that's small and portable. The newer upgraded unit isn't even shown on the Koss site because the Amazon listing is outdated. Koss doesn't honor the 90 day warranty on the updated unit, so you'll have to pay shipping and replacement costs, which will be more than buying a new unit.

👤I owned two of these KOSS small amplifier units. The KOSS brand name was believed to guarantee excellent performance and long life. I was wrong to give a second unit purchase. The units worked well for a while, but then the connection went out and only gave distorted sound through one ear-bud. The volume adjustment made the line hum and static. I tried to push the connection in tighter but knew that the time of life of the unit was about to end. I've purchased Koss products and expensive headphones in the past 10 years. This is the third time I have experienced trouble and a cheap product. I realize that this is a very small KOSS amplifier unit and a low-cost item, but it's not a reason to abandon or drop the quality from the previously high quality perceived KOSS brand.

👤Cheaply built. After just over a month, the connection went out. The clear stereo sound through the earbuds and the volume adjustment helped me turn my music down. I only get sound out of one earbud if I physically hold the connection in tighter. The sound goes from one ear to the other when I turn the plug. This is a cheap imitation from China that is starting to spread around Amazon.

👤A lot of junk. Don't spend your money on a product that isn't worth it. I can only turn the volume control a millimeter either way for almost unaudible minimum volume to very loud max volume. I have to fight with the wire connection in order to get stereo play back. The right speaker is all I hear. It would be a law and somone would be held accountable. If the rating system gave a zero star rating, I would give it one.

3. Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

Neoteck Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

A simple user interface. It is lightweight and portable and can be carried. It's possible to make it possible to output a sound that is more real and less distorted. While the aluminum matt surface makes it durable, it provides a comfortable handheld feeling. It has a Rechargeable battery that allows it to stay working for more than 8 hours. It can be compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as mp3 mp4 mobile phone computer, which may lead to noise.

Brand: Neoteck

👤When the amplifier arrived, it was faulty, but Julie from Neoteck was kind enough to send me a new one. I'm very happy with the new one and the service from Julie. There is an update. I have to take three stars off because the replacement was not good. The sound stopped when I was listening to the music. The device had a red light when it was on. No luck trying to power it off. The power cable was disconnected and reconnected. The amplifier is dead. Julie from Neoteck was kind enough to give me a replacement and I won't return it. The service from Neotock is excellent but I think that buying the amplifier is a bit of a gamble, I have had two and both failed after a few days. There was an update on Sep 6th. The reason I had a poor experience with the amplifier was because I was listening to music while it was plugged into my PC via the charging cable and it was getting so much static and noise. I found it in a drawer and tried again. Same problem. The noise stopped when I unplugged the power cable. I have a messed up head. This is a really good little amplifier and a real bargain. Sound goes up to 11!

👤I was unsure if the amplifier would fill the bill. Boy! I was wrong. Even though it only outputs 40 kilowatts, it can blast your music with no distortion. I wouldn't use it for anything other than a headphones amplifier, but I was surprised it did a great job. The HD6 Mix headphones have an impedance of 150 ohms, which can be difficult for some cheaper amplifiers to drive to a decent volume, but this amplifier has no problems. Good job Neoteck! There is a I was an electrical engineer. I took a tour of the unit. The OPA604 operational amplifier ICs are from the venerable Burr Brown. It was tough and precise. It is designed for amplification. There is a The HD6 has a Hell of a bass floor that can be kind of boomy. When they were plugged into my PC, there was no volume. I bought this amplifier to combine with the MiniFBQ to take out some of the boom. I have been very pleased with both units. If you want to use the MiniFBQ, you'll need to get some adapters because it only has 1/2 inch and RCA jacks. If you use a good quality charging device, you can leave it plugged in all the time so you don't run out of juice. No noise, no hum. I'm using an old phone accessory. I tried plugging it into the PC and it was loud. Don't go there.

👤On 4/12/2018, it was purchased and delivered. There is a The unit was built well and worked well until today, when I noticed that it wouldn't work for long and would shut itself down. When I cycle the unit off and on again, it works for 5 seconds before the sound stops. It stopped 30 days after delivery. I only use it on long drives twice a week, but if I used it daily, it would be one thing. There is a This is not acceptable. I couldn't find any warranty info when I checked. I have seen that Neoteck has helped others who have failed. Hopefully, they will do the right thing for me as well.

4. Headphone Adapter JSAUX Compatible Samsung

Headphone Adapter JSAUX Compatible Samsung

Eight independent input channelsLevel and tone controls on each channelBalanced XLR and 1/4" unbalanced line inputs on each channel 48 Volt phantom power on XLR inputs with DIP switch for each channelBalanced TRS main output jack with master level controlRCA-type pre-fade output Dongle is a multi-function item. You can listen to music and answer phone calls with the help of this smallusb-c to aux adapter. The sound quality is hi-fi. You can get higher fidelity sound from this c to aux adapter, it is compatible with up to 24bit/ 96Khz. The relief strain design makes this adpter much more durable, as it can stand 15000+ bending tests. They provide a friendly customer service and a usb c to 3.5mm adapter.

Brand: Jsaux

👤I would give this jack 10 stars. This is a better device than my desktop device. I've been testing all day on various music sites. The sound of the music is amazing, no matter the genre I play. I can't say enough about this device. I use this between my phone. My audio-technica reference headphones. Hats off to the engineers who designed it. There is a The fit into the phone is very tight and secure.

👤I didn't want to get rid of my Bose earbuds since I have a S20 which doesn't have an ear bud jack. I thought it would be a decent solution. They seemed to do well at first. They started cutting in and out after a few months. Very disappointed.

👤This can be used on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20. The adaptation did not fit into the plot. It was very filthy! I bought my 1st one last week and didn't read it, but I thought it would work on the S20. It will be going to the post office today.

👤Really disappointed. I don't understand why the reviews are so good, maybe I just got a bad product. I was very excited to purchase this for my S20+, which has amazing audio quality, after reading other reviews. I needed this for the audio jack in my car. The sound is average when it is working, but it is great when it is working. The audio is disrupted or disconnected by movements. I've plugged this into my car, my speaker, my computer and it's the same issue. Even if I'm breathing and the cord is touching my torso, the audio won't be disrupted. This is a piece of garbage from Walmart. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by buying the official one.

👤I'm annoyed that this product needs to exist, but I think this is an outstanding digital audio conversion. The sound quality on the Note was crystal clear. The braided and rubber reinforced cable gives it added strength. It's easy to find in my gear bag with the bright red color. Highly recommended.

👤I got this for my phone. It sounds amazing when it works. The problem is that it randomly cuts out and stops working at the point where it's not worth it.

👤I bought it because I didn't have to bring my device to work. I didn't expect much from this in regards to its' capabilty. I noticed a difference in audio quality when I used it with my phone and laptop. This is a huge upgrade compared to the one supplied with the Pixel 3. The sound is more full, the quality is better, and the highs and lows are more noticeable. I only use 3.5mm apple earbuds, but they opened up so to speak. It was an immense difference when I tested it with my headset. The audio quality from my computers and phone has increased for when I need to use ausb C, and the cable is heavy duty, so I don't think it will mess up anytime soon.

5. Echo Dot

Echo Dot

The most compact smart speaker that fits into small spaces is called Echo Dot. The speaker quality is better than the previous generation. Pair with a second echo dot. You can stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, and others. Ready to help is when you ask the smart speaker to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, and more. Voice control your smart home and turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and more. Start and end your day with routines. Call friends and family who have an Amazon device. Drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room with a compatible device. With tens of thousands of skills and counting, it's easy to see why the speaker is always getting smarter. Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to other people. There are multiple layers of privacy controls.

Brand: Amazon

👤I don't like this little device. I used to like it. They were good, I bought them for every room in my house and office. Even though Amazon is accused of espionage, they decided to allow this thing to wake you up with a loud noise and bright yellow light. You will be told that you have a notification. It must be a good reason for Amazon to notify me of something at 2 am on a Tuesday so I can wake up the rest of the house. This little Alien Intelligence Robot without feet from hell will say Please rate the shorts your wife bought last week, we need your review. I don't give a flying poopsicle about the shorts and a bug 1 star rating because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. This has been going on for a while. It's enough to drive you mad, because you will contemplate cutting your losses, but you will forgive her treachery, and she will allow you to sleep for a long time in which you will forgive her treachery. The weather girl from hell will want to warn you of the impending doom 3 days ahead when the storm will be in your state. It gets even better when you hear the warnings in social media, television, and every news outlet in existence repeated to you as you climb into bed. As soon as you listen to the propaganda that says you will sleep now because 3 days may not be enough time to dig a deep enough hole to hide from impending doom, she lights up again. It's possible that the information could save one of our lives, but we wouldn't want anyone to not know at which precise moment the rain will fall, so I don't miss life before the artificial noises and warnings. You may say that this is a growing pain with the technology. With the amount of money I have invested in this conglomerate, I should expect a decent night's sleep. You can say in page 74 paragraph D of the updated and revised owner's pamphlet that there is a way to turn this "Feature" off, but I don't want to become better educated on the device, I just bought it. Most people like to not be disturbed for 6 hours. I regret buying all of these devices and not getting started on teenagers and the combo that don't mix. When you walk into the bathroom at dawn, always leave the device at top volume. You need to apologize to everyone for waking them up while the teen sleeps, and set an appointment for a blown eardrum. Amazon has destroyed my sanity. Excellent execution of a weird goal.

👤I woke up for a few minutes, but wasn't really coherent, and it recorded several minutes of me babbling on about dropping my medication box all over the floor. It was sent out to my friends that had an Amazon device, there friends and family and god knows where else, apparently it had used my contacts to send that voice message to my friends, family and everyone in my contacts, it also somehow sent the voice message to my friends contacts and there After several of my friends called me to ask "What's going on, at 7am or so I was woken up by a long babbling message from you, one friend said his sister got it to, I turned off my Amazon Dot" I went into my Amazon account and found hundreds if not thousands of voice commands, messages, recordings and other things, I deleted them all and deregistered my devices that I no longer own. If you don't follow the instructions and don't properly setup the device, it's a very dangerous device and you should not use it.

6. Mobile Headphone Amplifier Technology Certified

Mobile Headphone Amplifier Technology Certified

Power. The battery has an indicator of power. Plug and play. The world's smallest amplifier design delivers clean and linear sound amplification. A full charge and inline controls for over six hours of play time. The inline controls do not work on consoles. Inline Controls are primarily designed for mobile devices, but can be used on PC, gaming consoles and music players. The Playback device needs to support a 3.5mm jack or compatible accessory. Sound issues are most likely caused by a bad dongle. Experience a no-compromise audio experience on the go. A better stereo field for better spatial images can be achieved with greater dynamic range, sound pressure level, and enhanced. The phone, table, and PC are all compatible. 3.5mm audio output is required. Ready to feed headphones with a +12dB gain of clean power. Also, note: The Volume Controls on the video game console do not work. It's recommended to use an approved dongle on the device. Free and fast support for questions or problems. There is a serious bass tuba. The signal can be independently added +6 dB. Music, movies, video and gaming are all great. Inline Controls are primarily designed for mobile devices, but can be used on PC, gaming consoles and music players. The audio in a tiny design is studio-quality and can be used on all brands of wired headphones with low levels of noise, distortion, and power consumption. Third Party Dongles or non-MFI approved camera connection kits can cause static which is not from the DB12 Amplifier, but due to a poor connection.

Brand: Helm

👤What a great product! I was skeptical when I unboxed my Helm cable. I was curious to see how this product would fare against some of my favorite portable amplifier brands, since I had never experienced a smaller design, and a smaller amplifier. I lined up some of my favorites, including the Audioquest Dragonfly Red, CHORD Mojo, Earmen TR-Amp and SCHIIT Vali. I used a variety of earphones and headphones with a range of impedance and driver technology to conduct a full day of testing. I used a number of devices, including my Dan Clark Audio Ether-C, Meze 99-Classics, Westone W-80, and 1 More Triple and Quad. I used my Microsoft Surface laptop to stream TIDAL, but also tested on a few of my HiFi DAP's. There is a I used this little cable for every earphone and headphone I had. It produced enough power to drive my Ether-C without ever needing to surpass 50% volume level, yet also was sensitive enough to pair well with my multi-driver IEMs. It was fun to plug in the AAAmp to my PS4 controller with my MEZE 99-Claasics, and it made a world of difference. The sheer power and detail this amplifier puts out when playing your favorite game is something any competitive gaming enthusiast would be excited to hear. It's a must have for gaming. There is a I would rate this Helm cable 4.5 out of 5. My favorite portable amplifier is the Chord Mojo. I had given a rating of 4 out of 5. The Helm Amp Cable is my new go-to portable amplifier. Well done Helm! There is a The most demanding headphones have extraordinary power output. The presentation of sound is very clean and dynamic. "Bass boost" may be the first ever bass boost button that provides a pleasant change to sonic presentation, rather than just blowing out the low end. It's very clean and has a nice added feature for people who love bass heavy music. This is the most portabl DAC of its kind on the market. The Helm AAAmp cable is larger than Audioquest's Dragonfly series, but it has more power. I had a good battery life, but it was dependent on the headphones I used. I was able to use more with some earphones. There is a The 3.5mm cable will limit the use of this amplifier to devices that still have a headphone jack. Not a problem for use with laptop's, gaming, or phones that use a jack, but will pose a challenge for newer phones that don't have a headphone port. - The cable was a bit too long in my opinion. Some might like the added length.

👤The device is not for me. It turned out to be useless for me, because it produces a very loud hiss when nothing is playing, and I couldn't keep my earphones on when nothing plays. It's not just a faint background hiss, it's white-noise LOUD, especially in extra bass mode. The loud hiss drowns everything when sound is playing and can be heard in the background. I tried connecting it to many different devices, from different laptops and phones to tablets, they all produced this hiss. There is a Maybe the aux connector on those devices is making the hissing noise. It's not at fault, but it doesn't matter if the result is not what you want. The amplification is loud. Louder than healthy. I had to lower the volume on my devices to avoid making my ears bleed, it's probably not suitable for anything but the highest impedance, high grade studio earphones. I tried it with 6 different headphones and in-ears, and even on the lowest volumes my ears are still ringing from sound spikes during a game I tested, 24 hours after it happened. There is a Is the sound quality the same? It's amplified, but not "improved" or "cleaned" with or without the bass boost. It just wasn't doing anything for me other than hurt my ears, so maybe I'm not the target audience to appreciate the nuances. There is a The device would be more appreciated by sound connoisseurs with high impedance headphones and gear who can appreciate it, but those people already have expensive DACs and amplifier that do a better job than the HELM DB12 which also introduces noise from the aux connectors. It's lost on us simple folk, and lost on the high end audio equipment. I shipped it back right away and I advise you not to purchase it unless you know what you're getting.

7. Audio Controller Control Inline Attenuator

Audio Controller Control Inline Attenuator

The dimensions are 49.8 x 39.4 Useful and quick. To adjust the volume level. 3.5mm aux input jacks. You can control the volume level directly. The build in solid aluminum is nice and durable. There is no need for a power supply. Plug and play.

Brand: Chenkuiyuli

👤I've been using this for a month. The volume control has a good range of adjustment. The right channel must have the male plug pulled to the side to make contact because of the bad 3.5mm stereo audio output. I ordered several stereo cables for my headphones. I have purchased many in-line volume controls over the years and they all use cheap potentiometers and don't last. I turn the volume on tv ads a lot. I use headphones to watch TV. I can hardwire a short female 3.5mm audio cable to the output. I need to see what I have.

👤The box allows you to control the output level from max to zero and then linearly decrease it until you reach the same level of input. It works well if you use good cables. It has a button that controls the output volume from the level of the input to the level of the output. The max volume is the same as the input. There is a It looks nice and is well constructed. If you find the right position, it will stay there because it has a firm potentiometer. If you use good cables, even if they are unbalanced, it will shield very well. My particular problem is that all of the receivers I tested have the same output level, but they don't match standards to connect to a pro amplifier. This volume controller is able to solve this problem. I know that. Most of the receivers have bass booster or 3D function which is a crime, they change the original source sound quality. max volume is an image of the input.

👤I bought this product to adjust the volume on my headphones. I use a 3.5mm male stereo plug to plug my headphones into the output of my favorite headphones amplifier, because it doesn't have a remote control. I use the unit to set my headphones at a high volume level and then use it to cut the volume. I use a 3.5mm plug for headphones with a quarter-inch plug. The volume control works well, adds no noise or distortion, and the chassis is attractive. It is on the side table next to my chair. I have not had a problem with the volume control being too stiff, but on my unit it feels like the control is a little flimsy and the knob doesn't look right. It is exactly what I needed and wanted, and while the price may be high for what it is, it is a reasonable value.

👤I use a PC and an audio mixing board. fiddling with the PC's own volume controls in the middle of a presentation is quicker and easier. There is a The volume control does what it's supposed to do. It does not introduce noise into the signal. The unit is light and the knob is firm. I want a heavier unit that I don't have to hold down while turning the knob. I would like to have a button that is silent. If it met those needs, I would give it a 5-star rating.

8. Headphone Amplifier Support IPad,MP3,MP4 Computers

Headphone Amplifier Support IPad%EF%BC%8CMP3%EF%BC%8CMP4 Computers

This headphone amplifier is widely used in music stores, choir, studios, museums, education, home component systems, commercial sound systems and anywhere you go. It is lightweight and portable and can be carried conveniently. Shielding reduces signal interference and enhances heat resistance. 3.5mm AUX and theusb type-c ensures a more reliable and stable connection It is possible to output a sharper and more real stereo sound without distortion with the help of the SNR> 100Db and THD+N 0.0003%. It enhances the signal input into the amplifier circuit for optimal performance of the headphones. The bass switch gives you a more shocking music experience. It has a 3000mAh rechargeable battery which can keep the headphones working for more than 10 hours. You can plug and play the amplifier with the audio cable and Type-C cable. There is an on/off switch so that you can turn it off without plugging in the amplifier.

Brand: Mypin

👤I wish it could charge from my laptop while I use it. I don't mind. The battery lasts 12 to 15 hours. I don't care about that claim because it's a long one. Don't listen to headphones for that long. This unit is built to last. It's size 12-15 hours is amazing. The volume knob is strong. The bass boost switch is too close to the headphones jack and volume knob, but I don't need it with my headphones. You either need or don't need bass boost, I don't need to switch between songs constantly. I have studio quality headphones that need the drive so I bought this unit. Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT990. The pro is 250 ohm. The sound of the laptop'susb port is better than the sound of the 1/8" jack out. If you want quality sound, you shouldn't use the 1/8" jack. There is a The sound quality gives my music a nice warmth and clean sound. You shouldn't be doing this. Don't use the 1/8" at the same time as you use theusb jack. There will be a noise in the sound.

👤This is a portable instrument amplifier. It works well and can drive my 80ohm DT770's with a weak instrument signal. If you don't have ear buds, the bass boost is huge and the gain switch is great for matching signals. It was worth the money.

👤Cell phone manufacturers are removing the headphone jack. There is a The paranoid know that using a wireless communication device is a potential security risk. Audiophiles know there are limitations to the on-board audio and digital stream. The device is good even though it doesn't have the quality of a high-end DAC. I use it with open back headphones, Bose closed-back earphones, and Sennheiser earbuds. It sounds good. There is a The audio works well with the input source. It worked with my phones. It was just like plugging in a headphones into a jack. I did the same thing on my Windows desktop. The audio out jack on the desktop and my tablets worked just as well. A definite improvement over simply plugging the headphones straight-in; more mid-range and base, a deeper sound stage, but maybe some narrowing. You can get more bass with the enhanced bass setting. I can't tell you how long the battery lasts. It's a functional DAC/adapter, no sound color, no static, hiss, or added noise. It's 5% cheaper than my desktop audio interface, but it's not as good. There is a The brushed and anodized aluminum case feels sturdy if a bit heavy. There is a The volume knob has a nice sound when you turn it on or off. There is a bass boost equalizer on the volume control knob. There is a switch on the back. It's nice to know if you're using high impedance headphones. The slide switch on the back is a little awkward, but you don't change it much unless you're changing headphones. The bass boos and impedance switch are small. There is a The battery should not be run all the way down. I might have left the unit on and drained the batter. Trying to use it from the discharged state was like it stopped working. The blinking charge light wouldn't show after the battery was completely exhausted. Neither in-line orusb modes produced sound. This was within the period that was required. Amazon has the same device. Did the battery damage it? Is it so heavy that it broke a conductor? Was it a production mortality issue? I don't know why. I would still recommend it. If you use the device for 90 days, you should be able to get a quality alternative to the missing headphone jack.

9. Proster Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

Proster Headphone Amplifier Rechargeble Computers

It's perfect for home theater, teaching, training structure, conference rooms, appliance stores, and other places. A power amplifier specially designed for headphones with an impedance of 16-150, with a signal-to-noise ratio> 100Db, THD + N, which can fully filter noise and enjoy high-quality audio. A portable headphone amplifier. High quality headphones audio cable with gold plated interface, improve your 3.5mm headphone output sound quality and tone color, create a more realistic stereo output. The 1500mA battery can work continuously for more than 8 hours after a full charge. The Durable Headphone Amp has a shield and a frosted surface to give you a comfortable hand-held experience. The portable headphone power amplifier is compatible with all mp3/ mp4 players.

Brand: Proster Trading Limited

👤I have lost 80% of my hearing. I was surprised by the Proster Headphone Amplifier. Watching TV with my headphones on is clear and clear in the background with no noise, hissing or humming. My previous amplifier devices from KOSS never worked as well or lasted out over time. The amplification and high quality cabling are outstanding. A full charge will last over eight hours. The only question left is if the battery can be changed or upgraded. This product is very good.

👤I am hearing handicapped. I took a chance on this unit and it works great. I can increase the sound level with no negative feedback, thanks to my audito technica ATH M 50 TX. If this is your problem, it's highly recommended. I would love to connect my hearing aids to this.

👤I received a unit in a generic box with photocopied instructions and it was marked Trasam. I don't know if it's a knock-off or if the same unit is manufactured for multiple name brands. There is a The sound quality of the unit I received is terrible. I get distortion when I turn the volume on the amplifier up because I get the maximum volume with my phone. There is a My headphones are rated for 3000mW so they aren't being used much. It's not an issue of them being under-powered because I can max out the volume on my devices with zero distortion. The FiiO A1 has about 60% more power and is the same price as the one I used. There is a It was worth a try.

👤This item does what it says it will do. When the battery went dead, I plugged it into a 1/2 Ampusb charging port. I made a holder to hold it upright so I could turn volume to zero with one hand. I have a slot underneath the amplifier that I can use at the same time. The volume control has a charging plug in on it. The cable has a charging port.

👤I bought this because the computers we have at work have poor sound levels when using headphones. It's hard to hear a training video being played when other people are walking in and out of the office. I would use it to hook it to my phone when I go for walks so I don't use as much of the phone's battery. I'll see if it can boost the output from a TV that has no audio input and just use the audio outputs. It sounds good and I have used it for the first time. I used a 50% amplifier to boost it to a good listing volume after I hooked it up to a small portable radio. I connected it to my computer to listen to music. I plugged it into my audio card and played a bunch of songs from Songs From The Big Chair. I am playing at 50% volume. I turned everything down to 45% after the amplifier was at 50%. Without the amplifier, I set it to about 85%. There is a The volume with no input is not good when turning it up and down. Maybe it's time for the potentiometer to take a break. There is a There is a crackling pop when I turn it off. I have used bigger stage Amps that pop when turned off but newer Amps have a "Soft Off" to prevent that pop. It might be too much for a small amplifier at this price point. It would be nice. There was no input at max volume.

10. Headphone Amplifier Portable Headset Aluminum

Headphone Amplifier Portable Headset Aluminum

The portable headphone power amplifier is compatible with all mp3/ mp4 players. It's possible to make it possible to output a sound that's more real and less distorted. While the aluminum matt surface makes it durable, the fashion design gives you a comfortable handheld feeling. It can be compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as mp3 mp4 mobile phone computer, which may lead to noise. It is lightweight and portable and can be carried. All of their products are 100% inspected by their QC, so please feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They will give you the reply you want.

Brand: Laboen

👤I wear hearing aids. I have hearing loss in both ears. Those who can relate will be the most valuable people to review. Many of the top brands fall short for people like me because the volume is too weak for people with hearing problems, even though they can achieve good quality sound. Even Bose! The sound is great but cheap. I'm always up against that at any price level. I was eager to try this unit because I have been listening to music on my 20 year old radio shack headphone amplifier that I hacked to get more power out of it. I've tried everything I can and never been satisfied. This unit is not as large as I thought. I would call it small. It feels solid and the controls are easy to use. There is a For the moment of truth! The sound of my radio shack hack was much better when I plugged in my headset and phone, but I had to crank it up all the way to get to it. If you know what I mean, you'll see that I'm more full and natural. The sound was online to see if Bose was louder than Bose. There is a I can finally put my old radio shack hack back on the rack. There is a It's a keeper. If you have hearing problems, you won't find much better. The best thing about this unit is its sound. It was deep and rich. The volume is still a joke. I can turn it down on some songs. I would have liked to have seen more power, but people like me with hearing problems don't make a big market, so we are always forgotten. If you hear my 3 stars jump to 5 stars, I'm keeping the unit and my 3 stars.

👤This amplifier works well. There is no hum since it is battery powered. It has a clean output. The battery power lasts for several hours, so I just replenish it. The instructions warn that the unit could hum if it's not used, but I have not experienced that. The output is clean.

👤I use my portable stereo recorder to make recordings. I play them loud with my Bose headphones. I am assured that I can hear my files even if I copy them to another source. I copied 3 wav files to my kindle but it didn't give me much volume but now it is very load and I am not even at the top volume level.

👤It came with appropriate extension cords that are prone to interference from phones, internet and other sources. I didn't notice much tone loss on the high or low end. It's a good value for what you get. It would be best for kids to share a single output over several headphones.

👤To make the system work, I had to go to high gain and volume control. The new TV doesn't have any audio output, so I bought a optical to audio conversion to feed my head sets. The output was not good. I need this unit to kick up the audio to my headphones. It works but everything is maxed out. If the gain of the amplifier was better, I am all but certain that it would not be a problem. It works but barely.

11. TNP Portable Headphones Amplifier Headphone

TNP Portable Headphones Amplifier Headphone

All of their products are 100% inspected by their QC, so please feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They will give you the reply you want. If you want the highest audio quality with virtually all types of headsets and earphones include the larger over ear headphones even at maximum volume; adding an amplifier between the player and your headphones can provide a significant audible improvement in clarity, detail and dynamics. The Power switch has a smooth rotating knob for easy operation and precise volume settings. Flexible output option of 3.5mm or 6.3mm stereo jack. Only one input is connected. Micro-USB is powered by either a power input or a DC Adapter. The portable and lightweight Headphone amplifier is designed to enhance your music listening experience wherever you go. This headphone amplifier is widely used in music stores, choir, studios, museums, education, home component systems, commercial sound systems and anywhere you go.

Brand: Tnp Products

👤Sometimes I need to use headphones. The audio from a television can be connected to this device and then to headphones. There is a It works with large and small plugs, as well as using the AC adapter. No hum or electronic hiss were noticed. The switch can turn the headphones off completely or quieter than the signal. It is likely that reviewers aren't plugging in fully or the fault is in their other device, if they have hiss. The volume and off switch are integrated, so it doesn't lose a star. The sound can't be set to your favorite level permanently. Half way works well, and then fine tune from there.

👤This amplifier is a good one. This is the third earphone amplifier that I have owned and it does what I want. The cons are that it is large. The battery was larger than my hand. The power bank is made of cheap material and will be needed if you walk with it. It feels like a hollow tin can. You can either use a microusb cord or use the provided plug. The unit will work fine. It has a power and volume knob. Ok old people... Does anyone miss the practicality of the volume knob? I do. If you are driving, it's easy to find me in the dark. I have this unit hooked up to my phone. I can amplify the audio from my phone. Sounds great! I used a wire to connect it to my fuse panel. You can wire a cigarette lighter accessory to an ignition source. Very easy. If you buy this amplifier, it will increase your speaker volume. It sounded good. It is fragile. It reminds me of some lost and forgotten audio equipment from the 80s.

👤In July of last year, I bought a bedside headphones amplifier so I could watch TV silently at night while my wife slept. It worked well for a while, then the power went out. The power port felt loose so we switched to the microusb port and it worked fine. The audio stopped on one side. Different headphones were tested to make sure that wasn't the case. The audio would come back by pressing on the box itself. It is possible to fix the headphone jack by squeezing the box. The plug came out of the box and the power port broke. The features and sound of the amplifier are good, but the build quality is bad because of some issues.

👤The sound on my computer monitor was not at an acceptable level and I was staining to hear my head phones, even though the volume was turned up all the way. I could connect to the computer. I bought a splitter that will allow me to run my PS4 off the same monitor. I don't wake my neighbors with explosions or fire fights because I hear them so clearly. It works well. It makes what was originally low sounding acceptably loud, it doesn't come close to maxing out my headphones or causing ear damage from that weak source. It's very easy with the volume knob. It did not come with a small male to male accessory, which is disappointing because of the price range. I went from not hearing murmurs in RDR2 to full clarity after using better powered audio from the source.


What is the best product for volume and bass booster headphone jack?

Volume and bass booster headphone jack products from Fosi Audio. In this article about volume and bass booster headphone jack you can see why people choose the product. Koss and Neoteck are also good brands to look for when you are finding volume and bass booster headphone jack.

What are the best brands for volume and bass booster headphone jack?

Fosi Audio, Koss and Neoteck are some of the best brands that chosen by people for volume and bass booster headphone jack. Find the detail in this article. Jsaux, Amazon and Helm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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