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1. Female Stereo Adapter Balanced Converter

Female Stereo Adapter Balanced Converter

It isdurable: The body of the adapter is made of aluminum, which is no match for accidental drops. There is a pro-graded certificate. This 3.5mm Female to XLR Female stereo audio audio cable can connect microphone and others to CD, speaker, PC, phone, tablet and more. The perfect sound quality can be given to you. 20 AWG 4N Oxygen Free Copper with shielding, foil shielding and metal braid shield eliminate interference, deliver pristine sound, noise shielding, No hum, no noise, crystal clear music. A high quality performance. The right size, they always fit correctly, and the 24k Gold-Plated Connectors for resist corrosion and offer a clear, smooth-flowing optimal signal, ensure minimum signal loss transfer. DURABILITY. The wire is flexible and strong and has a metal housing. The braided nylon exterior makes audio cables tangle free. Most pro audio and home audio equipment that I worked for included amplifier, mixing console, iPhone, iPod, mp3 player, tablet, laptop, voice recorder, and 3.5mm jack to a mixer.

Brand: Jolgoo

👤Jolgoo is $10 Boya is$15 SevenOaks is $12.50 $400 or $500 is the price for a recorder used with a zoom H6 and a zoom F6. Only this and the Boya could handle the amount of power I threw at it. I was really impressed by it for $10. I don't know if it's a good thing, but the extra dangly bit may be a good thing if you have oddly bulky connectors, but it's more prone to getting broken due to the dangle. This was the reason why this came in second. There is a This was the second one to handle 48V Phantom Power without issue, and if you're on a budget, you really can't go wrong. The recording sounded great, but it didn't seem to add any processing. The cord and the connections on both the 3.5 Female and XLR feel more expensive than they are. I should have assumed that this is the mic I used in stereo, but it's not; it's the one I use in MONO. In case that wasn't obvious.

👤If you have a board that gives phantom power to a microphone, turn it off and it will work with a standard computer headset. If you need phantom power for a specific input, like a microphone, only turn on phantom power for that channel; the microphone from your computer headset will not work with phantom power. If you have a board that only turns on phantom power across all channels, you will need a 48V to 5V adapter to get your computer headset to work.

👤This is a high quality stereo mic accessory. The hardware is very strong with gold plated connections. It is flexible but durable. Just what you want, connections fit nicely and tightly. I was not aware this is a stereo, but the description was clear. If you don't have a specialty wired stereo female, you'll get mono if you do. Just remember that you have to relieve ch 2 from the stereo lead hot on mic lead. In my career, I've had many situations where I could have used this quality adapter and "saved the day" on a gig by quickly patching into a sound system, pleasing my (PowerPoint) clients. Been in sound person's patchbays multiple times. When it happens, be sure to add this to your bag so you can look like a rock star. Highly recommend this product manufacturer to a friend.

👤A friend of mine was looking for a way to connect a microphone with a plug for her mixer. It wouldn't work. The microphone I tried was weak and distorted, and it was only with a TS plug. The results were the same when plugged into a mixer. I don't recommend this product.

👤They mate up firmly in the 3.5mm junction. I can use an unbalanced stereo mic into dual unbalanced XLR plugs, or an unbalanced output to a balanced TRS input.

👤Needed a cheap solution. This worked out the trick. I don't have any complaints.

2. Mugteeve Headphone Connection Livestream Broadcast

Mugteeve Headphone Connection Livestream Broadcast

Video Assist 4K and Sharp 8K cam are compatible with Universal Compatibility. The dual xlr female to 3.5mm cable is designed to combine two separate signals into one stereo output. You can connect two microphones to a video camera, a portable recorder, a computer or other device with a mini jack input. It's used for recording and broadcast. You can use the mini stereo phone input to output the stereo signal from the mixer. Is it possible to combine guitar and mic input through a mixer? The distance from the splice to the XLR end is 42 cm, which is the longest distance between two ends. If you buy these for two microphones, make sure the distance between them is less than 2 feet. There are two more extension cables for longer connection. The cable is 10 feet 3 meters in length. It is flexible and heavy duty. The Mini TRS end is gold plated. The material of the shield is very low in OFC. The cable can work for a long time if the internal wire is drag-proof. This is a heavy duty stereo cable. Customers may want to distinguish left and right channels. The left channel end of the mini TRS Y cable has a blue ring and is connected to the 3.5mm TRS connector. The red ring is used as the right channel end of the 3.5mm TRS connector. You can mix the two ends. They offer a 2 year warranty for this cable. If you have an issue during the warranty time, please message them via your order page, their customer support will respond within 12 hours. Replacement or fees refunds will be arranged for failure by non-human factors.

Brand: Mugteeve

👤Great product. The quality is great. I use one mic. The mic didn't work after I plugged it in. I thought no. It's terrible, right out of the envelope. I plugged the mic into the other one and it worked. Whew! I was so happy. Just know this. When using one mic, there is a default jack. I don't remember which color it was. One doesn't work and the other will. It's all good. The price of one cord is less than the price of 2 mics. Great deal!

👤The sound was amazing when I balanced my Denefrips Ares II out to my Ray Samuels Predator DAC/ Amp. The cable jacket is soft and flexible. I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.

👤DJs who stream audio. It works perfectly with the sound card. A clear sound.

👤It worked great to add audio with no delay.

👤It works great to provide output from our church's sound board to our streaming source with high-quality cable.

👤The item is connected to the speakers. The sound is clear and it fits well on both ends.

3. TISINO Stereo Unbalanced Cable 3 5mm

TISINO Stereo Unbalanced Cable 3 5mm

The heavy duty rubber jacket is made from environment friendly material. A cell phone, mp3 player, laptop, voice recorder, or any 3.5mm audio output can be connected to a mixing console or powered speakers with the unbalanced 3.5mm cable. This cable can't be used to run from a mic in to an aux out. The left and right stereo signals are combined into a single mono signal on the Unbalanced cable. The strain relief on the male connector is molded to support the weight of the cable, the step-down design of the 3.5mm connector provides connection to the ports, and the 24k Gold-plated 3.5mm TRS connector has easy-grip treads for frequent unplugging and durability. The highest quality audio transfer without static or popping is ensured by 20 AWG 4N OFC wire. The Heavy Duty Flexible Soft Rubber Jacket was made of heavy duty rubber.

Brand: Tisino

👤I think it's important to point out that I am not a musical person. I bought this to connect the projector to the Amp. We've had trouble finding a converters that could do this without sound cutting in and out. It was easy to use since we didn't have to use multiple chords to connect it, but I was impressed by the sound quality. I would definitely recommend this cord to anyone who needed it for a similar purpose.

👤I volunteer at a senior center and ordered this to replace the ones that were ordered there. I noticed the difference in sound quality. The center bought two more after I passed the info along.

👤The cable seems to be made of high quality materials, it has great sound quality, and it was a great value compared to others. I bought this to attach my Boya wireless receiver to the Sony NX5R for interviews. I am very happy with the outcome. The audio is great with my new setup. Purchase with confidence.

👤Excellent product, great price and superior client support.

👤Great product. A computer sound jack is connected to a PA system.

👤I use this to run from my computer to my mixing board and it does the job without a box.

👤I wanted to use this cable to connect the amplifier to the gym. There was no sound when the cable was connected to the amplifier. I bought an identical cable from a different manufacturer and it sounds great. Poor quality wires or insufficient shielding are likely to be the reasons.

👤I bought this cable in December of 2016 and it starts giving me problems in February of 2022, which is when I can return it to the vendor via the Amazon return policy.

👤I bought this as a lead to get my film camera. I had a back up plan in case this thing didn't fit. There should be a little grooves on the plug that keep it aligned, but it wouldn't plug in as there was a piece of metal stopping it. It wasn't factory tested before it was sent for sale. It was not worth the time spent returning it. Straight to the dump.

👤Good sound quality and easy to use. I use it for my Rde Wireless GO, and it's perfect. If you just need a good quality sounding hobby streaming is a good recommendation.

👤I bought these to connect my wireless to my recorder and they are perfect.

👤If you plan to listen to music from your phone, you will end up listening to the left or right channel, because it's mono sending only one channel to the speaker. It is not a sterEO as claimed in the description.

👤Does what it says on the tin.

4. Adapter 6 35mm Female Headphone Connector

Adapter 6 35mm Female Headphone Connector

Stereo ports that are 6.35mm to 3.5mm can be used to accept a standard 3.5mm plug. The headphone accessory: The headphones should be connected to audio devices with a The audio is connected to an audio device. The 1/2 inch to 1 inch stereo adapters are convenient and cost-effective. The other name is headphones,stereo audio, 3.5mm to 6mm, or 6.5mm to 3.5mm. The grip treads help with plugging and unplugging.

Brand: Posdou

👤Here's the story. I was disappointed when I realized that the two packs of adapters I bought were so cheap. I opened the first pack and found that one of the adapters wouldn't work if I pulled the cable up. When I tried three different headphones, I switched out the one I had laying around for the one that was faulty. Now is the right time. For the bad part... I don't have to rely on my computer's processor when I'm recording because I use an analog mixing board that I connect from the outputs of my interface that I use for routing audio and outboard equipment. I plugged in the headphones to the PHONES OUT on the board and there was no sound being transmitted. The sleeve part of the adapter came out when I unplugged the board. The tip and ring were stuck inside of my board. Since I bought this board to restore and upgrade, I wasn't afraid to use a small tool to pull out the remaining pieces. After about 45 minutes, I got the ring section out and thought it would be a good time to leave a review on Amazon so other people don't have to go through this. I'm not too worried about my board because I can remove the tip from the jack. I will not be buying this again and I will spend the extra $3 to get a better one from a different company. Also, note: I didn't want to risk another adapter breaking inside of my board so I threw out the two that worked.

👤The bottom half came off and is stuck in my audio interface, so don't buy it. It is not usable. If you want your audio interface to function, do not buy it.

👤I was willing to give them a chance. They're cheaper than alternatives and they don't get jarred around much if at all. They were used for the first time last night. Everything sounded great, as good as my microphones can. The camera that these plugs ultimately record to had no audio at all, just a horrible buzzing sound. The guts were spilled on the floor. Very poor made. The plastic base I use when taking pictures for Amazon is very large, which is likely a defect in mine. There is a picture of the inside where it is empty.

👤It worked when the machine was first inserted. The sound is acceptable. The microphone 3.5mm pin broke off when I pulled it out. Poor quality.

👤I can't judge the sound quality since I'm using a cheap earphone, but they seem to work just fine. I had 2 sets of ear buds that I wanted to plug into my speaker and they worked well. The quality of these is cheap but if you need them for an accessory you can't go wrong. If you are a serious music person, you want the most perfect sound.

👤One works perfectly, one results in a random connection, cutting sound in/out with static. It was snug fit, intact pieces. I only invested about $1.50 for the one that performs. Would not recommend it.

5. NewFantasia Adapter Balanced Female Headphone

NewFantasia Adapter Balanced Female Headphone

There is a pro tip. Before using this cable, be sure to plug it in. You will not hear anything if you don't. It is made with OCC Wire, Silver Plated Cable, Audio Adapter Extension Cords. The jack has a 3.5mm stereo male and a 6.3mm stereo male. The 3.5mm port on the phone/PC music player can be used to connect the headphones with the 4 pin jack. It has high resolving power, smooth sound transparent, clear and full of layers. The package includes an Adapter cable.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤I put the cables on my headphones. I can use my fancy headphones with my tube amplifier, my Dragonfly, and my other portable amplifier without having to swap headphones. I just click on the plug and it will open up. The sound is not changed by the adapter. Drop outs and other audio issues are common to third-party cables. It is a bit heavy, but I don't think it could be any different. I have one plugged into a Schiit Fulla 2. If I put that little amplifier too close to the edge of the table, the weight of the plug and the cable could pull it off the table. That is not a big deal. I can bend the cable 180 degrees and use the table as a resting place for it.

👤I am not sure of the material in the wire, but it definitely kills high frequencies. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your headphones. I have a pair of extenders. The cables are braided using 8 strands of FAW 7N (99,99999%) and they say to reduce the EMI. It will cost you around $7580. I can see that FAW has more clarity. I was surprised to see how much of the sound signature can be changed. If you think you have a sibilant and harsh HF, try out these adapter. I connected the Meze Empyrean using the adapters and they are not removing any EMI since I got a lot of EMI. It's not something coming from the Adapter. For me, they are 5 star for the price, as it brings positive change to my HD600 which I am running with Dekoni hybrid pads. I like that it brings down the little spark that 600 has.

👤If you want to convert your balanced cable end to a stereo jack, it works. If you have no other choice, use one of these because you will lose the advantage of running a balanced cable. This is a versatile solution because of the two different jack options.

👤I bought these for my headphones and they work well. There were no problems.

👤It works great with my new HD800. The 800's come with this cable, but it allows me to use different connections based on which transport I am using without having to replace the entire cable. It's much easier to replace the tips.

👤It is silver coated. Information is not lost or changed when using it. Highly recommended by a serious audio engineer.

👤The item arrived north of the 49th parallel. Works as advertised. The connect seems strong.

👤This is a very useful accessory. I can't detect a negative effect on sound quality.

6. NewFantasia Balanced Headphone Adapter Crystal

NewFantasia Balanced Headphone Adapter Crystal

The sheath of this cable is made of FEP, which has an excellent temperature resistance range of -65C200C. The package include:1*audio adapter cable. A protective layer is added to the 6N OCC copper Single Crystal Silver Plated wires to eliminate noise interference, and you will enjoy the same sound quality as your headphones.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤If you own expensive headphones. You don't want to spend $4000 to $4000 to upgrade to XLR. Then buy the 4.4mm > XLR adapter. There is a The wire silver core is gold and transparent. It will save you a lot of money and give you the exact same performance as an expensive cable upgrade. There is a FullBright1 is a number. It was approved.

7. Adapter Charger Headphone Dongle Samsung

Adapter Charger Headphone Dongle Samsung

Customer service and warranty for 12 months are what you get. Their c to aux adapter is perfect for the new S22/S22 Ultra. And fit for the following: Macbook Pro 2020/iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the HUAWEI MATE 20. XiaoMi PRO/11 Ultra, Pro/Mate 30 Pro, P30 Pro, P40 Pro, and more are included. Most of the devices in the market support phone calling and music control. There's no need to switch between charging and streaming audio with the audio to 3.5mm cable. It supports up to 60W. Also, note: It may take a while to charge when listening to music. When you stop listening to music, it will support fast charge. There is music in CD-QUALITY. Their aux tousb jackadapter is compatible with up to 24 bit/ 96Khz, built-in DAC chip. You will be able to enjoy your favorite tracks while enjoying more depth and clarity. Does not support data transfer. Perfect travel partner. The perfect accessory for when you're on the go. Plug and play, no need to install drivers or apps. High quality. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case of their jackadapter is designed to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls.

Brand: Phoie

8. Stereo Copper Headphone Adapter 6 35mm

Stereo Copper Headphone Adapter 6 35mm

Quality service. A hassle-free warranty and friendly customer service are included in the package. Please contact them if you have any questions. You can connect headphones to audio devices with the 3.5mm jack accessory. The service life of pure copper is much longer than that of plastic and gold. The copper connections ensure minimal signal loss. It's portable and works with earphone, headphones, karaoke system and etc. A friend customer service.

Brand: Andtobo

👤Someone who has done professional audio, DJ'ing, and never was sold on other versions of these. I've spent a lot of money on adaptors that didn't work, but these are the best I've had. There is a It is obvious that there is attention to quality control, which is normally not something that most would think of with something this small, especially at the great price point. Don't read their title if you're not sure if it's true; everything is gold plated and tested with a voltmeter, it's not your average copper, so don't let that fool you. A lot of old speaker wire is not a standard cheap copper. The gold plated item has the best connection for a small accessory, out of the many I have used in the past. They're excellent, and you lose absolutely zero quality, which I can't say the same about for the bin that I've got years worth of other ones in, which don't have near this quality. You can't beat this price. You have to sacrifice the quality of whatever you need to convert to a 3.5mm jack on most devices. I keep these with me when I go out and listen to high quality headphones on my phone or music player. I hope they don't see the review and the price goes up. There is a There's not a thing about these that I don't like. They're balanced, they're extremely well made, and you can tell the manufacturer, was putting quality control/build quality, as a major priority, which, you don't see often from small adaptors. There is a They are built like a tank, so no "cons" to be seen. If you don't want to go through a lot of balanced adaptors, and you need them, these are the ones you need, and they are cheap. I'm so happy with these, that I wish I could just deal with this company directly, as it's pretty rare to find quality like this at this price. It's like someone who has a passion for music and audio quality was in charge before they let this go out into the world. You can't go wrong if you get them.

👤The delivery date was before these came. I found a 40 year old headphones in a box in the basement. I didn't know if the phones worked, but it was worth a try. They worked well. It's also possible for audio books. Who doesn't need more headphones? I have 2 over the ear and 2 smaller ones that don't cover the entire ear. A good product.

👤I can play my guitar through the Bose soundlink with this fantastic little accessory. Sounds good! It feels very strong.

👤They make a lot of hissing, cut out, and produce a lot of static noise when plugged into my phone and amplifier, unless you find the perfect sweet spot and let the cable rest flat. I plugged my headphones into the same amplifier and it didn't cause any issues.

👤The product is good. I got it because my new iFi Pro iDSD DAC only has a balanced jack and unbalanced one. I wanted to use my Hifiman HD-500 headphones with a 1/2 inch plug. The sound quality of these components was not affected by this adapter. Highly recommended!

9. NANYI Female Headphone Adapter Upgrade

NANYI Female Headphone Adapter Upgrade

Solid construction and secure connections are what powerful connections are made of. The mic won't work with the 4 pole and 3 pole 3.5mm connections. Good helper. You can connect the piano to the headphones with a 1/2 inch male plug extension cable. There is a new upgraded version. They are sturdy and perfectly fit, so you don't have to change them frequently. The new design is snug and nice. No cracking, humming or cutting out. There is an improvement in fidelity for very little money. It's cool, it has a strong body that is made entirely, has a solid structure, and a black coat, perfect for carrying around. Customer service is provided. A hassle-free 18-month warranty.

Brand: Nanyi

👤It's perfect for musical players. I own a piano. I can finally play in peace now that I have an adapter.

👤So far, so good. I will update my review if it fails. I use it with headphones to use a keyboard.

👤I don't think it's a good idea to evaluate an item like this, does it work or not? There is a This does not. I can only get a solid connection at certain angles, so I'm assuming it's poorly made. The signal will either be dropped completely or one ear will be dropped. There is a It's cheap, but I can't recommend it. There are many choices to make.

👤The product is small and cheap. It performs well, but I have a problem plugging it into the amplifier for my guitar. If I plug it in all the way, it becomes hard to hear, but if I pull it out just a bit, it works well. Maybe it's not made to plug headphones into an amplifier.

👤The adapter is pretty decent. I use it to plug in my headphones into my Yamaha electric piano and the sound quality is fairly good but quiet as I can crank my volume up all the way and it still seems at "medium" volume. I don't know if it's due to the adapter or something else. The black plastic cylinder at the top of the adapter is cheap, and that's the issue I have with it, especially at the 7 dollar price point. Carrying it around the top cylinder brackets might cause it to break. Overall, I am disappointed and would've gone for other products that offered gold metal, even though this had good reviews.

👤I love it! I attach it to my headphones and plug it into my piano so I can play whenever I want. During football games, I can hear the piano perfectly and my husband is watching TV. I can play late at night. Love it.

👤I bought this to use headphones with my audio interface and just deliver one channel, not mono, just one of the two channels. Is supposed to be stereo but not, in fact is just a one channel stereo adapter. This is not what you need if you are looking for a stereo accessory.

👤I'm going to get a refund. I should be able to fit a 3.5mm jack into the 1/6'' male but it doesn't fit. It's 3.125mm. I had this as a one star because it said it was compatible with 3.5mm. You need to push with force so that it gets in. It felt like it was going to break my jack. The techniqur is meant to push quickly and with power so that it doesn't break. I will keep the product.

10. Coiled Replacement Headphone 6 35mm Adapter

Coiled Replacement Headphone 6 35mm Adapter

The replacement cable is not included in the package. K141, K171, K181, K271, K271S, K270, K712 PRO, K are compatible with AKG Q701. The Mini-XLR Female to 1/8" and 1/4" are both male plugs. The black spring audio cable can be stretched to 15 feet (5 meters) long and allow you to move your chair at random. The plugs are gold- plated to make sure you get the best sound. The 6.35mm screw-on adapter is for consoles, speakers, guitars, pianos, amplifier and drums.

Brand: Weishan

👤I've been using this with my headphones for about two months now. I am happy with it. The cable and tip seem to be of good quality. Excellent audio quality is present. The rubber wrap at the end of the headphones has separated from the metal case about half a dozen times over the last 2 months, exposing the wires underneath. To fix this, you need to remove the metal connection, slide the rubber wrap back up the wire, and squeeze it back into the metal piece, which is the hard part. I think it happens because of either pulling on the wire at an angle or just from a resting position as shown in the 2nd photo. It's not too difficult to fix, but I'm afraid it will lead to cable failure one day because of that wire exposure and having to wiggle that area to fix it.

👤This is a cable. If you're in a place where it might get caught, you'll have to replace the straight cable that comes with the K245's. I was lucky enough to find this after some research, after I was on my second replacement. Half the price will double the quality. The connection where the wires are soldered has an outer shell that can be removed if the thing breaks. The coil makes that less likely. The cable is durable and nice. There is a problem with the screwable metal connection piece because a little rubber piece that is supposed to sit in it keeps falling out. It's not a big deal, but it makes me nervous. There is a You should have this cable for your headphones. If you don't have a lower end model, it's a sound investment.

👤I use my headphones on the piano. I ordered this replacement because the cable was torn to shreds and was recently run over by myrobovac. The only visible difference is the strain relief at the end of the headphones. I'm very happy with the sound quality.

👤Finally! The long cable was hard to manage at my desk. The replacement is plugged into my keyboard's headphones. I can move around, but not enough to keep it from falling off my chair. The sound quality seems the same. The cable is thicker than the original, and it has a thread 1/4" adapter. I love it!

👤Maybe it will extend up to 15. It would be crazy to try it. At 7 feet of tug, it will try to pull out the jack from the tension. I think pulling it further will stretch it permanently. I use it as a short to mid-range cable. I don't think that is a false advertisement because it might actually go to 15 feet. I love the cable for what I need it for. There is an update. I ordered it in January of 2021. It ended with 14 months of normal use. It now only feeds one ear. Make of it what you will.

👤Plugs break when you tug on them a lot. There is a Due to being coiled, it is being tugged on. I only used it as intended, so it could have been better. It was broken in 2 months. I tried to fix it. The metal contacts were pulled slowly. I tried to fix it, but it broke again. Don't buy a coiled cord with a plug that can't resist the tug of the coil.

11. JSAUX Lightning Headphone Certified Compatible

JSAUX Lightning Headphone Certified Compatible

It works with all devices that have a Lightning connection, including iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone. Apple MFi is certified. The APPLE MFi certification requirements have been completed by the JSAUX. The Apple MFi certification and the strict quality testing ensure that you can connect to your Apple devices. There is a compatibility list. Most of the APPLE devices are compatible with the 3.5mm Lightning Headphone Converter. It is not compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Pro 11", and iPad Mini 2021. Keep the Functionality. With this Lightning Dongle Converter, you can control your Earbuds, Headphone, and Earphone with your voice. It will work without error messages. Special strain relief design can bear 15000+ bends in strict laboratory tests. Premium aluminum housing makes the cable more durable. Premium nylon braided type c cable is tangle free. The sound is called Super Sound. The sampling rate is up to 48KHz and the noise is removed. A clear sound with no breaks.

Brand: Jsaux

👤This does not support a microphone, but it works well with stereo headphones. The female mini-plug has 3 poles, but 4 are needed for a mic.

👤I am one of the few people who hates the AirPods. I can't keep them in my ears and I hate having to think about when to charge them. When pulling them to speak with people, I drop one or both of them. I preferred corded earbuds and didn't upgrade from the iPhone 6 because of the dropping of the headphone port. The lighting of all designs does not work long term. They only seem to last a few weeks before they start cutting out and dropping audio. I had high hopes for this brand, but it is the same as all the others.

👤I've bought a 20 dollar Tera Grand for the last 2 years, and they were brilliant, even though they slightly lowered the volume on iPhone. I bought one and it kept malfunctioning. I replaced it, and the replacement was worse, so I returned it and looked at this product, which is a little cheaper, but works just as well and has stood up on two pairs of headphones. Apple refuses to have a simple input for headphones, which is a crime. Over the years, I've paid hundreds for these. If they do not work right, they stop working within 8 weeks every single time, so don't bother with the 6-10 dollar versions. Trust me. I only listen to wired headphones and these with the iPhones are the way to go. The new king is being hailed.

👤The quality is looking good so far. No issues with sound, including using start/stop/Siri commands with my headphones. There is a The length is too long. It's longer than it needs to be, and it's basically false advertising compared to the photos on this page. If it was shorter, I would enjoy it more. I'm going to try it out and see if I like it. It has been less than 3 months since purchase. The sound quality was good until today when the connection started to fail. The audio will come in and out if the wire is moved around. The condition is still good, but it is no longer usable. I checked the connections and used different adapters to confirm the failure. There is a I'm a heavier user, listening to my headphones on average 1-2 hours a day, with this adapter hanging four or five inches out of my pocket most of the time, and with me taking my phone out of my pocket several times. I don't bend it too much, but I'm careful with the accessory. The cheap Apple adapters shown in the photo lasted about the same as this one.

👤So disappointed. I can't use airpods on my new phone because it doesn't have a jack. When it works, this is fine. Occasionally, that is. The sound keeps coming from the phone. I have not been able to figure out why it stops working. It was a waste of money.


What is the best product for xlr headphone adapter?

Xlr headphone adapter products from Jolgoo. In this article about xlr headphone adapter you can see why people choose the product. Mugteeve and Tisino are also good brands to look for when you are finding xlr headphone adapter.

What are the best brands for xlr headphone adapter?

Jolgoo, Mugteeve and Tisino are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xlr headphone adapter. Find the detail in this article. Posdou, Newfantasia and Newfantasia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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