Best Watch and Phone Qi Charger W Headphone Holder

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1. MEISO Wireless Charger Charging Fast Charging

MEISO Wireless Charger Charging Fast Charging

Tired of multiple cords? Their charging station requires a single cable and a QC 3.0 adapter, which will save you space at your desk. Their phone holder has a fast and efficient 10W charging for all of your devices to keep your phone charged whenever you need it. The security and anti-scrutch design is secure. The phone stand has a rubber bottom that makes it safe to stand on, and four Silicone pads that hold your phone in place without scratching. There is wide comparativebility. The charging station is compatible. The Note10/Note10+/S10+ are from the same series as the Note10/Note10/S10E. Pro 12 Pro Max 11 Fast charging can be delivered by a wide variety of other phones including Airpods, Airpods Pro, Pro 11 and more. If you use a big phone like the iPhone 12 Pro max, please extend the bottom feet of the upper charger. There are adjusted heights and angles. Their wireless phone charging stand has an easy to use design that allows you to adjust the height of the stand and the angle of the holder, making it perfect for watching a movie, working and much more. The collapsible and foldable design is a good choice. The portable design of the stand allows you to take it with you wherever you go. It is foldable so you can carry it in your purse, backpack or even pocket to make it easier to charge your phone.

Brand: Meiso

👤The case may be thin, but it will prevent wireless charging. It's not convenient to have to take your case off every time. It would be better if the power was increased to overcome the thickness of the phone cases. There needs to be a way to work around that. This is a good product.

👤I was tired of all the outlets being used and different charging cables so I bought this. I thought it might not work, but I will try. The performance of this charger is great. My family's phones with their cases on can now be charged quickly and easily, without taking up any space. I'm getting another one for when we go on vacation this summer, I might get another one for our office, for our clients to use.

👤This charges my phone with the Apple MagSafe case. I have only had it for a day so I will update this review later. It doesn't charge the phone at full speed, but that's fine with me The reduced charging speed results in lower temperatures. My phone stays plugged in while I'm at home. There is a The phone seems to have enough power thanks to the charger. The first day or two of new iPhones can be very intensive with their battery life. The phone was fully charged when I was on the charging stand, but never got hot, because of the multiple video calls. It got warm, but that is normal. There is a The build quality is good. The swingarm is made of metal, and it has a nice resistance to all the moving parts. I can set it at a certain angle and it will stay there. The rubber grips on the base help prevent sliding and the upper charging pad helps keep your phone in place. I only plan to use that spot for my AirPods, nothing else. There are other points. The charger is folded into a nice shape. There is a The power input has a plug in. There is a cable on one end. This can be good or bad depending on the type of power bricks you have. There are charges in portrait and landscape. If charging in portrait, make sure to extend the feet. A great value. The quality is high for the price.

👤The pros are 1. It is fast to charge. Only if you only charge one item. 2. It is possible to change it. It works with my phones. 3. When your item is fully charged, stop charging. No overcharging. There is a The cons are 1. There was no wall charging included. Purchase a 20w one. 2. The indicators are in the back. It will be difficult to see if you're charging on the second spot or not. You might not be able to see if it's full or not. 3. It's not possible to charge two phones at the same time. The main item will be charged first. The bottom one won't charge. I was able to charge my phone with my Airpods. It's not possible to charge two phones at the same time.

2. Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

You can store your headphones in a phone stand. It has a small footprint to help organize your desk space. It supports all sizes of headphones. 3IN1 is a wireless charging station. The fast wireless charger is not static. It can work with phone, iWatch and AirPods at the same time. It's applicable to all wireless-enabled phones. iWatch 6/6/2, AirPods 2/Pro, and the S10 Plus are compatible with the iPhone 12/mini/pro/11pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8. Plus, note 9. iWatch 1 and AirPods 1 don't support wireless charging. 2-Port SmartUSB C Charger. You can also charge other devices with the dual-usb C-Port design. The headset holder is about 7.7 inches long and 3.7 inches wide, and it is easy to carry. The package includes a 4in1 Wireless Charger, with Headphones Stand,Type-C quick Charge Cable, 1*fast Adapter, and 1*English User Manual.

Brand: Lcgens

👤The charging stand is sturdy. The locking system for the stand is very easy to use. Push it in and slide the tab to lock. I love that it has a port for both the input and the output. They give you a device to use. The wall plug has a standardusb port. It charges my Note 20 Ultra and Buds+, but it doesn't charge my watch. I can't hate on that because they don't advertise it. I need a place to put my headphones and this looks modern and sleek, so I will use it at my desk.

👤It's easy to assemble, perfect size too. Saturday and stays out. My phone was charged perfectly. I was able to plug in my headphones to the port in the back, but it doesn't fit tightly and can be easily knocked out, so I usually just plug in to my table lamp. You don't have to use the adaptor if you have a port for charging. It is a great addition for my headphones and charging devices, and it looks great on the table.

👤I loved the stand. I am able to charge my electronics with ease, and save my desk from being cluttered. I will return it. There is no padding on the top of the stand. I noticed that the padding on my headphones was not straight. Save yourself some time and get this stand if you don't mind that. I would look for a stand with padding if I were you.

👤I ordered two. I liked it because of the 3 wireless charging connections, but the units I ordered didn't have the Apple Watch accessory. Would not recommend it.

👤I like the premise but this just doesn't work for me. I got the watch charging station to work once, but now it won't work again. The airpods charging system works intermittently, but it won't charge 100% of the time that the case is sitting there, based on the indicator light it charges for a few seconds, then stops and repeat.

👤You can't charge your Apple watch and AirPods at the same time.

👤It doesn't charge my watch at all, I don't know what my headphones are, and the slow charge overall is not good.

👤You can plug in your Airpod Max with the charging port at the back of the headphone holder. There is a The Air Pod works well but you need to make sure they are on the right spot.

👤The Apple watch's charging port doesn't work. I bought this because of the charging points. The purpose was not served.

3. WAITIEE Wireless Charger Charging Compatible

WAITIEE Wireless Charger Charging Compatible

3 in 1 Wireless Charger The phone, apple watch and Airpods can be charged with the wireless charger. It's suitable for the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple AirPods. When charging the phone, earphone, watch together, must use a 12V/2A or 9V/2.7A adapter. It is an accessory. The original watch cord is not included. The watch cable does not support the other interface. 7.5W fast charging mode is compatible with the iPhone 13/12/ Pro/Mini. Fast wireless charging is suitable for the P30 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro. 10W wireless charging for the S10, S10E, S9 Plus, S9, Note 9, Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge. Other phones support 5W wireless charging. Multi-protection A fast charging design. Over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and foreign object detection function can prevent over-charging of equipment battery. The base of the device's charging port has a vent hole. Anti-slip Design and Multi-function Observation The charging base has an anti-slip design so that it won't move or flip, to make sure that your phone is protected. The tilt angle design of the 3&1 wireless charger makes it easier to see video or track information while charging. Breath Light-On/Off Touch the sensor switch light. The charging status indicator light shows blue when the phone is charging and green when detecting foreign objects. The green light is always on when the phone is not charging. You can turn off the lights on the base of the wireless charging device in order to sleep better. It is not compatible with some manuals, but it is compatible with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro max.

Brand: Waitiee

👤There is an update. I'm downgrading this to one star because of the harassment. I've received daily emails asking me to change my review in exchange for some sort of compensation, since I left my original review. Amazon needs to stop this shady practice. I was excited to get this product set up. It charged my devices. It wouldn't charge my phone. It has to go back for that reason.

👤I stopped charging my phone about six months ago. My phone doesn't get a charge even though it says it is. The second one is still working well after we bought two. I like the design of the product and am able to charge my watch. I have to remove my Air Pod case from the cover to put on a lightning charging cable if you keep a cover on it, because it's not high enough to connect. It looks like it's charging but it's not because my device sits on the charger all night and doesn't have an additional charge the next day. I bought two of these. The other one works well for now. I know it's not my phone, but it's a problem. I posted my honest review of the product and now I am getting an email every couple days from a personal email account saying they will give me a new product and nothing else. If only I took this review down. 1. They had the chance to make it right when I contacted them via Amazon, but they chose to use a personal email. 2. The best way for them to have me remove or update this review would have been to work with me via Amazon, as that would have been a legitimate and positive experience.

👤I received this as a gift. Looks great. It's convenient to have all the charging points in one place. Until yesterday. I woke up and my phone didn't charge. I thought it wouldn't charge on the stand, but it won't. The phone case won't charge even after I removed it. I checked the phone on the original wireless charging point. The problem is not the phone. Normally I have the stand off, but I turned it on. It is too bright for me at night. I left the device unplugged for 24 hours and checked again today, but it still won't charge my phone. The airpods and watch chargers work, but not the wireless phone charger. I can't recommend this product because it doesn't function anymore after 8 days of use. Poor quality.

👤This is a good product for charging multiple devices. The side tab is snug enough for the Apple Watch to stay in place. The fact that you can wind the cord into the charging unit to get it out of the way is a bonus. I wish there was a separate place to plug in an Apple Pencil, but you can just plug the Apple Pencil into the space where the AirPods would normally go. The pencil can be plugged in while the watch is on the charging port. There is a If you put your phone in a LifeProof case, it won't charge if you put it in the wrong place. You either have to put it sideways or upside down. I charge at night when I'm sleeping, so that's not a big deal.

4. Wireless Charging Station Qi Certified Compatible

Wireless Charging Station Qi Certified Compatible

The package includes a wireless charging station, a lightning cable for AirPods, and a User manal. Please be clear, it does not include the Apple Watch charger. You need to do it yourself. The material is made of PC material. Keep your devices in place to prevent damage. It's compatible with the Note20 Ultra, 10 Plus, S22, S21, S20, S10+, and S10e. X-8-8 Only for the watch which can support wireless and only support earpods with wireless charging cases, there's also the Active 2 and the Buds. Avoid Overheating of the Watch. The watch overheated if the incomplete contact between the watch and the charging area is not properly placed. It might be because when the band hangs over the sides, they lift the watch off the magnet. Inverted band is possible. So it's either bent up or taken off. The watch will not overheated if it is in full contact with the magnet. The safe wireless charging dock is here. The cooling hole arrangement reduces the amount of heat generated. It is recommended to use a 9V2A charging plug in order to ensure the stability of charging, since it is not included in the package. Convenience Wireless Charging Stand The built-in 2 high-purity copper coils offer no blind spot charging, identifies your phones sensitively and supports phone case within 0.6in/6mm, making your life simpler. Magnetic and metal items will make effects charging stability. Provide a comfortable charging experience. You can use your phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, ideal for watching movies, texting email, making hands-free phone calls, live chatting and anything else you may do.

Brand: Yocunker

👤The product cleans up my night stand, but I have noticed that if you charge all three items at once, it will not charge the phone until I get home and set the phone to charge alone.

👤I love this thing. It charges my phone and watch. It does not fast charge the way it does with the cable alone, but it is so bad for battery life that I don't mind that. I prefer everything to charge while I sleep. Once the device is fully charged, it shuts off. Another thing that cuts battery life short is the cable from SAMSUNG. I've unplugged the cable from the back of the device and plugged it back in to fix a few instances where things aren't charging properly. It works after that. It's very convenient and well-made, as I was able to survive a round-trip flight in my checked bag. There are three green lights on the bottom front that let you know that everything is okay. The left is for the watch, the middle is for the phone and the right is for the buds. This thing is a bit pricey, but I feel like I'm worth it. Great purchase! There is an update. The phone charging part quit working at just under a year after the watch charging part never worked. I regret buying this and cannot recommend it.

👤This product is not very good. I've been looking for a dock that charges the phone, watch, and earbuds at the same time. It charges the phone and looks great. The watch is not charged. The dock never charges the watch to full capacity. The green indicator light will go out when it stops charging. I'm not sure if the watch is disabling the charge because it gets too hot, because the watch is extra warm to the touch after charge.

👤This is not comparable to the watches of the GALAXY. It will ruin the battery.

👤I bought this item to charge my devices in April. I was very disappointed. There is a The main charging point on my work phone won't work with the Otterbox defender series on my work phone, and the standing cover on my personal phone doesn't work with the main charging point. There is a I ran into the same problem that other reviewers had, that the watch charging station causes my watch to stop charging. There is a The placement of the buds and the watch charger is difficult, and there have been times when I've placed the device on the buds and seen the light come on, but it hasn't been charged because it wasn't on. There is a The fact that the indicators are too bright is frustrating. I don't know what the manufacturer was thinking, but they clearly never considered that someone might want to use this on their bedside table, because on the rare occasion that I can get all three chargers to cooperate and actually work, the combined light from the three LEDs illuminates my entire room in Who uses green to indicate charging? No light means it's not charging, red should be charging, green should be charging, and red should be charging. If a light isn't illuminated, I have to check the device to see if it's charging or not. There is a The way it looks is the reason it's not one star. I wish it worked better. When I'm working on my computer or watching TV, I use this to occasionally charge my phone or buds, and I moved it to my living room desk. It's not suited for daily use.

5. XUNMEJ Station Charging Headphones Docking

XUNMEJ Station Charging Headphones Docking

The headphones and accessories are not included in the packing. If there is a quality problem, the buy is risk-free. A must have for apple members. If you have more than one Apple product, then this Genuine aluminum phone holder stand is for you. It's convenient to charge your Apple watch, iPhone and Airpods at the same time in one place. This apple watch charging station is a great accessory for storing your headphones, earbuds, and jewelry. There is aIDE COMPATIBILITY. For most apple devices, the charging station is perfect. It is compatible with the Apple iWatch 7/6/6/2/1/SE and the AirPods 1/2/3/Pro. Please note that no charges are included in Plus/6S/6/6 Plus/SE. The aluminum alloy is more stable and durable. The Apple Charging Stand is made of durable aluminum. The apple watch charging stand is made of 6mm thickness aviation aluminum, which is 50 percent thicker than others, and it is 3 times more stable, making it the most solid phone charging station you have ever tried. It's suitable for many occasions, such as living room, bedroom and office. A practical gift for a husband or boyfriend. Perfect Cable Management and Non-Slip Design The apple watch charging station has a right cable hole design that makes it look neat. The charging cable should be avoided. The apple watch charging stand has an anti-scratch pad on the surface which makes it safe to charge your Apple devices. Perfect Present Choice and Satisfactory Service. The stand is made of aluminum. The 4 in 1 charging stand apple comes with a 100% satisfied worry-free Customer Service. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution. Does not come with any cables or charging points.

Brand: Xunmej

👤Things will be simpler with this charging dock. You don't have to worry about cables in the way when you charge your devices in one station. It is easy to set up and save space. I recommend buying this product if you own an Apple Watch, AirPods, or headphones.

👤If you plan on buying this, I highly recommend you get ausb strip because the setup was easy and sleek.

👤It is $42 for this stand that takes your wires and runs them through a stand. The stand now has to be close to an outlet because you will lose a foot of your Apple Watch cord. There is a You have to have a phone charge. It is difficult to charge the phone when the plug is sticking out of the top. As you set the phone down, you have to get the plug in. There is a This design is worth more than $20 I paid $42 for a base that plugs into the outlet and later found one for $50. The charging base is not the carving plug. You should spend the extra 8 bucks. I would return this. It was a gift and savesay

👤I have two charging cables for my phone and Airpods, but neither would fit through the holes. I thought the cables might have a different head size when I was about to return the stand. Found one, tried it, and it worked. The cable head locks into place, so it has to be a standard size, which is more of an issue with the other cables than this stand, just their instructions should have said that it only works with the original Apple cables, which some people don't like. There is a The cable head doesn't sit flush with the dock. I suppose that's to accommodate larger cases, but there is still a good gap between the bottom of the phone case and the black base of the stand where the cable head comes through. The iPhone can be a bit unstable and can wobble side to side, rather than being firmly grounded on its base. If they fix the two flaws and send me an updated version replacement, I would improve my star rating by two stars to five.

👤Not worth the price. The watch holder piece was missing from the first one I ordered. I ordered another one. The holes that hold the watch charger are backwards when I put the second one together. The watch will face backwards if you put it together like the picture shows. The tall piece that holds the headphones is going to have to be turned. That makes the watch face out and the headphones face in, which makes it awkward for the ear buds. I pulled out the one that was missing a piece to see if the holes were the same as the one that was missing. It holds my items. The item is not worth $35+.

6. TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. Specific touch control function makes it more convenient, tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume. You can control it without using the phone. Bluetooth 5. The advanced wireless communication technology, called the Bluetooth 5, should be adopted. 0 technology. The TOZO T6 supports a number of audio protocols, which improve the transmission speed and provide you with a low-latency listening experience. Pick up 2 headsets from a charging case and they will connect each other automatically, and only one step is needed to pair the earbuds. IPX8 is waterproof. It is possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports. It's ideal for sweating it out at the gym. Water and soap can be used to wash Earbuds and case. Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. You can enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the case only 55 minutes via cable or less than 2 hours via wireless. Convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Brand: Tozo

👤These headphones are amazing. I am a professional musician and these have incredibly clear sound quality, really high end parts put into this product. There is a The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case, but it's better than all these features, and I love the ability to wear them in the shower and jam to tunes while they get soaked and survive. A really good price for high end headphones. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a better bass response than those made by Apple, but at a far less expensive price. There is a The touch controls on the side are very good if you want to pause music or watch a video while someone asks you a question. They can shut out the world around you even at the lowest volume. I love them so much that I wear them everywhere. There is a They come with a charge case, 3 extra sets of ear tips, a charge cable, and a one year warrantee. There is a You can get a set of these superb earbuds. There is a Did I mention they are waterproof? IPX8 is waterproof.

👤The purchase was made in Jan 2020. The earbuds are decent and not horrible. They fit in with their price point on Amazon. I can't get the earbuds in and out of the case because my fingers are blocked by the case cover and I can't grip the earbuds to break the magnetic bond. The earbuds are touch sensitive, so I have issues with bumping them and having the tracks stop or go backwards. I have gotten better at avoiding the issue and the second item is something that shouldn't be surprising. There is a When I bought the ear buds, there were some customer service difficulties. Those difficulties seem to have been addressed. I have not had any issues with hardware failure with my earbuds. The T6 is a good option if you are looking for a set of ear buds with decent sound.

👤This is the second time I have reviewed this company's products. I make a lot of purchases. I fell in love with the older version of these headphones after purchasing them six months ago. I was looking on Amazon to see if there were any new products from this company. I was surprised to see that the headphones were upgraded. I gave my children my old set because I found a reason to order the newest one. I work in construction and listen to audio books all day long, my job is boring. My job keeps me away from home for a long period. I only use one ear bud at a time. When I get home, I swap out the first one for the second one and it lasts until 4:30. In the past I'd have to swap out my earbuds every 2 hours, not with these. The newest version of my phone is even better than the last one, with both battery power and in sound. The magnets on the charging boxes are not strong enough to keep the earbuds from falling off, and this newest version has an incredibly strong making. I have fat fingers that make it hard for me to grasp small things. They did a great job, we included strong magnets that will ensure that the earbuds keep charging. I put my phone in one of my back pockets of my pants so that I wouldn't lose connection if I turned my head. They're loud and clear so that you can still hear what you're listening to. It took me a while to get used to the fact that the buttons are touch activated, but I quickly learned to brush the earphone's face. When I put them in my ear, I don't have to knock them out when trying to pause my audiobook. I said in my last review that this company has a customer for life, and I will say it again.

7. Wireless Charging Station Samsung Included

Wireless Charging Station Samsung Included

The collapsible and foldable design is a good choice. The portable design of the stand allows you to take it with you wherever you go. It is foldable so you can carry it in your purse, backpack or even pocket to make it easier to charge your phone. All in one charge for a phone. The wireless charging for the phone, watch, and buds supports simultaneous charging. The stable output of the charger is dependent on the use of the 18W QC 3.0 adapter when 3 devices are charging at the same time. The charging dock can easily solve multi- device charging problems. 10W charging model for the phone Z Flip3/S22/S20/S10 e/S8 Note. The 5W model for Buds+ is on sale. Live. The 3W model of theGalaxy Watch 4 is compatible with other phones. The watch is 41/45mm. Active. 1/ 2/ S3 Frontier. Not for Apple Watch. If you want to charge the phone through a phone case, you can use the wireless charger. The wireless station has a small design. You can use your phone in a horizontal or vertical state with the dual charging coil and 65 angle. The charging stand forSamsung is Qi-certified to provide over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, over-temperature and foreign object detection function. The station is fire resistant and you can charge more at ease. The cooling holes on the back are designed to protect your devices when charging. Enjoy your sleep and the indicator. There are indicators for phone, watch, and buds on the stand. The indicator goes off when plugged in. When your devices start charging, the indicator will be green and will go off after the 20s.

Brand: Earteana

👤I was excited to have this to charge my devices. Two of the three work, but they don't charge the watch. Charging paused after about 10 seconds after it acts like it is starting to charge.

👤I got this device in and it works with the Buds Live and the Note 20 Ultra. I can confirm that the camerabump worked perfectly for me, even though there were conflicting reviews about it. There is a I think the people with issues may have had a case that was too thick and the camera bumped their device just enough to get the wireless charging to work for them. If you use a more robust case on your phone, keep that in mind. When a device is first put down, it will turn on green, but then turn off after a while, so it doesn't bother you while sleeping. So far, I'm happy with my initial testing and I'll update if anything changes.

👤My phone wouldn't work, but the watch did. The light kept blinking as if it was a metal object, but it was just the phone. Wrote the customer service and received an email that said everything that was on the card was not helpful. I will be buying from another company because I haven't received a response from my last email. There is a After having to describe my problem for a third time, the company offered to give me a 70% refund and let me keep the product. I don't want to buy their huge device just for the small one I have for my watch. The company apologized and made me pay for a device that doesn't work.

👤I want to like it. It's supposed to have capabilities for the price. It's amazing. I'm sad to report that the camera bumped the note 20. It's height. It doesn't fit with the charger. It worked well for my wife's phone and my phone, but not my daily driver, the note 20 Ultra. This isn't a paid review but someone trying to help so others don't get involved in the issue I did.

👤I've been using this charger for 3 weeks to charge my devices. I have some issues that you may face. There is a The phone gets charged without issues, but it gets discharged faster than the original one. It could be 10 to 15% faster. It's not a big deal but it's annoying sometimes. I would say the same with the Buds+. The watch is my biggest problem. The watch stops charging when it gets warm. I have to take it off the charge and wait for it to cool down. I charge it twice. I don't use it that much, so I can't say how fast it discharges. I bought it to have a single charge for all my devices. I'm happy with it.

👤Have a watch with a screen. The watch says it's pausing charging because it has overheated, but it takes about 15 seconds for it to charge. A wireless phone charge is not really a good value. There is an update. After posting the above review, I've been contacted by the seller about a half dozen times and have been offered a full refund to remove my review. That is shady and won't be taken down. I contacted Amazon support and they said they would take care of it. Don't buy from these people. Some reviews have said that it is a fast charger. It's not. The review was dropped to 1 star.

8. Intoval Wireless Charging Non Cellular Certified

Intoval Wireless Charging Non Cellular Certified

The design and internal chip ensure safe and fast wireless charging. There is one charging device for all of them. It's suitable for both home and office use. The iWatch series 7/6/SE 5/4/3/2 works with the iPhone 13/ Pro 13 Pro Max 13 Mini/12/12 Pro 12 Pro Max 12 Mini/11 Pro 11 Pro Max/XS/XR/XS MAX/X 8/7 Plus. 10W fast wireless charging is supported for phones. The charging current control protects the battery. Place vertically to watch videos, or horizontally to enjoy them. Ultra Safe exclusive multi-functional intelligent protect technology provides temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more. The case thickness is 5mm, so please use the adapters included. Intoval has a 360-day warranty and exceptional customer service.

Brand: Intoval

👤You can turn the lights on and off from the base. There is a touch-sensitive button on the right side of where you plug in your AirPods, but no detail on how it works. Attached is a picture of a yellow circled area. I plan to use this on my nightstand next to my bed and the blue/green lights are pretty bright. There is a The 4th combo dock that I've purchased from AMZ since I received my Apple Watch Series 5 is the one I'm reviewing. This is the only one that has worked so far to charge the watch, and it was the only one that came with the watch. The watch wouldn't charge if the docks went into this start/stop charging cycle every few seconds. I bought a 3rd party QC 3.0 charger and it worked well. When I get the chance, I'll update my review. I have 3 devices that are connected to the dock and charging.

👤I was very impressed when I first ordered this. It stopped 2 weeks later. This was disappointing because it had good reviews. There is a I reached out to the intoval team and got a quick response. They sent me a new one and it works perfectly. I am very pleased that the devices are charging quickly. I love a company that stands behind their product and goes above and beyond to please their customers.

👤This product is great. I don't usually do reviews. I thought this was a good review. It is an awesome deal for the price. I chose this because I hated how clustered my desktop was with all the wires. It is nice to turn off the light that lets you know that your phone is charging, but it is also nice to not have to turn the phone screen on. It is a nice feature. I uploaded a video to show you what I mean. If I find any problems, I will update this but so far it has done its job. In the video, I should mention that my phone has a case on it, and it charged without a problem.

👤I have been waiting for a wireless charging station. I tried a few before this one and they both had a major flaw, the Apple Watch wouldn't charge consistently. That is not an issue here. The Apple Watch starts to charge. It is a bit slower than using a dedicated charger, but it works for me. There is a The wireless charging is great. It is easy to connect, not like a chargers where you have to place it in the right spot. There is a The addition of the lightning plug for the AirPods is a nice touch and it saves me from having a wire on my desk. There is a light shining. It is pretty, but I don't like it. The base has a button on it that you can use to turn on or off the lights. Well done!

9. MiromTec Wireless Charger Charging Station

MiromTec Wireless Charger Charging Station

Magnetic Charging is compatible with Apple Watch 6/6/2/SE, Airpods Pro, Airpods 2, and other wireless charging earbuds. A clear indicator light on the base of a fast charging dock shows the status of charging. When a power source is connected, the lights flash for 3s, then turn on for 10s if the charging dock recognizes your phone. After entering charging mode, the light goes off to allow for better sleep. There is a widening churchyard area. A dual-coil design allows you to charge your phone in any orientation. The QC 3.0 is needed. 3 devices at the same time can be charged. You can use your new fast wireless charging station straight out of the box. MULTI- PROTECTION is approved by a number of organizations. The MIROMTEC Qi wireless charging pad has built-in temperature control, voltage protection, and automatic shut-off. The cover on the charger makes it smooth to the touch. Tired of multiple cords? Their charging station requires a single cable and a QC 3.0 adapter, which will save you space at your desk.

Brand: Miromtec

👤I bought the 3-in-1 charge for my wife's new phone so we could charge it. The 12 Mini wouldn't charge reliably. I contacted the seller who told me that the Mini was too short for proper alignment. There is a I used a piece of sticky felt to protect the object on the base, and created two strips of sticky felt that were placed on a shelf that held the phone and provided an extra height. The 12-mini appears to be charging reliability after this trick. A very convenient product work well because of the very specific and quick response.

👤It is fantastic! It takes up a lot of space on my nightstand. My third-party earbuds all charge quickly and with no issues, and my protective case still on, my iPhone 10 max. The docking station has green lights that go off after your phone is charged, so you don't have to wake up at night. Highly recommended!

👤This was going to be the perfect solution for what I was looking for, which was a mini vertical charging station that wouldn't take without a big foot print on my nightstand. It charges my Apple Watch just fine, but it doesn't seem to charge my phone with a case on it. The replacement works the same way if you swap it for a new one.

👤I was impressed and recommended this as one of the only multi chargers that did not require an Apple Watch cord. I wish I'd bought one that would have charged my Apple Watch. It works with the phone but doesn't charge my Apple watch very much. It only charged forty percent after being left on all night. This is an Apple five. It's not old.

👤This is a great device. It charges my phone, Airpods Pro, and Apple Watch at the same time. The unit has nice LEDs that show when each zone is charging, and it never gets hot. The best part is that the LEDs will turn off after a few seconds if your device isn't lined up properly for a charge. Great product.

👤The device worked great at first, but it started acting up after a few weeks. Every time I put my watch on, it would lose its connection and make a noise. It's quite annoying. I had to remove the watch and charge it elsewhere. The green light would flash until the phone was removed, after it lost its connection during charging. The flashing is annoying when it happens in the middle of the night. The ear buds have stopped being charged. I think I threw away $40. My last charging stand, which was a plug in and only charged my phone, lasted 10 years and my husband still uses it daily. Why can't anyone make a product that works? I was hoping for a single charge for all three devices. Too little to hope for, apparently. The design is great.

👤I initially didn't think anything of wireless charging in general, even though I have been using a wired charger for a while. I recently bought an apple watch. I didn't want wires for my gadgets. It's pretty amusing how it works. I haven't made the switch to wireless charging much sooner. I can keep my night stand organized with a 3 in one charger. The stand is nice because I can stand it up to watch something, and you can lay the phone side ways and it will still charge. I was a little hesitant because I thought having three devices charging would make the purchase useless, however all my devices charge very quickly. I have had it for a month now. I think it's a great product and worth having on your tech line up.

10. Headphone Wireless Charger Suguder Charging

Headphone Wireless Charger Suguder Charging

A risk-free purchase is what you get with the Wireless Charger Station, 1 x AC Adapter, 1 x User Guide, and 1 Year no hassle full refund and exchange warranty. This 15W fast wireless charging stand is compatible with all Qi enabled devices. 3W for iWatch series. 5W for Airpods pro/ Airpods 2 only. There are buds andbuds. There is a fast charging mode for the 13 and 12 year olds. 8/7 Plus. 15W for the S21 Ultra, S20 Ultra, S20 Note, S10 Plus, and S9 watches. There is a 25 cm type c to lighting cable for charging the AirPods Max. This accessory can be used to hold your headphones, in- ear earbuds, and jewelry. It supports headphones of all sizes, such as a child's headphones. This wireless charging station has three efficient chips to charge your phones, iWatch and AirPods at the same time. Make your desk tidy by clearing out the wires. It's suitable for many occasions, like study room, gaming room, living room, bedroom and oiffice. A practical gift for a husband, son, man, husband and boyfriend. There are heat-dissipation holes on the bottom of this multi-protection wireless charger. No worry about damaging the internal components. It uses over-current/over-voltage/over-charging protection as well as foreign object detection function to make sure safe charging. When the temperature gets too hot, the phone wireless charger will stop charging. The perfect present choice and Satisfactory service. There is a 24 months limited warranty and a Lifetime Enthusiastic After-Sale Service. If you have a question about your purchase, you can contact them via e-mail and they will be able to resolve the issue for you within 24 hours. When charging the phone, earphone, and iWatch together, you must use a 9V-2A(18W) or 12V-2A( 24W) power input. The product does not include the accessory.

Brand: Suguder

👤It's a nice addition to my computer setup. The product is made of a plastic. It looks good for the price. The illusion is broken by the underside of the top piece. I would like that part to be a piece of plastic. It was mentioned in a few reviews that it was too unstable to hold the Airpods, but I have no issues with it. There is a The Apple Watch charging dock is nice. Some reviewers say that the magnets that pull the Apple Watch towards it are a little weak, but it doesn't feel bad, compared to the original Apple Watch charger. My watch is secure. The reason for this dock to get a good rating is because of the charging spot. I have never had a wireless charging dock before, so I'm not docking because I don't know if it's supposed to be magnetized, but I am docking because it takes a bit of fiddling to get the iPhone in the right spot for it to charge. It can come off the charge in a single knock. There is a I think that this is worth the cost compared to others on the market.

👤When I bought this thing, I had trouble with the wireless charging going really slow, and I would share my phone, watch and AirPods with others. I used it for a stand for my headphones and a lightning cable for my AirPods Max. I wondered if I would use more watt. I was able to use all four of the chargers on it with decent charging speeds because I used a 20 watt power brick. I ordered a brick to charge my phone. It should cure all the complaints I have. The sellers should let you know that you need a fast charging brick, or at least increase the price, and include a 20 watt minimum charging brick. I use this product everyday and I love it.

👤This was a great purchase. I've been looking for a stand for the headphones. The void has been filled by this stand. I had an issue with the watch charge. The issue was with the aftermarket watch band. I put the watch on the charge after removing the band and it worked great.

👤The first one that I bought did what it was supposed to do, and this is the second one. I was looking for a stand that would have a wireless charging station for my phone, airpods, and apple watch. The first one I bought was not able to charge the apple watch. Gave this one a try and was not disappointed. Everything works as it should.

👤My desk and cable management was a mess because I have a lot of apple devices. I had to cut everything down to one cable and a small place on my desk. It fits in with my other black and space gray items and desk. It doesn't look cluttered. There is plenty of space to move things around on the charging station. Its not flimsy. There is a The charging works well and there doesn't seem to have any issues, just make sure you use their recommended charger. There is a I would say two things if I had to nitpick. The quality of the materials is not great. I would be happy to pay more for higher quality materials, even though this isn't a bad thing for the price point. The magnets are not very strong. I can find the point of charging easy, but it would be better if the magnetic pull was stronger.

11. Hoidokly Wireless Charger Charging Station

Hoidokly Wireless Charger Charging Station

3 in 1 Charging Station, Hoidokly charging station, iWatch iWatch 7 and Airpods are not combined. The charging dock can be used to charge three devices with one cable, or it can be detached for separate use. It can be used in the kitchen or bedroom. Purchase Notes The wireless charger needs to work with a QC 3.0 Adapter. It won't work due to insufficient voltage. (ii.) Not included is the watch charge. You need to do it yourself. (III.) Does not support watches and earphones from the same company. Not compatible with iWatch 7. There is no watch charging. Not compatible with Apple Watch 7. 7.5W charging support for iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13 Pro, 13 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, 11 X, and 8 Plus. 5W charging for other Qi phones. Please see the product details for detailed compatible models. The case-friendly and sleep-friendly ones. You don't need to remove the slim case from your phone to use the charging stand. The magnetic or metal attachment should be removed from your phone/phone case. The indicator shows your charging status and won't affect your sleep. The package includes a wireless charging station, a lightning cable for AirPods, and a User manal. Please be clear, it does not include the Apple Watch charger. You need to do it yourself.

Brand: Hoidokly

👤The original review has been updated. We had to use the wireless charger because my review and other port to my husband's phone broke. We found this one to use temporarily, instead of buying a new one. There is a When disconnected, the prongs to each piece are not protected. My husband touches them by mistake. They burned his skin. We realized that these are very dangerous because of how little we knew. The Bobby pin was Magnetized without us knowing and the heat from the live prongs caused the plastic around the prongs to melt. It is a caution to anyone who would like to know if you are taking the charger apart to use it individually. You can see the back of the Bobby pin in the plastic. The description says that you have to use the original apple charge for the watch. We tried to put it in place as directed by the packet that came in the box, but it wouldn't fit. This was a Christmas gift to my husband who ended up having to put it in because it was too small. There is a The Air Pod charging spot doesn't work if you have a case on your AirPods. You would have to take the case off every time the AirPods needed to be charged. There is a The charging station was a waste of money. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

👤The night-stand is a great place to charge up your phone. The regular AirPods case would fit here as well as the AirPods Pro case. The fast charging here is 7.5W, which is higher than the 5W default wired charge you get on the iPhone 11. If you need to charge the AirPods+iWatch, you can detach the charging cable from the main charging port. They are held together with magnetic pins and there are indicators to tell when they are in place. There is a I am very happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a handy nightstand that can charge their Apple devices.

👤The charging station is the best I have ever bought. The ability to charge my phone, watch, and headphones at the same time is convenient and takes up less room on my bedside table. I use a different wireless charger for my phone and it works better.

👤I received this today. I don't usually write reviews, but I like it so far. It fits well on my night stand. One that only had a watch and phone is being replaced. This one can fit the others as well, but only for the AirPods Pro case. I can't charge the AirPods with the case on. The short Apple Watch charging cable is something I suggest. I have used the one for several years. I tried to use the original cable, but couldn't get it into the body of the charger. The lighting cable is already attached to the AirPods.

👤On hot days my phone loses charge quickly. My phone doesn't get this hot when it's plugged in. When I use my AirPods, they get hot while I charge them. The stand is needed to charge the phone and AirPods. You need to provide the Apple Watch charge cable. The Apple Watch charging stand turned up the thermostat because it runs hot. Something interesting happened after plugging it into the stand. When I pulled my watch off, the glue around the heart sensor melted and the magnet was pulling the sensor which was hanging on by the internal wires. I thought I would never see the inside of an Apple Watch. It's funny. I made it back on. It looks cool but has cheap internals and will damage your Apple products. My products have been damaged. I will probably give it to someone I don't like.


What is the best product for watch and phone qi charger w headphone holder?

Watch and phone qi charger w headphone holder products from Meiso. In this article about watch and phone qi charger w headphone holder you can see why people choose the product. Lcgens and Waitiee are also good brands to look for when you are finding watch and phone qi charger w headphone holder.

What are the best brands for watch and phone qi charger w headphone holder?

Meiso, Lcgens and Waitiee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for watch and phone qi charger w headphone holder. Find the detail in this article. Yocunker, Xunmej and Tozo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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