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1. Headset Adapter Controller AOJAKI Headphone

Headset Adapter Controller AOJAKI Headphone

The package and guarantee are included. The package contains a user's manual. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please send them a message through Amazon, they will get back to you within 12 hours. The xbox headset is compatible with the Xbox One controllers. Most stereo gaming headsets with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible with the Xbox One. Plug the headset into your controller and connect it to the headset. There is no need to connect anything to the console. A microphone is needed. AOJAKI makes the stereo headset adapter. It is as easy to use as the original. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please send them a message through Amazon, they will get back to you within 12 hours. You will get a Stereo Headset accessory.

Brand: Aojaki

👤I used this on my controller. The product was very affordable and performs perfectly for what I need. If you want to use an external microphone, you need to get this item. Thank you so much!

2. Micphone Converter Microsoft Controller Headphone

Micphone Converter Microsoft Controller Headphone

It was designed for the Xbox. The 2.5mm headset can be converted to a 3.5mm headset. You don't need to buy a new headset just use this one. The XBOX 360 controller allows the user to have a conversation through the headphone port. Attach your controller to your mic and handphone. Discuss game strategy with your teammates, trash talk your opponents or just chat while playing your favorite games. The controller is not included. If you have any questions. You can contact them. Within 24 hours, they will get back to you.

Brand: Hipipooo

👤I wanted to try this on my controller. After Windows downloaded the drivers for the controller, I went into my headphone and mic settings. I was able to hear my sound test. It was not as loud as I would like it to be. The microphone was not able to hear at all after it was "Listen" Mode. The controller is only used for the console only. I had to Plug my Headset back into my Sound Card Jacks to regain the volume I use.

👤I didn't read reviews. No sound plays in my headphones. I suppose it's not a big deal. How many people are spending money on a product that doesn't work? Don't buy.

👤Many other people have the exact same issue, that ripoff doesn't work at all. I snapped them back together, but it just outputs static, and it doesn't work at all at other reviews.

👤It plugs in but doesn't work. You can't even contact the company for help with this. microsoft doesn't put bluetooth standard in their gaming systems and forcing new users to jump through hoops trying to do something as simple as wearing wireless headphones while gaming.

👤This doesn't allow you to hear the game's audio with headphones. This is only for voice. If you want to hear the game's audio over a headset with a 360, you should look into a wireless set of Turtle Beach headphones. M$ made it easy with the Xbox one.

👤I tried on different controllers to make sure that it was not the fault of the controller. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤My son was excited to get this for his console, but it doesn't work, so I will return it.

👤Does not support game audio.

👤I have 3 controllers, but none of them worked.

👤It's great to work great value for money.

3. Turtle Beach Headset Controller Superhuman Hearing

Turtle Beach Headset Controller Superhuman Hearing

Turtle Beach has designed audio innovations like Superhuman Hearing, Game & EQ mic preset, and Variable mic monitoring for the ultimate XBOX chat and game audio experience. Turtle Beach's exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets you hear subtle, game-changing sounds so you can live up to 20% longer and win more. The Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study was conducted by Real Industry. You can set environmental mic preset based on room noise levels, or you can set a game preset to make your sound better. Stop coughing! Variable mic monitoring can be used to adjust the level of your voice in the headset. The Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus has total control, with game and chat volume mix, master volume and mic controls.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤The game/chat volume stops working when I use the new controller, but this works on my Series X controllers. I can't hear my chat because the game volume is so high.

👤The cheaper one loses some features, the more expensive adds some "modes" that don't add anything. The Xbox one is useless on new controllers, and the other manufactrs are hard to find. This is how all XBOX headsets should work. This has 3 levels of "background noise reduction or MIC MODE" to keep your always-on mic from picking up all the clicks and breaths and TV sounds in the room. It should have been an XBOX FEATURE all along. When you want to have a side conversation, the dedicated mute toggle is a lifesaver. Variable mic monitoring! If you want to use a noise cancelling headset, hold the Mute until it starts to sound like your voice, as it makes it sound more natural and it stops you from yelling. If you need it, you can use the fly adjustment. To adjust game/chat balance, use the left side up-down and the right side up-down. There are a few modes that can be used to compensate for weaker headsets. The "superhearing" thing seems to be a stunt, so don't leave it on when you need to hear footsteps or reloads in some games. There is a Oh! If you plug your controller into your PC, it will work the same way as on Xbox. Very cool.

👤The audio jack on the controller stopped working. I tried everything I could to revive it. I was going to throw the controller away but it seemed like a waste of money. I thought I would try an audio adapter since it works for the old controllers that don't have an auxiliary. I found the Turtle Beach ones when I looked into the Xbox version. I liked the extra volume controls that it has. The original Xbox is not compatible with those. There is a My boyfriend stole it from me after his auxiliary broke. It's a good thing. He tried it and loved it. There is a He likes how easy it is to change game sounds. He likes the preset it has. He is crazy about the hearing. It sounds a little louder than I thought, like I turned the volume up. My boyfriend says that the boost he gets from his hearing is a life-changing event. He can hear footsteps that I can't. It's pretty cool. I plan on buying another one since it doesn't look like my boyfriend will give it back to me. It's a good thing. It has been about two weeks. It is still working well. I will update if that changes.

👤I'm sure it works, but I have to buy another part to make it work. The answer I got when I read the question was that this is compatible with the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP 510, but the link doesn't take you to the website for compatibility information. I didn't see that you need a male 2.5mm to male 3.5mm cable or a female 3.5mm cable for this to work. I have to buy a $10 cable for my headset controller to work with my expensive wireless headset. The 9 inch longusb cable is useless for $40 and you should also include the 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable to make this a useful product.

4. QUMOX Headset Adapter Enhancer Controller

QUMOX Headset Adapter Enhancer Controller

Before leaving the factory, they have passed rigorous testing to make sure they can be used normally. If the product you receive is damaged, please contact them. It's compatible with the XBOX ONE X, XBOX ONE S, and XBOX ONE. Plug and play is the easiest way to install. It makes you feel like you're in a game scene after the sound effects have been adjusted. The headset has a clear and deep bass effect that is ideal for games, movies and music. Extreme comfort: professional game controller, ultra-light design, omnidirectional microphone with sound-cancelling function, which can reduce noise and ensure clear voice collection and transmission. There are four modes, which can meet all your scene needs. Press the M key to switch between the four modes. The 3.5mm stereo headphone jack is small and safe, and can be used to plug in any compatible device. When you use it, the cool LEDs will light up, making it easy for you to identify the buttons.

Brand: Qumox

👤There is a background noise on the controller that the adaptor works on. The remote that it does not work on is only two months old, and the one that it does work on is two years old.

👤To turn the headset volume to full, go into your consoles settings and turn the audio on. The sound will be controlled by this. You will think the adapter is broken if you don't do this.

👤I liked everything except the Port.

👤The background buzzing will drive you to drink. The product looks good and the button works. The guys don't have to hear about your wife's day at work.

👤Plug it into the controller multiple times before it works. Sometimes it won't power on. The controller battery is draining fast.

👤My joypad doesn't have all the requirements for this sound enhancer so it doesn't support all of the consoles. The plug for the 3.5mm head was sticking out.

👤The controler has a bad sound.

👤Gave poor feedback. It wasn't even usable.

5. Headsets Splitter Separate Headphone Nintendo

Headsets Splitter Separate Headphone Nintendo

MillSO offers a 12-month warranty for all of its products to protect against quality troubles or compatibility issues. You can extend it for 18 months by calling the MillSO team. They are happy to help with any problem you have. The dual 3.5mm 3-position ports on the DuKabel headset are used to connect to your laptop or PC with the combo audio port. You can connect a separate microphone and powered speakers if you prefer to use a headset. It turns a 3.5mm combo headphone/microphone port into two separate ports, one 3.5mm headphone jack and one 3.5mm microphone port. It's compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm interface. You can connect a headset with separate microphone plugs to the audio port on your laptop or phone with the DuKabel headset adapter. You can also connect a microphone and speakers to the audio port on your laptop. The best quality of 3.5mm Audio is ensured by every single detail that they made, including 24K gold-plated contacts, pure metal housing, triple shielding jacket, strong nylon-braided exterior, secure-fit design, and oxygen-free copper wiring. The sound quality provided by this cable is a thing of beauty, which means that it can be used for a variety of purposes. They offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable cable to share music, the DuKabel Headset Splitter Adapter Cable is something you should consider. Not sure? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service.

Brand: Dukabel

👤The connector broke in 3 days of light use. After about 15 hours of use, I lost my head phone, and only the talk or hearing would work. I don't think having metal ends is a problem, but who knows... Sam S. their marketing director contacted me saying I got a bad connector and that this is rare, not suprised about the fault. The company seems to be focused on their consumers and I'm changing from one to three stars. Good on them for that. I will continue the update if a new one arrives. There is a I don't want to buy anymore because the new ones broke again after light use, and I only gamed for a few hours occasionally through the weeks. I don't think they are a good product because they use metal and I have a plastic one that is 6 months strong. The product will break within a few weeks of use, thanks to the marketing and customer support team. This company is incredible with their efforts to correct this, and so 5 stars for their company ethics and business practices.

👤I gave a low rating to this product as I couldn't make it work as described, so I went on my trip. I received an email from the Marketing Director of DuKabel apologizing for my troubles. He said he would give me a refund and send another cable for free to fix the one that wasn't working. I received that cable a few days later and was surprised that it was the same as the first one. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get sound out of both sides of the cable as I examined it. There are two icons on the female ends. This cable is used for a microphone and headset. I couldn't hear anything from one side. I have two cables that work perfectly. I am not usually an idiot. There is a I have re-ordered a dual headset splitter from DuKabel, based on the two others I now own, I'm confident it will perform as expected for years. Thank you, DuKabel! I ordered this headset for an upcoming trip, but was disappointed that only one side worked. DOA is on the other side. The trip is tomorrow. I guess I will do without. After I deal with the company, I will update this review.

👤I needed asplitter for use with a remote mic and headset on my laptop for teleconference services. The electronic industry has changed to a four pole 3.5mm connection for better audio isolation. The Dukabel was perfect for what I needed. You can use a stereo wired microphone, but you need a headset or ear buds. Adding a microphone or ear buds can be done with the splitter. Only one of the two items can be used. Dukabel's adapter uses nylon and metal sheathed cable with high quality gold plated connections, which is more expensive than most of the others. Excellent quality for the price.

👤I tried to record sound from a sound system mixer with this, but it was not possible. It doesn't work for such applications, just use it to connect a typical condenser mic to your smart device. Direct Current can be provided by mics and Aux jacks. Without that path, a smart device will not switch from its internal mic to the earphone jack, so you will only record sound with the internal mic. There is a The Headset Buddy Line Level is an accessory for the iPhone. The IK iRig2 also works. There is a The Headset Splitter product has a small plug that will not block your wallet or case, and is made of sound construction. Since the earphone jack and mic jack are on short lengths of cable, large plugs will not interfere with each other. It will work well with a "headset" mic.

6. Controllers Controller Superhuman Customized Chatting

Controllers Controller Superhuman Customized Chatting

The gaming room accessories are perfect for kids, teens and adults who love playing. A gift for your favorite gaming enthusiast on their birthday or Christmas. You can use the MOIPO Xbox controller adapter for headset on any of the new and old series of consoles. Do not use the 3.5mm jack on the Xbox one. If you have problems with usage, please leave a message on Amazon and they will come back to you within 12 hours and give you a free replacement. Take your game audio and make it funnier. You can change your voice at any time, anywhere to male, female or kids, and you can cancel background noise with their headset. You can enjoy different gaming experiences whenever you want with the four EQ Modes provided by MOIPO. Plug and Play, lightweight, and no more settings are what it's called. You can use the build-in to get chat and stereo from the headset. Their mic adapter makes it easy to control your audio settings on your console, without having to remove your controller or plug the mic in. SURVEY MODE It is the default setting, and the MOIPO Xbox headset is able to amplify the volume, filters the bass, and capture the sound in noisy environments. You can hear static voice in this mode, it's not a bug, but a special design to fully emulate original function, you might hear that a person is trying to sneak up on you one step ahead. You can switch to other modes with a single key. The voice mode makes it easier to recognize the player's voice and chat in noisy environments. The sound quality of their headphones is so bad it makes you feel like you're at a concert. Movie Mode allows you to enjoy a cinema experience with a sound effect. Users can be on the scene with the restored 3D sound field effects of the headset.

Brand: Moipo

👤I made sure I had set it up correctly because this was a terrible item for gaming because you couldn't hear anything and the scout mode was flooded with static.

👤It's a clever way to add controls to the game without having to adjust things in the game. There is a The voice mask is a unique feature that will help with safety online. There is a Features that are only found in more expensive headsets are added to cheap headsets.

👤The sound quality is terrible, scout mode is static and slightly louder than the max gaming volume. The game volume is a whisper even on max, and the max volume beep is obnoxiously loud, I think it's overkill.

👤Not for gaming. The sound quality is poor with metallic popping and loss of sound. Don't buy for gaming.

👤It was a birthday gift for a friend and he loved it.

👤The product was awful. It barely works. Ridiculous feedback. Don't waste your money on this.

👤This was easy to use and work well. Definitely recommended.

👤When I got it, it was great. It makes my video chat cut in and out and distorts the audio of the game. It's horrible durability.

7. Sudroid 3 5mm Headset Adapter Controller

Sudroid 3 5mm Headset Adapter Controller

The XBOX 360 controller allows the user to have a conversation through the headphone port. The two ports in the conversion are used for input and output audio signals. The male and dual female plug are connected. There is a suit for XBOX 360 headphones.

Brand: Sudroid

👤This did not deliver as advertised, like most other reviewers have stated. I didn't want to pay for an additional set of headphones to take up space so I bought this. I tried to use both the audio jack and audio splitter. Neither configuration worked. The product as a whole seems to have major design issues, so I requested a refund and not a replacement. If possible, would give zero stars.

👤I disliked the first one and had to order a new one. The replacement had the same problem. I sent it back about a week ago but it hasn't been returned yet. Save yourself the headaches by not buying this junk.

👤Doesn't play game audio, what is the point?

👤Absolve gout! The first one didn't work and the second one didn't work either. Don't waste your money. The company was booed for mailing out garbage. We have enough of that. There is a Zero stars should be an option. Negative 1. Yeah. I would give that a rating. These reviews are still being sold. Shame on you!

👤The unit is supplied with three pole plugs. The controller has a four pole input. One channel is shorted to ground. I'm not surprised that this device isn't recognised by my controller.

👤I plugged the adapter into my remote and headphones and it didn't even read my mic input from them, to think that I was going to be able to use this. Heavily Disappointed.

👤It connected but didn't work. I didn't hear a sound. Maybe it was because my controller is old.

👤We just received it. The sound is still coming out of the TV and not through the headset, can someone please help?

👤The product doesn't work. Don't buy.

👤did not work. It only emitted static when tried on two different controllers.

8. Headset Adapter One,Game Headphone Converter

Headset Adapter One%EF%BC%8CGame Headphone Converter

Don't be afraid of the night. This product is manufactured by Cenxaki. It is easy to use and compatible with the Xbox One controller. The small headphones will not affect your gaming process. Plug and play and simple connection operation, no need to connect anything to the xbox one console or receiver. Plug the headset into the stereo headset accessory and you're good to go. The stereo headset conversion has a variety of functions, such as game balance button, chat balance button, volume control button, 12pin interface, 3.5mm audio jack, and more. The headphones are suitable for playing games at night, to avoid the impact of game sounds on the rest of the family, plug in the headphones to enjoy the game. Before leaving the factory, they have passed rigorous testing to make sure they can be used normally. If the product you receive is damaged, please contact them.

Brand: Cenxaki

👤My husband was no longer using his headset. We replaced his controller, but the issue came back again. He is now able to use his headset and be able to use a button, which is nice. Highly recommend this!

👤I can't chat with people on other platforms because of my good money. I felt like I was ripped off.

👤There is a lot of static coming from the box.

👤We wanted this to work for a PC headset that could be used on the Xbox series X.

👤It works as expected. It's easy to control chat volume.

👤It is working great and doing its job.

👤It works well. It is easy to use for kids.

9. Headset Adapter Headphone Converter Controller

Headset Adapter Headphone Converter Controller

What else? Get the blue 6ft microusb cable compatible with the X1 gamepad and get the free replacement without asking within a year. Also, note: The stereo headset audio is a third party product. It is as easy to use as the original. 100% brand new and high quality. It's specially designed to connect your headset with a 3.5mm audio jack. Stereo game headsets with a 3.5mm audio jack that use the CTIA plug standard can be used to get chat and stereo game audio on the Xbox One. It's easy to use, just plug the headset into the controller and you're good to go. You can adjust chat audio without taking your hands off the controller. There is a game balance button. Press to emphasize the sound of the game. Press the chat balance button to emphasize chatting audio. Press to increase game and chat volume. Press to lower game and chat volume. Plug your controller into the 12 pin interface. 3.5mm Audio Jack is used to connect any 3.5mm. There is a lifetime warranty. They will be happy to contact you at the first opportunity. Within 45 days, they will replace a faulty product.

Brand: Ssgamer

👤It's still about normal, not too loud. Is good for a kid.

👤I got this item as a first time product for my old style controller, and it worked quickly after I updated the controller via xbox settings. I was having trouble connecting to the chat where I could hear the other person's voice but couldn't hear the other person's voice on the other end. If I spoke my team couldn't hear as well as I couldn't hear, this would happen. It seemed to fix it after trying another update. There is a The sound sometimes cuts out or goes static, but not unbearable. The chat and game balance buttons don't work, if I press either one the whole chat/game volume will increase and decrease together, so I find myself messing with in game settings more that I would have liked with the adapter having this feature. If I need another brand, I would likely upgrade to name brand next time, since I didn't realize I was an off brand.

👤I really like this product. I have had this for about 3 weeks and it hasn't stopped working. I've been looking for a headset for a long time, but I need an accessory for it. I think it's a little pricey, but it's really good and I'm able to chat with my friends. If you have any siblings, make sure you don't lose it.

👤This is a cheap knock off version of the real deal. The audio jack is too small. The description says it doesn't fit most headsets. 40 dollars goes down the drain.

👤Overall, this is a good solution for connecting your headset, but it has some issues. I've been using it for two weeks. The buttons for game and chat volume do not work. They worked the first day, but stopped working on their own. Regardless of which one you choose, it increases/decreases both chat and game volume together. You have to go to your in-game settings to decrease game volume. There is a The bigger problem I have is that I have other people that I pair with that say they get feedback when I am connected. The feedback stops if I hit Mute. They get some echo if unmuted. I've tried a few with the same result and the boom mic is far away from the earpiece so it shouldn't pick up any loops. The problem is intermittant. The echo occurs on some days. Sometimes they say there is no echo when playing with the same group. I have had better luck with the Turtle Beach brand adapter.

👤I would have liked to have given a better review. I bought two of these and one works well, but the other one doesn't. The second button doesn't work. I would think there would be no issues for the price. The one that worked so far died. The whole thing stopped working after it started to have a staticky connection. I tried it in a different controller to make sure it wasn't the controller acting up, it's definitely the headset adapter. I only had it for a month and a half. Don't spend your money on this one. It is not worth it.

10. Headset Adapter Headphone Converter Controller Adjust

Headset Adapter Headphone Converter Controller Adjust

The headphones are easy to bring with you outside and ensure the high quality of music, it is perfect for your daily life or leisure time. For headphones, headsets, speakers, and car audio. Also, note: This lightning to audio is not compatible with phone calls. The xbox headset is compatible with the Xbox One controllers. Most stereo gaming headsets with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible with the Xbox One. Plug the headset into your controller and connect it to the headset. There is no need to connect anything to the console. A microphone is needed. AOJAKI makes the stereo headset adapter. It is as easy to use as the original. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please send them a message through Amazon, they will get back to you within 12 hours. You will get a Stereo Headset accessory.

Brand: Aojaki

👤Cheap plastic doesn't work.

👤It works well with headphones.

👤The port was bent. I was able to bend it back into shape, but I was dissatisfied with the new item.

11. Controller Enhancer,Zamia Headset Headphone Speakers

Controller Enhancer%EF%BC%8CZamia Headset Headphone Speakers

There is a lifetime warranty. They will be happy to contact you at the first opportunity. Within 45 days, they will replace a faulty product. Plug and play is easy to install for the Xbox controller. Please look at the picture when installing. Sound source amplification, accurate positioning of sound source direction, effective capture of sound details, in a variety of noisy environment, are all in the investigation mode. Not tight can weaken 90% of ambient sounds, but also accurately recognize the player's voice, even in a noisy environment, can communicate very clearly. Movie mode:Restore movie sound through virtual surround 7.1 HD, accurate sound positioning, wide sound field, no matter big scene or small scope, can let the user feel like the scene. You can distinguish the left and right environment without being too tight, and you can also hear the sneak attack behind you, so as to gain insight into opportunities and predict in advance. Don't be afraid of the night.

Brand: Zamia

👤It was difficult to attach this part to the controller. You will see the backlit buttons on the sound enhancer unit when you do. The back of the controller has a small "bump" on the "tongue" of the enhancer's unit. They have to line up for it to work. There is a The person who bought this unit told me that it is compatible with the controller.

👤This is a chat mixer that doesn't let you mix the volume, you can't change the volume level of game and chat, and it doesn't go loud, it has the same effect as if you didn't use a chat mixer and plugged in.

👤I bought this to see if it could work on my controllers. I wish there was a warning to turn down the sound when I tried it on another, but there is one mode on there that is ear piercingly loud. It should be sold as a party trick. The controls on the adapter are not used on the xbox, which would be better. I can't recommend to buy it because of that.

👤Simply doesn't work. At all. Don't buy this product. The account linked to the video has been terminated because it was linked to a product that didn't work. I messed up my control. I had to buy a new one. This product is terrible. Period.

👤Absolutely worthless. This item is not worth the price of the headset. Poor quality.

👤The controller works well, it's a little difficult to put on, but the instructions said to install it at an angle, which definitely helped.

👤It was perfect for my headset when I was playing a game with friends.

👤This doesn't work. It sounds fuzzy and quiet. You can hear yourself talking. I talked to people in a party. They said they couldn't hear me and I sounded terrible.


What is the best product for xbox headphone adapter?

Xbox headphone adapter products from Aojaki. In this article about xbox headphone adapter you can see why people choose the product. Hipipooo and Turtle Beach are also good brands to look for when you are finding xbox headphone adapter.

What are the best brands for xbox headphone adapter?

Aojaki, Hipipooo and Turtle Beach are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xbox headphone adapter. Find the detail in this article. Qumox, Dukabel and Moipo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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