Best Wireless Headphones for Pc with Microphone

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1. NUBWO Wireless Cancelling Headphones Ultra Low

NUBWO Wireless Cancelling Headphones Ultra Low

Kleer is a wireless communication technology. The Ultimate In-game Sounds is a wireless gaming headset for PS5 and PS4. Every sound is heard during the game. There is a 2.4 GHz wireless connection for consoles and PCs. There is a low-latency mode for switches and mobile devices. Listen to music and watch videos. Press the power button 3 times to enter the mode. 3.5mm cable is used to connect PS5 controllers, PS4 controllers, Xbox Series X controllers, Xbox One controllers, Switch and mobile devices. It is possible that an Xbox wired adapter is required for Windows. The NUBWO gaming headset can last up to 47 hours on a full charge. When the battery level falls below 3%, you'll need to refill. A full charge can take up to 4 hours.

Brand: Nubwo

👤They are a great pair of headphones, just make sure they are compatible with the PS4

👤There is a product called the NubWO G06 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS5, PS4, PC, Noise Cancelling Over Ear, and Soft Memory Earmuffs. I've tried them and found them intrusive, heavy, and uncomfortable. These are very comfortable all around. They were a little heavy for me. The plastic felt high quality and I had no problem with that. The headset feels good. The connection was perfect for me as well. If it weren't for my dislike of headsets and how they feel, I would be very happy with this headset. Plastic feels like quality and doesn't crinkle when taped. Good sound reproduction is what audio is about. Highs are clear and the bass is tight. It sounds good with music as well. Ear pads are soft. The adjustment has a positive click when it is pulled out or pushed in. There is a My voice was clear and loud according to the mic. It is bendable for fine adjustment. I had no interference from the ear phones. The wireless connection was perfect for me. Drop outs and other problems were not present. On Ear Buttons: On/Off + Mute: Works perfectly and gives audio prompt. It's annoying that the mic is off. It works well. There is a You can hear outside noises, but not well. You don't hear anything when you play music or games. I have a hard time hearing myself talk. There is a volume wheel in the left side of the set. This is a nice touch. You spin it up or down. There is no audio delay when you use the internet 2.4 GHz. It's possible that there will be some slight tendencies. The noise cancellation on the ear may be a positive. It's for me. The ear pad material is made from soft and porous material. For me, it was on the heavy side. There is a I read all of the reviews here and none of the negatives affected me. The wireless connection was perfect, the pads were comfortable, and the quality seems very good. They were a little heavy for me.

👤The game set is great. The sound quality is clear. It is a great headset for gaming.

👤The headphones have good sound quality. It's nice to not have to worry about tangled cords as they are working well so far.

👤I don't like being tethered to a cord so I use this on my gaming night. Its battery life was one of the selling points. There is a The best thing about this is that I can have only my discord chat going through it while the game audio goes through my main system. My group had a 4-5 hour session last week. I forgot to charge the headset after it was over. I was invited to another impromptu session a couple of days later. I didn't know if the headset would hold up since I hadn't charged it. It lasted another 3 hours and was still going strong when I woke up. Highly recommended.

2. TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

The noise cancelling headphones with microphone can cancel up to 99.6% of background noise. Making your voices clear is important. The microphone can be turned on and off with the help of the mute key. This is a great headset for people working in call centers and construction sites. All day competition and 270. The wireless headphones with microphone have comfortable earmuff and ultra soft leather for all day comfort. You can answer or hang up calls with the MFB button on the headset, it's only useful for phone calls. If you want to answer or hang up calls, you should set it up through the software. The TECKNET Trucker headset with microphone can provide up to 2 days of talk time and 4 days of standby time on a single charge. The charge is 1.5 hours and provides complete wireless freedom. It's perfect for office, home, and remote work. With a wide range of compatible devices, the TECKNET is a wireless headset for computers, laptops, cell phones, and other devices. You can connect to the device with theusb dongle. It will be more stable to connect to a computer via ausb. It is 18 months of support for the TECKNET on ear headphones with microphone. If you have any problems with using the computer headset with microphone, please contact their professional customer service team, they will provide you with high-quality solutions.

Brand: Tecknet

👤I needed a wireless headset so I could stand up and get around while on my phone calls, because I do phone calls for 8 to 9 hours a day. This is amazing, the mic quality is great and the sound is good. It's not a problem, just adjust the volume on it, it's a small sound but on the quiet side. There is a The battery is great. The duration is amazing. The connection? It's great that they have the option to use a more stable connection or use a more wireless one. The headset does not squeeze my head during my 8 to 9 hour shifts. If you're looking for a headset for a telecom job, I highly recommend this one.

👤I rely on a Blue Tooth headset to communicate with my passengers. I was very pleased with this item. The battery life was excellent. The maximum listening volume was not very high. After 2 months, my overall satisfaction with this item dropped significantly. My return period ended. I thought the price was reasonable. Maybe I should have bought a more expensive unit.

👤The headseat has a clear mic and a good speaker. I have it connected to both my computer and my phone, and I use ausb port on my computer to connect it. I can use the computer and the phone at the same time. I am able to wear it all day because it is very comfortable. I have never gone into "battery low" state when I have been on-mic for 3-4 hours a day. I have never gone into "battery low" state while working around the house and workshop and only used the speaker. I recommend this headset without reservation. I did not get paid for this review.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend to use while he is working. He is a truck driver. The biggest issue in the past was being able to hear him due to the background noise and a lot of headsets sound far away. I was surprised when he called and was on the road. The call was clear, even if he wasn't using a headset. We were curious when he had the window down and on the highway. It was clear. I hear Outside noise occasionally but it is very soft and in the background. He reported being very pleased. Quality and design are important. He likes being able to hear the road with one ear and this design is perfect for that. We are very happy with the headset.

👤I needed a wireless headset since my company laptop doesn't allow the connection. Sound quality and noise cancellation are both good. When the battery is low, it doesn't give enough warning. I won't be able to use my headset during a half hour meeting because it won't last long enough to hear a battery low message. The headset won't stay on my head if I tip my head downward. I have to hold the power button multiple times before it turns on. It is a decent headset for the price.

3. BINNUNE Bluetooth Microphone Playstation Headphones

BINNUNE Bluetooth Microphone Playstation Headphones

The dual wireless supports both the 5.0 and 2.4G wireless modes. The advanced wireless technology for on-demand. A fast connection for seamless audio is ensured by the -go connection. It's ideal for wireless gaming because of its low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless and high quality audio transmission. Plug and Play is a wireless gaming headset that streams audio from your PC with no installation required. The BINNUNE Wireless gaming headset is compatible with a lot of devices. It's compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, PS5 and other platforms with 3.5mm ports. Your headset will deliver full audio quality, so you will be heard loud and clear by partners.

Brand: Binnune

👤I was going to use it with a computer switch, but it isn't compatible. It wasn't returnable for the first time with an Amazon item, so I tried to return it. It would be great if Amazon displayed these rare exceptions more prominently.

👤It worked out of the box with my computer and phone. I got this mostly for use with my computer that doesn't have a wireless option, but was pleasantly surprised to see I could use it with my phone. There is a The sound is good, the box is easy to use, and you never have to worry about voice cues. There is a The microphone can be bent away if you want it, but it's still a little bit of a hassle to use as just headphones. It works very well, with a few unexpected added features that have been associated with minor annoyances, but that for me do not detract from the positive experience of using it.

👤This works on my PC and Mac. This will be a great buy if you work from home. There is a My opinions on the functions PC have the best quality when it comes to sounding more clear. I think the mode has more bass. There is a The phone sounds better on a 3.5mm jack connection. If you want the best connection, you should use the wired connection. It's very convenient that I can use it for all devices. It was a good purchase. There is a The quality is not as good as I would use for the price, but the difference is not night and day. I can live with it and get by. I can't wait to take calls using the wireless method.

👤These are functional for the price. The sound quality is good for my applications. Setting up the headset is a bit difficult. I have to manually change the input on my speakers each time I use theusb to connect to my computer for a business meeting. When I switch to using my cell phone with a headset, I have to go into the settings each time to make sure the sound is transferred. It is not "plug and play" as advertised because it is more seamless. The sound of the speakers is very loud, and the sound around the ears is very soft, which makes it easy for my ears to make contact with them. This is not comfortable after a while. They can either make the current padding more firm or add more padding. There is a Again, for $40, they are functional and I'm happy with the purchase. If I end up on the phone for a long period of time, I'll invest in a better set of headsets. It says in the booklet. Your headset will turn off automatically if you don't have an operation for five minutes. I don't know what "no operation" means, but it does power off even if you are talking or listening. This makes it useless. I will return the product.

4. BEAVIIOO Wireless Microphone Headphones Bluetooth

BEAVIIOO Wireless Microphone Headphones Bluetooth

There is a warranty and surpport. The package includes a foldable Deep Bass Headphone, 3.5mm backup audio cable, and User Manual. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. A stable and low-latency digital audio transmission is provided by the BeviIOO Wireless Gaming Headset. You can enjoy a wireless connection within 10m/33ft by plugging the included transmitter into the PC. Listen to every detail. A built-in 50mm driver enhances the sensitivity of the speaker unit, and brings you a strong bass and virtual surround sound. All next-gen games have award-winning sound. Clear and real-time calls can be achieved with the use of a build-in omnidirectional microphone. The microphone can be operated with the one-key button. The lightweight and durable gaming headset comes with soft earmuffs and a headband that can be adjusted. You can enjoy the game time without worrying about the lack of power, thanks to the impressive listening life and fast charging. There is a wireless connection with a PC, PS4 or laptop computer. It is possible to connect with a mobile phone, ipad, or other device that has a bluetooth function. The 3.5mm audio jack is not included in the xbox one controller.

Brand: Beaviioo

👤De todo por poco dinero, estos audfonos tienen excelente experiencia. No dudes are deseando. Soyuy verstil a la hora de conectar, con una dispositivo porque trae unausb. La cancelacin de sonidos istancias is

👤The cheap feeling plastic and flimsy feeling buttons make this thing seem like it's made of something. I got over that and they were cheap. The audio quality is okay after they were plugged in to my PC. It was good enough for me because I need it for meetings and light gaming after hours. There is a I thought I would just plug them in and charge them while I was playing. No, no. When you plug in the charge cable, they shut off. You can't charge them at the same time. There is a In the middle of a meeting my audio dies. There was no headset detected. The dongle seems to have stopped working. I use the short audio jack on my pc to plug them in. I know this port works for audio and mic, but when I plug these in, they only work as headphones. The mic was not plugged in with the audio jack. I noticed the sound quality was better when plugged in directly, there was some light hissing and background noise when using them wireless. There is a So I used a wireless device and it's working well so far. The three ways of connecting them were the reason I bought these. Two of them are no longer working three days after they were first used. These things are not to be avoided. Spend money on better headphones.

👤It was necessary to have an alternative toBluetooth for Windows 10. Windows 10 has default settings for power-off/disconnect. There is a The headset has the 2.4 GHz and will not time out with windows. I was able to walk 30 feet away from my desk when I used it for nine hours.

👤I'm surprised how well this does. It feels like cheap plastic in your hands, but it really holds up. It is easy to access the charging port and the power controls. Sound is clear on team apps. There is a mic that you can raise and lower to your mouth. It's pretty comfortable to wear. I don't get the ear pain that heavier sets give. The wearability is good for long sessions. The battery life in both modes is the same, but in the wireless mode it goes a very long way. If you need a budget gaming headset, don't look further than this, you will get your money's worth.

👤I was looking for a cheap set of headphones for my friends to use. The BEAVIIOO turned out to be nicer than expected. They are wireless and universally compatible, but still light and comfortable. They don't fall off when I bend over. I left them on as I went down the stairs. They made one click, but the connection held up. There is a The max volume isn't as high as I would like, but I suppose there is a hearing issue that this might protect. I would expect better out of ear size speakers. My home sound system can blow the flatscreen off the wall if I want superior sound. There is a The microphone can only be used to flip up or down. It would be great if it could turn around and use the controls with my right hand. The controls are difficult to use. There is a They take a long time to charge, but do last through a long game session. Would I buy them again? I would look for something that was easy to use. I know that a much higher price will be expected. These are enough for their purpose.

5. Headset Headphone Surround Canceling Playstation

Headset Headphone Surround Canceling Playstation

The frame of the Kraken is lightweight and durable. The response time was 12 to 28 kHz. This PS4 gaming headset has a 50mm driver that will allow you to chat with your fellow players with crystal clarity. You can enjoy games and music in 7.1 surround sound. You could make out footsteps in the game. Whether you're playing God of War or want to hear your enemies motion, wearing a lightweight and high designed headband over your ear gaming headphones does matter. This prefessional headset has a 2.25mm driver and offers an incredibly surround sound for both games and music. The K10 PRO gaming headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with PS5 and PS4 and is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The retractable band and ear pad are provided to make sure you are comfortable. The K10 PRO gaming PC headset has a noise canceling tech that is compatible with a sensitive microphone. It can allow you to turn off your mic or adjust the voice volume. The trustworthiness of the sales team. The quality test process for every headset is strict. If you have a question or problem, please contact their sales support team.

Brand: Euarne

👤I bought these for my oldest son and he loves them. He is 13 years old. They fit his head perfectly. They are multi useful because he uses them for his pc and PS4. He says they work well on canceling noise. Great deal!

👤I bought my first pair of shoes on February 2nd and they were great for a couple of weeks, but then the mic stopped working and I had to buy a new one. When I received the replacement, it didn't work at all. I paid for it and I can't get a refund because I was told to keep the first pair. They put the brand name on the headset when I was looking for a new one. Don't spend your money on these. The led lights don't work if you were looking for that quality.

👤Everything was perfect with these headphones. I couldn't talk to my friends in party because the headset was making a loud static noise after one week, because I couldn't have lights on while I played the game.

👤My brother was very excited about this gift.

👤It's difficult for any gaming headset to stand out in a crowded market. The headset works well for the price. The sound is good, the bass is deep and even though it's not advertised as "noise cancelling", the mic is. It blocks out a lot of outside noise, unlike most headsets in this price range. There is a The mic is alright, they're not great in headsets of this price range, but it's still decent. It's not as clear as using a good, separate mic. I've heard worse in more expensive headsets. It's made for voice chat during games, so you should be fine. There is a The experience was good, but I only used it with a PC. The construction of the headset is solid, but you won't mistake it for a premium product. Personally, I don't care about it, but if you do, you'll get the seemingly requisite RGB lighting. There is a If you're a budget-conscious gaming enthusiast, this headset is definitely worth the price.

👤I got these because I was tired of using my headsets. The sound quality is really good. Everything comes through with no distortion even at high volume. I hear the wind and foot steps when I play games.

6. Bluetooth Microphone Headphones Cancelling Handsfree

Bluetooth Microphone Headphones Cancelling Handsfree

Plug and Play, no need software or battery, just connect it to your PC via the recommended interface. If the item is faulty or missing accessories, please contact them. There is a table with two dual connected things. This headset has a microphone with upgraded tech and is more stable and effcient. It's easy to pair with 2 devices at the same time, so you can work and study at the same time. Up to 40m in the open area. Crystal Clear Sound & Noise Cancelling mic The noise canceling headset can eliminate most of the static noise in chat, it's best for talking in open office, outdoors, driving, school, and classroom. This stereo sound and deep bass of the headphones are suitable for music and gaming. 28Hrs battery life and wide compatiblility. Earbay wireless headphones have 2 hours micro-usb charging, they support 28 hours of continuous playing time, and more than 250 hours of standby time, the best choice for call center, online meeting. Most of the main stream devices, including Mac Os x/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android, Tablets and Ipads, are supported by this headsets with microphone. Ultra Comfort and Ergonomics are adjusted. The wireless headset is designed for long time use and has an appropriate fit for adults and kids. The soft and durable leather ear pads are made of the same material as the mattress. Easy Control and 12 months Gurantee. Press once to answer/reject/end calls. The assistant is from the internet search engine. Click tomute microphone with indicate light only works on phones. Volume and next/last song control are on the headset. There are more details and instructions in the User manual. You can contact them with the user manual.

Brand: Earbay

👤I've been looking for true love since I started working from home in 2020. I have other high-end headsets that I like, but this is comparable to those, and I like it for when I have to be out and about with the headset in my backpack. I don't want to worry about these being damaged or lost because they were reasonable. Sound and microphone are comfortable. There is a If you work from home and have to take a lot of conference calls, I recommend these.

👤The mic has a loud sound. Audio had a weak sound. It was seamless with PC and iPhone. Poor audio quality is too bad.

👤This lightweight headset is very good and helps me get through this work-from- home period. Some of the headsets I've used are too heavy for a job that lasts 8 hours a day. I wear headsets that squeeze my glasses. It's important that I pick a headset that's comfy. This guy is light and comfortable to wear.

👤I have had headsets that cost more than 200 dollars that did not work as well as the ones that cost less than 50 dollars. The battery life is great and they sound good. Highly recommend these.

👤The microphone doesn't work well. I began my testing in a quiet place so that the background noise wouldn't be an issue. My voice was inaudible in the test calls. The quality of the audio was odd and did not sound like a natural voice. I contacted the support group using the email address on the box, but did not hear back from the manufacturer. I will return the headset.

👤After a month, the pair was stopped with limited volume control. There is a The price went up from $35 to $42.

👤I decided to give these a try because of the price-point, but I would not go for more expensive headsets from more recognized brands. As it turns out, you get what you pay for. The audio quality is quite good when listening to a meeting, music, or something else. They do not do the job for me because I work multiple hours a day, and they only need these for the work conf calls. The sound quality for anyone trying to hear me when I'm speaking is terrible. My colleagues have described it as sounding like I'm in a tunnel when it doesn't work at all. You can find better headphones that don't have a mic that are more comfortable, but you have to deal with sticking up next to your head. It's nice to be able to pair them with two devices, but it doesn't balance out the drawbacks. If you need a working headset, skip this one.

👤A great item for a work from home job. They have an 8 hour charge. There is a I figured it out despite the dumb instructions.

👤The headset is working. The instructions in the pack were not compatible with the headset. It was easy to pair and use.

7. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Lightweight

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Lightweight

The braided cable has a noise cancellation mic on it. Wireless gaming-grade. HyperX Ngenuity is used for virtual 7.1 surround sound. In-game audio is very realistic. Steel sliders are durable.

Brand: Hyperx

👤I used to own Turtle Beaches headphones that were not the best and Corsair Yellowjacket headphones that broke my mic, but I have since bought new headphones. I used headphones for work. These are the best. Very lightweight and comfortable. You raise the mic arm to make them quiet. It's easy to use and works well for people with big hair or larger heads, it's noise canceling and I can hear anything around me. I am very happy that I pulled the Trigger and got them. I would recommend them to everyone I have owned them for about a week now, I wasn't compensated for my review.

👤You are going to die if you don't charge it right now because the battery will keep cranking. Really? ... I know after the game I will be charging, I'm in the middle of a 15 minute match. Thank you for reminding me every 3 seconds. Probably going to come back. Very angry.

👤I love this product. I am not a game player. I can see its application there as well. I work at a call center and the top thing is that it works great, people can hear me perfectly, and it is comfortable. It is affordable. I recommend anyone looking for a headset to look for one that is reliable. I had to send a few brands back before I got these ones.

👤This is a good headset. I didn't like the sound quality of it. It sounded very tinny to my ears. It might sound great to you, but keep in mind that everybodys hearing is different. I have gotten used to the hyperx cloud 2 headset, which I ended up reordering after I got this one. This is a good headset if you only have 50 bucks. I think the cloud 2 is twice the headset if you can spare the extra fifty. This is. This headset is good for what it is. I didn't like it very much. You have to make your own decision based on your sound tastes.

👤I was very excited to have the headset. The mic quality is decent to communicate with friends through in-game communication and it caught my attention, I read reviews and watched video reviews. The sound can be loud, but you have to adjust it for a balanced sound. You don't notice the bass is very low when you're in the game. I had to return the headset because of my comfort. I have, what you call... Buddha ears are narrow, but it feels good for a while, but it starts to feel uncomfortable. It will be perfect if you are a small head person. I don't recommend buying this for your children because it's pretty flimsy. I give this 5 stars because it is good for people who are on a budget. Do you pay what you get right?

👤I bought the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core headphones for myself after buying cheaper headphones for my kids. There is a The build quality, sound quality and user experience of these headphones are not as good as other cheaper options. There is a The way that the earphones are attached to the head band is very cheap, and only time will tell if they hold up with use. I bought cheaper headphones for my kids because they are prone to breaking or losing them so the dog can eat them. I bought the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core for the kids about six months ago, and I am very disappointed with it. 1. The sound quality of the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is not good. The TBI-Pro that I bought for my kids is cleaner and has more defined lows. The Audio-Technica ATH-M20's and M30's ether have more defined and clean sounding highs and mids, and the base is not as "muffled" as the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core. The HyperX has a pain in the mute. Finding the right spot to talk into the mic when you move the mic back down/un-mute just takes your hands off the controller for longer, having to swing the mic up and down all of the time is a pain. 3. The volume controller is hard to find. I end up pushing my headphones out of place when I have to reach up to the left earphone to find the volume knob. This sounds dumb but it happens all the time. I have to adjust the headphones placement on my head. 4. They are not as comfortable as cheaper headphones. It's difficult to count the bumps as you adjust the size. The cheaper headphones have more comfortable ear cups. Will I buy this again, no, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I will most likely try to send these back so that I can get my money back.

8. Corsair Virtuoso Wireless Gaming Headset

Corsair Virtuoso Wireless Gaming Headset

The sound is warm and clean. A matched pair of 50mm high-density neodymium speaker drivers deliver a 7.1 surround sound experience with a Frequency Range of 20 to 40,000Hz, double that of typical gaming headsets. Premium memory foam earpads that conform to the shape of your head, along with a lightweight headband, deliver pillow-soft, long- lasting comfort, enabling you to play for hours on end. Hyper-fast gaming-grade wireless: High-fidelity, ultra-low latency audio, with an exceptional 60ft signal range using slipstream corsair wireless technology. A high-bandwidth, omnidirectional microphone provides wide dynamic range and excellent vocal clarity with excellent low-end response. Premium lightweight construction: Made with aluminum throughout, from the headband to the ear cups, ensuring both maximum comfort and long-term durability. It's possible to connect to virtually any device, including PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo switch, and Slipstream Wireless. There is not a compatible version of the device. Experience high-fidelity sound via a wired connection.

Brand: Corsair

👤I was able to purchase a Virtuoso SE through Amazon. I read Tom's Hardware review and was very excited. The Steelseries Arctis 5 is great for gaming, but only at 48k Hz. The sound was limiting when I tried out Amazon HD. The headphones are gorgeous, solid and a wonder to behold, and unboxing them is a master class in excitement building. The case is very nice. The rest of the contents are packed in soft foam and are flexible. I have a lot of Corsair equipment, and I'm typing on a K95 keyboard. I was very excited. After assembling the piece, I plugged in the headphones via theusb cable. There is a The microphone was active and the headphones were charging. I thought we're cookin'. Put it on Amazon Music. Neil Young, Prince, Mozart. It all sounded great. The bass is clear and not overpowering. Highs and mids are crisp. I decided to leave the equalizer at neutral. There is a It's time to start a game. I tried to turn on the option but it wasn't there. I checked the Corsair boards and they are not compatible. No problem. I switched it on in iCue, and the sounds are great, but I'm not sure if the FPS booster worked. The biggest problem is that phone doesn't work. It was plugged in and the light is on. The light is green and can beggled to turn red and back. Checked levels and software. I exited out. There is still no microphone in Planetside 2. Planetside stated that the primary input device is not a microphone. There is a Windows was replugging things in. Went to Corsair support and tried to install and uninstall, but they didn't work. There is a Ok. The website says that this is a known issue with later builds of Windows 10 and a fix is forthcoming. There is a I'm stuck with a $210 set of headphones which are nice, but not great, and have no microphone. There is a After opening a ticket, there is no time to wait for Corsair support. There is a You can get a refund and return from Amazon. My Arctis 5 will be used to look for a higher def headset. There is a Corsair, there's so much good about this headset, maybe it's just me and a lack of patience, but I was severely disappointed and my faith in your typical flawless execution has been severely tested. Hopefully you can fix this so other people enjoy it. I'll be content with my Arctis 5 until something better comes along. There is a Thanks!

👤I don't usually write reviews but I have some time to burn and am hoping my input will help someone decide whether or not the Corsair Virtuoso are a good choice for their application. I got the Premium version, not the Special Edition version. It was not the $30 price difference that made me choose this, it was the build quality. There is some satisfaction in the way these feel. Sturdy, no flexing and no creaking. Not too heavy, good weight. The SE version is very nice with the aluminum. I'm sure many people would be comfortable with the leather headband and pads. It would be great if they included some variations at this price point. Changing the sound profile is half the fun of having a good set of cans. There is a crazy sound isolation. You will not be able to hear much around you if you put these on your head. These are very closed headphones and are in every way shape and form. The fact that the volume is on the right side is annoying because most people are right handed. The primary mouse hand is the right one. Wireless sound is clean for most of the time. I attached an image of my settings as I personally like a V curve with elevated lows and a bit of mids. They sound pretty bland with a flat EQ, not only for games but also music and general use. It's not clear how this would work for console users who don't have easy access to sound profiles. Excellent microphone quality! The mic on the Premium is better than the Special Edition, but I'm not sure if it's a known fact. If you want to reproduce your voice to others accurately, this is a good selling point. The software is working. iCUE only has a small amount of options for this set of cans and only a few preset settings that I would never use. Not to say that other people are better than Logitech software. This is not great. At times, clarity is the biggest issue. Sometimes a crack/pop/distortion can occur in certain games and music, even when using the "Pure Direct" EQ settings. I might have received a faulty pair of cans. I can't unhear the distorted audio. The second biggest issue from my point of view. My ears touch the inside of the driver's pads, which is a bit shallow for me. I think it would be easier to roll my pad. You would have to destroy the original pads to get the rings out to mount a new set, or you could even get a 3D set of pads. I like being able to swap pads for comfort, but these don't allow it. I'll be sending these back because this may have been a long winded review that doesn't provide much insight. I will continue to use my Logitech G935's, with swapped lambskin headband and lambskin pads. I think stock is better in terms of value, performance,customization, etc.

9. Poly Plantronics Headphones USB Bluetooth

Poly Plantronics Headphones USB Bluetooth

The hybrid worker needs an affordable solution to connect at home and in the office. Audio quality is important. The dual mic with Acoustic Fence technology blocks out background noise in a microphone boom, so callers can hear you. Mobility can be accomplished via a computer via aBT700, an Intel compatible accessory for nativeBluetooth connection on supported laptops, or via a mobile device via aBLE. Move around freely with up to 50 m/164 ft of wireless range. The Intel logo and Intel Evo are trademarks of Intel Corporation. Hardware, software or operating system support may be required for Intel technologies. You can use a wired headset with audio over a cable or use a wireless headset with a wireless connection. Works with teams and more. A lightweight stereo headset with passive noise isolation is designed to keep you in the zone. Thanks to a padded headband, you can wear it all day. The hybrid worker needs an affordable solution to connect at home and in the office.

Brand: Poly (plantronics + Polycom)

👤I waited over 6 months to do the review. I can get a feel for how it is. I don't think you can beat it for the price. The noise coming in is clear and everyone has been able to hear me. When I work from home, I forget to put my phone back on the charging port and the next day the battery is still high. It would be easy to go 1-2 days with heavy use. The microphone and sound quality is great and the minute you put on the headphones, you can hear a reduction in noise and no one has heard anything in the background. Great headphones.

👤Everyone sounded like they were in a warehouse. I tried everything I could think of to fix the problem, but nothing stopped it. In the middle of meetings, the mic volume would randomly dip out. Returned it.

👤The headset is not a lot of adjustability, sits tight and could be better. Don't think it's worth the 166 I paid. It should be priced under 100.

👤The headphones have an amazing battery life. The headphones are too tight and push against my head. It's not good for people with glasses.

👤Not a good headset.

👤Audio and mic are very good. It does very well. SWITCH between connected devices is not something that it does and it is very misleading since it is advertised to be used for both computer and mobile phone. If you pick up the headset, it will answer your phone. If you start a zoom, webex, whatever it works great, you have a nice button on the boom mic. There is a You can't answer a computer call if the mobile rings. You can't answer a second mobile call if you don't connect the first call to the bottom line.

👤I was hoping for a soft cloud of a headset, but instead it squeezes uncomfortably and I need a break after an hour or so. I've tried adjusting the tightness. I can't get it to sit on my head. I've been trying to figure out how to use the headset. I can't figure out the features or how the buttons work because the papers in the box weren't instructions on how to use it. I have just been pushing buttons and trying to get it to work, even though a link to online instructions would've been helpful. I've been able to figure out phone calls, which have worked very well, and the people I'm talking to have been praising the good sound quality of my voice. Their voices are clear, but they sound a little distant. If I do other things while I'm on the phone, the sound of my activity doesn't seem to go through to the other person. I can talk on the phone while doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or picking up toys, and to the other person it sounds like I'm sitting quietly at a desk. I like the way I can do multiple things while on the phone. The button works. When I push a button, there's a voice in my ear that says "Mute On" or "Mute Off" "Incoming call" will be what it will say. It's cool. The battery life is great. After 90 minutes of talking on the phone, my headset battery life is still at 90 percent. These will last for my needs. There is a If they came with good instructions, they would definitely be 5 stars.

10. Surround Headphone Omni Directional Canceling Colorful

Surround Headphone Omni Directional Canceling Colorful

The APPHOME Headset Holder has an 18-month worry-free and friendly guarantee. You will also get an extra glue and two screws. Targeal gaming head phones can be used on PS4 and PS5 consoles, PC, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones. The Targeal gaming headset have high precision acoustic positioning 50mm magnetic neodymium driver, which enhance the sensitivity of the speaker unit, bringing you vivid sound field, splendid ambient noise isolation and sound clarity, shock feeling sound. NOISE ISOLATING MICROPHONEHeadset integrated onmidirectional microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise cancelling feature, pick up sound with sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages. The 120 degree mic tube design makes it easy to adjust the angle of the microphone. ULTRA COMFORT GAMING. Hearing impairment and heat sweat can be reduced by using the gaming headset. It is suitable for gaming players of all ages and it is comfortable and soft. The earcups have lighting designed to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable prevents the 49-inches long cable from twining. You can get the 7.1 computer speakers sound effect adjustment APP software and adjust any 7.1 surround sound according to your wishes.

Brand: Targeal

👤I am amazed that almost any gaming headset I pick up is better than an audio headset. The sound is amazing and the comfort level is off the charts. When you consider that many times in some of these games you might be wearing them for hours, comfort becomes a big part of the quality and enjoyment of the headset. The sound is exceptional, the response time of the sounds is great, and the microphone is great, so I have to give these 5 stars for their value and exceptional performance.

👤I don't usually review items. I don't leave reviews of any caliber, so when I leave one you can tell it's going to be bad. 1. It makes me sound far away. 2. It sounds like everything is muffled compared to the older headset I was trying to replace, which is falling apart. 3. The price is decent, but the noise cancellation isn't very good. Its quality is similar to another headset that costs 20 bucks. Save the money, buy something else.

👤Why don't they try to make it worth buying, make it as cheap as possible, and if it breaks after a month or so, then try sheet meatal, it would cost more.

👤The sound quality is very good for gaming and music, and it has a C type connection.

👤I bought these for my son, who loves them, but he can never hear me when I call him, so the noise cancellation must be great.

👤They didn't work to talk on the mic.

👤I bought these headphones to be able to use them both for work and gaming. It sounds like I am miles away from the mic when I speak, but less than two inches from my mouth. I'm back on the road to find a better headset than the one I got.

👤My son got them for Christmas.

👤Ho deciso di acquistare questo modello di cuffie. PC e laptop, ovviamente per il cavo come, non piacciono gli hardware wireless. Di consueto. There is a I suono pulito sente proprio la sua "potenza", oltretutto tramite il telecomando possibile regolare il volume. There is a Le cuffie isolano abbastanza, non risultano pesanti sul capo ed il materiale. There is a In conclusione, personalmente consiglio l'acquisto del prodotto.

👤Hab den Kopfhrer. Einsatz is wochen. The Anforderung is in Linie fr Vokale Stimmen. There is a Ich werde problemlos verstanden. Es ist bedingt geeignet. Man ist er eigentlich gut. Im Kabel ist der Lautstrkeregler. The iMac ist bei den Regler, das man was fein ist. Man beachten, wie jede Kopfform gleiche ist. The Kleinen was natrlich begeistert. Theusb kabel ist lang, aber ok. Man ist das Kabel. There is a Wenn er is 1 Ein gutes Produkt ist bei den Preis.

👤Destaco de otros auriculares, en una PS4 y seausb. There is no mini Jack. para El Led, se conecta a la consola. Led y micro. It is luz. On o Off, se nota lo envolvente del 7.1 cambia una barbaridad.

11. BINNUNE Microphone Playstation Headphones Cancelling

BINNUNE Microphone Playstation Headphones Cancelling

The Bose connect app can be used to make sure your product is up to date. Links will lead you to a showcase of Bose ar-enhanced apps. The BINNUNE wireless gaming headset has a high performance 2.4 GHz wireless for Pro-level gaming audio on the PS3 and PC, with the convenience of simultaneous wireless for most of your mobile devices. Ultra-low Latency Wireless gaming. The audio is less than 38ms, which is better than the 150ms of the other wireless devices, so you can enjoy a lag-free wireless gaming experience. You will never miss a step or shot in a game because the 50mm driver plus 2.4G wireless emphasizes both subtle and critical in-game background sounds. The BINNUE gaming headset has an impressive 48 hour battery life and fast charging, making it ideal for listening to music or playing long sessions of video games. Ultra compatible with multiple devices The 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with PC, Mac, laptop, PS1, Nintendo Switch, cell phones and virtual reality headsets. Most of your devices are compatible with Bluetooth. Check the guide for compatibility on the user manual.

Brand: Binnune

👤I use them with work and they are comfortable, I am not a gaming person. Wear them for 9 hours a day. I am very happy that I bought them. They are wireless and I can use my laptop to call when I want to, so I don't have to sit there all day.

👤My son's headset broke and he needed a new one, but it still works great since he can't hear me yelling.

👤Let's be up front. If you're looking for headphones that have a 500 ft bass boost, then you're in the right place. You're not going to find them here. If you're looking for a headset that you can use without being tethered to your desk, then you're in the right place. I use these as a PC headset and have not connected them to a console. Is it a PC headset? I really like these things. Regardless of where I am, the sound quality is great. I'm still connected if I go across the hall or around the corner in the restroom. If you're doing remote work, stop reading and just buy a pair of shoes. If you're not doing competitive play gaming, these work great.

👤The headset works well, feels good, and sounds good for a low-end headset. It is not very comfortable, the earcups are not articulate, and the pressure of the box makes it hard to sleep. I took a wider set, which made it more comfortable, but it's still not great compared to cheap headphones. The microphone works well, but the manufacturer chose to have a recorded voice say "microphone off" and "microphone on" when you turn it on, which makes the feature extremely impractical to use. A quick beep without muting the audio would have been a much better decision, but as it is, it creates too much of an interruption to be useful in most situations. It does the job, but I would prefer a more comfortable headset.

👤These are terrible. It sounds like the other person is whispering. I don't get a crappy pair because they are the same way.

👤I work from home. I want a wireless headset so I can leave my desk. It is easy to use and perfect. Plug in the dongle and you are instantly adjusted to your PC. They are very comfortable to wear. It was long talk time. For those of you who are wondering, this works on Five9.

👤I use this headset a lot to watch videos and make phone calls. The sound quality is good, it does a good job cancelling noise, and it is comfortable to wear. The only odd thing is that it has a separate plug to power the lights in the headset. I never use it because it's only for show. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Wow. Like, wow. These things are amazing to wear, and in every aspect. I've had some bad luck with headphones, but these have changed my life.

👤It stopped working after 2 days. I've tried many devices and no luck. I had to return it.


What is the best product for wireless headphones for pc with microphone?

Wireless headphones for pc with microphone products from Nubwo. In this article about wireless headphones for pc with microphone you can see why people choose the product. Tecknet and Binnune are also good brands to look for when you are finding wireless headphones for pc with microphone.

What are the best brands for wireless headphones for pc with microphone?

Nubwo, Tecknet and Binnune are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wireless headphones for pc with microphone. Find the detail in this article. Beaviioo, Euarne and Earbay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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