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1. Cable Matters Inch 3 5mm Male

Cable Matters Inch 3 5mm Male

The craftsmanship and style of Zeskit is exceptional. A mixing console or powered speakers can be connected to an unbalanced XLR to 1/6 cable with a phone, iPad, or voice recorder. A quick and convenient solution to connect many devices with the common mini phone jack is to use the 1/8 to XLR cable. Pro grade performance with oxygen-free copper conductors to deliver pristine sound; Bare copper braided shielding provides maximum cancellation of hum and noise; and Polyethylene insulation improves high frequencies. A flexible jacket with gold-plated connectors in a rugged metal housing, a molded strain relief for the weight of the connector, and a 3.5mm TRS connector with easy-grip treads for frequent unplugging are all part of a robust construction. 3.5 to XLR compatible with a mixing console or powered speakers.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤As many reviewers here have complained, I had complained about distortion. I have some audio engineering experience. My rustiness shows. There are significant volume differences between line level and mic level signals for those who are experiencing distortion. If you want to increase the volume of your receiver/mixer, you will need to bring the volume down considerably from your source. If you don't, expected distortion will occur. I apologize for jumping the gun on my review, I already understood these concepts. I will post the findings in response to other reviewers who had the same experience.

👤This cable is very good. A good quality "Neutrik" style male XLR at one end, gold-plated male mini-stereo at the other, well insulated and pliable cable. There were no complaints here. Make sure you know what you get and what you need. Three conductor cable with typical wiring at one end and unbalanced wiring at the other. This cable takes a stereo feed from an iPod or similar personal stereo device and "sums" it into an unbalanced mono feed/signal that can be plugged into a single channel of a pre-amp/mixer or other. Stereo separation will be lost when this feed is panned to center.

👤I returned the product because it wasn't designed for my use case, but I believe it was just a mistake. I wanted the channels to be combined into a single speaker. I bought a product that works well. I encourage the store owner to keep the product description current. Balanced vs Unbalanced wiring is the issue. The tip and ring are connected to the pin. When used with a stereo source, this created distortion. The pin alignment on the product I purchased works great. It is a 3.5mm stereo cable. The tip and ring have the same pins. The product description is misleading and this rating is 3.

👤I am not a sound person and have no qualifications on this type of product, but here is my experience. On Sunday mornings, I plug this into my iPad Pro, and the other end into the microphone cord, that is plugged into the wall. I play short video clips during my church lessons. There is a If I turn on the sound system before plugging in the iPad, I get terrible humming and clicking sounds through the speakers. If I plug in the iPad first and then turn on the sound system, there is less hum. If I turn on the volume when I run the movie, most of the hum disappears. Since I use a microphone during class, I have to keep the sound system on until the video clips play. I borrowed a cable from a neighbor for the first month of my class, and I just plugged in the cable and was ready to go. After reading the reviews, I decided to get my own cable. I wish I didn't have to remember to turn on the sound system after getting everything ready, I wish I didn't have to plug in items in a certain order, and I wish I didn't have to hook up everything at once. I wish it worked as well as my neighbors. I will keep using it because I can get my money out of it, since I only use it once a week.

2. NewFantasia Balanced Compatible Headphones Replacement

NewFantasia Balanced Compatible Headphones Replacement

The HE-400i with dual 3.5mm plug headphones doesn't fit the old version of the cable. Please note the connection. The package includes a replacement audio cable, but the headphones are not included. It is compatible with the latest version of the HE-400i. The sheath of this cable is made of FEP, which has excellent temperature resistance range of -65C200, and it is made of 6N OCC copper Single Crystal Silver Plated wires. Excellent features include low frequencies and sound density. The transmission is unique. The synthesis of sound quality is very important. It will refresh your ears.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤I noticed that the right side was dimmer than the left after about 32 days. It worked with other headphones, but not with this one. I have never tugged on the cable or removed the headphones from the amplifier. I had been listening to them for 200 hours. I contacted them a few weeks ago, but they didn't reply. I didn't buy the warranty because I have never abused any of my headphones. I paid the price when I waited for my mom to ship me a cable.

👤I have a pair of HD 400i and recently upgraded my headphones to the Monolith 124459 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with the help of the THXAAA Technology. I've heard that using a balanced cable can provide more power for longer cable lengths, but it doesn't improve sound. The stock cable was shorter than ideal. I talked myself into buying this cable. I plugged it in for a few minutes. Wow! What a change. The sound seems livelier and much cleaner than I would like to comment on. I will probably get one for my HD6xx when they arrive. I am happy with the build quality so far. I didn't think they were cool in person, but they are. They are easy to manage. I am thrilled so far, but I will update later if I run into any issues.

👤NewFantasia cables are second to none and I own several of them. You can pay more if it makes you happy, but these work great and sound great. They lay flat in the tray under my headphones. When you're ready to use them, they don't tangle or twist. The headphones that they are supposed to fit are always in spec. I own other audio cables that have been trouble free as well.

👤I ordered these because I want to have an all balanced setup once my small su-8 arrives. The cable is beautiful and works perfectly for me, it's stiffer than regular headphones but I'm not sure yet, but these are for my desktop set up I am sure they will hold up, as I move around while I listen to music at my desk.

👤It's a bendy cable for an affordable price. It works well! There is a The manufacturers charge a lot for headphones. They would usually quote around $200 and find a third-party cable for less than $100. There is a This cable is great. It's fairly priced. The cable is light and does not rattle when you move your head. I have no complaints so far.

👤The price is decent for these. The wires are thin and the plastic is not flexible, but for the price, it's not bad. The braid is the reason this cable is flexible. The wires after the split are not very good. You don't want to rub them on anything if there is no music playing. Outside of that, these are decent. I need to get better cables from Hart Audio. This cable is a big step up from what I got with the HiFiMan Edition XX. The stock cable is not good.

3. NewFantasia Balanced Compatible Sennheiser Headphones

NewFantasia Balanced Compatible Sennheiser Headphones

The cable is made with Silver Plated. A balanced male has a 4Pin XLR balanced male. This replacement cable is compatible with Massdrop HD6XX headphones. It has high resolving power, smooth sound transparent, clear and full of layers. The package includes a replacement cable.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤I switched from a standard Sennheiser cable to the one on my Queuestyle CMA400i DAC/Amp. The sound quality is very good. The microphonics with this cable are poor. When the cable rubs together, you can hear the last little bumps. I am looking for a different cable because it is frustrating. They would have better microphonics if they were sleeved with paracord. The cables on the left and right are stiff. If you can get past the microphonics, the cable is a good value.

👤I own a few different pairs of Newfantasia cable's and have never had an issue with them. I was worried about ordering the balanced cable's because of the reviews. I can confirm that this is true, however my strategy has been to take two steps. 1. Do what you can to get the cable straightened out. It was stiff and coiled due to packing. I hung my headphones on a nail above my door, so that the end of the headphones wouldn't fall off. It only took overnight to do the job because of the heavy weight of the connection. 2. I'm going to wrap the cord from the XLR end to the point where it splits into the L & R ends, which can be found in the sporting goods or crafts department at any Walmart. I know these are extra steps that nobody really wants to do, but the price of balanced cable's for sennheiser headphones from most places are a great deal. If you don't want to take all the time wrapping the cables in nylon, you should definitely do it.

👤This cable will prove that the upgrade to a high end cable is not a myth. There is a The sound of your music will be noticeably changed by this high quality cable. It could be a good thing or a bad thing. Let me explain. There is a Depending on their purity and type of material, each cable will transmit a different signal. There is a The difference between pure copper and pure silver is very small, so it's not worth paying more for sound improvement. There is a The signal and information that travel through the cable to your headphones will be subtracted depending on the purity of the material. That might be a good thing because the manufacturer of the headphones modifies the material on their cable to make it sound warm or high. There is a Now back at the cable. This is a high end cable that will allow you to use your headphones. If your average listening level is 80, you are going to crank the music volume down to 60 to match the volume level that you are used to. There is a Everything will be sharper, and more in your face, thanks to this cable. They say to be careful what you wish for. There is a This cable will do what you expect it to do, but it's not a good idea to upgrade to a balanced 35mm jack cable if you're not used to it. I used this cable to plug into my Fiio X5 balanced input and the New Fantasia balanced male to 4pin balanced female adaptor to plug into my 4pin balanced female input. I was shocked at the sound difference I was hearing on my headphones. There is a Everything sounds better than the already-crisp-sounding music and it also removes the warm sound of the music and makes it sharper and more clinical. There is a This is understandable because a high quality cable material will let all the signal through so you will hear the music as it was recorded in the studio. Lower grade cable is more forgivable and average out the flaws in the music because some information will be lost when transmitted to your headphones. I don't have a problem with microphonics when the cables rub or slide across your clothing or any surface like some other reviewer mentioned in their review. The cable is packed in sealed plastic bags to retain its purity of quality. If you are going to walk around the street with this cable, it is a bit thin. I don't recommend buying this version with the 4 pin adaptor because it's heavy and should only be laid on a surface when you listen to your headphones. The straight phone jack version of the headphones lets you plug it into your music player. The side of the cable that is plugged into the headphones has a label that tells you which side of the cable to plug into. There is a I first plug in my music player. It didn't make a sound, but when I plugged it back in, the sound came on right away, which I thought was a new cable quirk. There is a I did not regret buying this cable, nor do I plan to return it because it will change the sound of your headphones. If you play music from a hi fi player like Fiio, it will make the music sound louder without the help of an amplifier. If you're used to the way your music sounds right now, it might take a while to get used to this new sound. Enjoy the new sound!

4. Mugteeve Headphone Connection Livestream Broadcast

Mugteeve Headphone Connection Livestream Broadcast

Video Assist 4K and Sharp 8K cam are compatible with Universal Compatibility. The dual xlr female to 3.5mm cable is designed to combine two separate signals into one stereo output. You can connect two microphones to a video camera, a portable recorder, a computer or other device with a mini jack input. It's used for recording and broadcast. You can use the mini stereo phone input to output the stereo signal from the mixer. Is it possible to combine guitar and mic input through a mixer? The distance from the splice to the XLR end is 42 cm, which is the longest distance between two ends. If you buy these for two microphones, make sure the distance between them is less than 2 feet. There are two more extension cables for longer connection. The cable is 10 feet 3 meters in length. It is flexible and heavy duty. The Mini TRS end is gold plated. The material of the shield is very low in OFC. The cable can work for a long time if the internal wire is drag-proof. This is a heavy duty stereo cable. Customers may want to distinguish left and right channels. The left channel end of the mini TRS Y cable has a blue ring and is connected to the 3.5mm TRS connector. The red ring is used as the right channel end of the 3.5mm TRS connector. You can mix the two ends. They offer a 2 year warranty for this cable. If you have an issue during the warranty time, please message them via your order page, their customer support will respond within 12 hours. Replacement or fees refunds will be arranged for failure by non-human factors.

Brand: Mugteeve

👤Great product. The quality is great. I use one mic. The mic didn't work after I plugged it in. I thought no. It's terrible, right out of the envelope. I plugged the mic into the other one and it worked. Whew! I was so happy. Just know this. When using one mic, there is a default jack. I don't remember which color it was. One doesn't work and the other will. It's all good. The price of one cord is less than the price of 2 mics. Great deal!

👤The sound was amazing when I balanced my Denefrips Ares II out to my Ray Samuels Predator DAC/ Amp. The cable jacket is soft and flexible. I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.

👤DJs who stream audio. It works perfectly with the sound card. A clear sound.

👤It worked great to add audio with no delay.

👤It works great to provide output from our church's sound board to our streaming source with high-quality cable.

👤The item is connected to the speakers. The sound is clear and it fits well on both ends.

5. NewFantasia Replacement Compatible Headphones 1 2meters

NewFantasia Replacement Compatible Headphones 1 2meters

Left and right channel speakers can be connected with the 2 XLR connections. Left channel speakers are usually connected with the 3.5mm TRS connector, which is usually connected with the blue ring of the XLR. The red ring on the XLR is used to connect a right channel speaker. You can mix the left and right channels. Replacement audio upgrade cable. K141, K171, K181, Q701, K702, K712 PRO, K271s, and K553 are used. Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones extension cords. jack is mini-XLR to 1/8" and1/4" The cable material is OFC wire and the cable diameter is 4mm. The replacement cable is not included in the package. This cable is compatible with the K240. K141, K171, K181, Q701, K702, K712 PRO, K271s, and K553 are used. The Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones are M 220.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤I replaced my original cable after it stopped working. The release button never worked properly and the connection was only working for one channel after a year. The release button on my headphones did not work, so it was difficult to remove the broken cable. I was afraid I would break my headphones if I tried to get this cable to release. After I removed the cable and replaced it with a new one, the headphones worked fine, so I know the connection issue was with this cable and not with my headphones.

👤There is a second update on 7/25/2020. rimao cai from NewFantasiaDirect apologized for my review and told me they would send me a new one. I decided to take them up on it because I got 3 good years out of the first one and they offered a free replacement even though they didn't have to. Many sellers wouldn't go the extra mile like that, so I am giving this item more stars for the exceptional support they gave me. The shipping of the new cable was very fast. I was told I would get it on the 26th. I received it on the 25th. They paid more for faster shipping than they had to. They went above and beyond. End of the story. There is an update. I took the Mini-XLR end of the cable apart since it had a short in it. You get what you pay for. The wires inside the braided sheath and rubber insulation are very thin. It doesn't take much to cause a short with wires that thin. End of the story. There is a Okay. I have had this cable for 3 years and use it every day on my main headphones. AKG K240. I was pleased with it when I first got it, and it was built to last, with a braided sheath on the wire, and a strain relief spring on the 3.5mm side. There is a I should have known that it would die if the cable went into the mini-xlr. And guess what? It was. I have been wearing headphones for almost 3 years and one side started cutting out when I moved my head. 3 years might seem like a long time but I sit in the same spot all the time and don't bend or move my cables so they don't get abused. I'm pretty sure the cable that came with my headphones lasted longer than this one did. It's a shame because replacement cables for these headphones are hard to come by. You can't just order a bunch of headphones and then just order an old cable. It needs to have a mini-XLR plug on it. It's pretty much certain that you'll have to order a replacement when it becomes necessary. It will be necessary right away. You don't want to wait a week for shipping when you need your headphones every day. There is a I'm not buying this one again.

👤I bought a set of headphones a few months ago. I found the 10ft cord too long for regular use. I would rather the cord be long than short. It was unwieldy, to say the least. After stuffing 7 feet of cord in my pocket, I decided to look for something more reasonable. There is a That's where the 1.2m cord comes in. I was torn between this one and a similar one that had inline volume/track controls, but I settled on this one for the sake of simplicity. When I got this cord, I was not sure what to think. It has a braided sheath, a metal spring for strain relief, and appears to have some excellent quality connections on both ends. The screw-on version of the 1/4" TRS adapter is what I appreciate. The 3.5mm end is strong enough to connect all my devices. The length is perfect. There is a The thickness of the cable was my only concern. I was worried that I might lose some of my sound through a thinner wire, since I use headphones with myHTC 10 without an external amplifier. My fears were not true. I get more volume out of my phone now than I used to. I can listen at less than half volume, which gives me plenty of room. The cord is a bargain. Don't be in a similar situation as I was. Order this by pulling the trigger. It was an amazing listening experience to listen to the new re-issue of Faith No More's "We Care A Lot" album.

6. Cable Matters Unbalanced 3 5mm Female

Cable Matters Unbalanced 3 5mm Female

A mini 3.5mm mic in port allows for connection of a mic to a camera or computer sound card, and a step-down design allows for connection of a mic to a handheld mic. The mic cable splits the audio signal across the phone jack input for dual mono output, which eliminates the need to edit the audio or purchase an accessory box. The microphone cable has oxygen-free copper conductors that deliver pristine sound and a bare copper braided shielding that protects it from noise and hum. The construction includes a flexible jacket with a gold- plated connection in a rugged metal housing, a molded strain relief for the weight of a microphone, and a 3.5mm TRS connection. Audio-Technica PRO70 Cardioid Condenser Lavalier/Instrument, Behringer Ultravoice, Pyle-ProPDMIC58 Professional Moving Coil Dynamic Handheld, and the Rode REPORTER are all compatible with the 3.5mm standard. The Q7 is a Camcorder Shotgun. The Handheld Dynamic is Handheld.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤You can't say much about the length of the wire. This one works well and feels good in your hand. Everything you want in the cable. Good price too. There is a Have a great day if you found this review helpful.

👤I have no issues with using this cable to run a cardioid mic into my DSLR. There was no buzzing or anything. The rubber has a nice feel. I like the shiny gold finish on the connections and they seem to be fabricated to high standards. When you are about to rehearse with this thing, people will be like "You didn't tell us you were tight with Slash, bro." One thing that may throw you off guard is that the plug cover screws into the end, which may make you think it's not good quality. Nope. As per its design, just screws in to place. So far, so good, will update if it doesn't hold up.

👤The cables are of good quality. I bought a few of these to replace the worn out cables. I could easily tell the difference in quality when I compared this cable to the free ones I received from a third party. The cables are built very well, almost twice the thickness of the previous cables, and this provides immense protection from damage or interference. There is a I couldn't ask for more, the delivery was quick and the packaging was professional.

👤I have had cables from this supplier before. The vendor worked with me to fix a problem, and I learned that it's important to check your device to see if it requires a balanced or unbalanced cable. The vendor told me that my intended device needed an unbalanced cable, which I ordered from them. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could, because the unbalanced version of the product works superbly and the company's help was very helpful.

👤The plug doesn't fit into the female hole of the cord, which is very heavy. The ugly only goes half way. I can't get the plug to fit. I tried it on my cameras. It wouldn't fit on any of them. The plug stops when it goes in half way. The other sellers are not saying they are having any problems, so I think there is something wrong with the plug. The plug won't fit into any of my extension cords. Something is not right. All my other plugs and cords fit the same.

👤I needed this cable for something and it was terrible.

👤I've been using this cable for several months and it's been very reliable, the build and quality feel nice, everything you want from a cable. I haven't found any audio quality issues with my recordings.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The stereo sound is perfect. I was trying to connect an aux cord. I couldn't find the correct accessory to get the stereo I needed. Gave up and tried the aux. It worked out well. Couldn't have been better.

7. NewFantasia Balanced Headphone Replacement Upgrade

NewFantasia Balanced Headphone Replacement Upgrade

The cable is made with Silver Plated. A balanced male has a 4Pin XLR balanced male. It has high resolving power, smooth sound transparent, clear and full of layers. The package includes a replacement cable.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤The quality of the cable is abysmal in my opinion, so the bar is set pretty low. The left channel started to crack less than two years after I upgraded to a non- branded, silver- plated cable from ebay, even though it cost low three figures and was braided with a protective sleeve. The NewFantasia cable seems to be the best so far. Again, this is within the context of cable prices. I'm aware of all the silver dragons and cardas. I have yet to be convinced that those cables provide any noticeable difference compared to the NewFantasia cables. It's questionable whether companies making the premium class of cables, like the silver dragon or cardas, can actually deliver better sound, if better means more detailed, more open, more revealing, unveiled, unspoiled, engaging and multidimensional. The amount of their measurement usually doesn't go beyond a few quotes from audio magazines and a bearded man's opinion. If you were shown fancy charts and graphs, you would know they were as good as the doctor recommended messages you see on toothpaste. If you're looking for a replacement cable for your Audeze LCD headphones and you're not sure what to get, this NewFantasia cable is a great choice. It's a well-built cable, it connects cleanly to the headphones, the connectors seem solid and durable, and it doesn't sound worse than stock cables, which is what I was looking for. I would say my LCD-3s sound amazing with this cable. I could not tell it apart from any other cable of this class.

👤The cables are nice, but there's not much to say. I like the idea of using balanced headphones since my amplifier supports both unbalanced and balanced cables. The cables fit the bill and sound great. There is a The reason why I'm posting a review is to clarify what was said in previous reviews. The headphones have a magnetic connection, according to other reviews. There is a That's not the case at the moment. I think the maker fixed the issues that came up from the reviews after reading the comments. The pictures were used to show the connector. The black part of the picture is a button, and you can attach it by pressing it. It was a snug fit, but not snug for my cables. No fear of bending pins. It's snug and won't come out, but it's easy to detach when you want to.

👤Good cable was used for the Audeze LCD-XC. Sound opens with silver cables. Excellent value. It was well made. There is a The cable needs some time to be used. To make the sound balanced. There is a The only complaint I have is that the headphones have the wrong type of plug. There is a The mini XLR is snug into the headphones. They were so snug that I wasn't sure if I was damaging something as I inserted them for the first time. There is a It is simply not a good fit for them. The Neutrik/Rean made factory cable's connectors fit perfectly, but were not tight at all. Silicone grease helped a lot, but they have not loosened up with use. I don't like having to connect/disconnect this cable. There is a On both ends, the connectors don't seem to be the best in quality. I would not say they are bad, but they are definitely not good. I wish there was a way to upgrade to a better version of the device.

8. Youkamoo Headphone Compatible Headphones Replacement

Youkamoo Headphone Compatible Headphones Replacement

It is clear and full of layers, with a moist, magnetic voice. 8 shares, 3.6mm (8 x 1mm x 19 cores) silver plated cable. The cable is about 1.6m in length.

Brand: Youkamoo

👤The Monoprice Monolith M1070 Planar headphones are pretty decent for the price, and I got this cable for them. The cable is not the same quality as the $300 LITZ cable I got for my Focal Utopias, but at less than $30, you get a lot of value and the sound is much better. Don't hesitate to buy this if you have a fully balanced amplifier. You should keep it as a backup cable. It has a faux leather pouch. Thanks for reading.

👤It was very well made. It was worth every penny.

9. Splitter Headphone Monitor Speakers Adapter

Splitter Headphone Monitor Speakers Adapter

The outer diameter of the cable is 6.0mm, which is top quality and made by environment-friendly material. The cable is 10 feet 3 meters in length. It is flexible and heavy duty. The Mini TRS end is gold plated. The material of the shield can keep out RFI and EMI. The cable can work for a long time if the internal wire is drag-proof. This is a heavy duty stereo cable. The 3.5mm to 2XLRM Stereo Y-Adapter Cable is designed to send line-level stereo signal from recorder, laptop computer, cell phone, tablet pc, or other devices with 3.5mm jack into powered speaker, mixing board, and audio interface. The transmission from 3.5mm to XLR is not changeable. If you want to send a signal from the 1 to the 8 you need to use the dual XLR female to 3.5mm cable. If your output jack is 3.5mm TRRS, you don't need an extra accessory if you use the 1/6 mini TRS connection. If you connect to speakers directly, the speakers should be powered, because passive speakers need a pre-amp before they can play the sound. The distance from the splice to the XLR end is 42 cm, which is the longest distance between two ends. If you buy these for two speakers, make sure the distance between them is less than 2 feet. There are two more extension cables for longer connection. Left and right channel speakers can be connected with the 2 XLR connections. Left channel speakers are usually connected with the 3.5mm TRS connector, which is usually connected with the blue ring of the XLR. The red ring on the XLR is used to connect a right channel speaker. You can mix the left and right channels.

Brand: Mugteeve

👤Since I'm just a short distance from an airport, I needed a cabling that wasn't going to pick up any interference. The cable did the trick. I ordered more of them after I found that it did the job perfectly. It's hard to find this type of cable in the first place, but to have it built so well and highly shielded was a different story. This cable is very good.

👤The build quality is good, but the sound quality using these cables was garbage.

👤You can only separate the left and the right speakers about 2 feet. It's good for a laptop, but not far enough for a larger one.

👤It sounds great with Rode Go II. There is a If they are too close together, the Rode Go II gives a buzz. I ordered a second cable because it works so well.

👤It sounds great. It is being used on my computer.

👤The cable is flexible and works well for me. So far, so good, I don't know about the durability.

👤The seller is very helpful. I would highly recommend it.

👤My speakers are linked to Numark dj2go.

10. NewFantasia Balanced Compatible Hifiman Headphone

NewFantasia Balanced Compatible Hifiman Headphone

The cable is about 1.6m in length. This cable only works with Hifiman Sundara, Ananda, Arya, HE400SE, Deva-Pro, HE4XX, HE-400i, and the HE-400i 2 x 3.5mm version. The model with the dual 3.5mm port is the one you need to confirm. The 4-pin balanced male is made from the solid wood and brass gold plated. Each side of the inside cable has 2 strands of 6N OCC copper Single Crystal Silver Plated wires. The Superb Premium Wire, Independent Shield among L, R is a 6N OCC copper Single Crystal Silver Plated wires. The outside cable is soft and comfortable, and it has an excellent temperature resistance range of -65C300C. The main body cable has a diameter of 5mm. The earphone's branch cable has a diameter of 3.2mm. Replacement cable is included in the package. The HE4XX (2 x 3.5mm version), HE-400i (2 x 3.5mm version), and HE4X are only compatible with the 4-pin XLR Balanced cable. Please confirm that your headphones come with a 3.5mm port and extension cords.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤I like the feel of the cable. I could not pick up any distortion. I don't think I can claim a sound improvement compared to other cables, but I was not expecting that anyways. Thank you for manufacturing, I couldn't find good alternatives on Amazon at 10ft. The cable sleeve feels nice but it can make noise when you move the head left and right. Not a problem for me. I don't like the walnut/gold xlr and wish there was a Neutrik or Amphenol option for a small price increase. The cable could be a problem for many.

👤I have some requests that I would like to see made, but I am happy with the world's best cable for the price.

11. Youkamoo Replacement Upgrade Compatible Headphones

Youkamoo Replacement Upgrade Compatible Headphones

8 shares, 3.6mm (8 x 1mm x 19 cores) silver plated cable. The cable is about 1.6m in length. Smooth sound, high power resolving. It is clear and full of layers, with a moist, magnetic voice.

Brand: Youkamoo

👤The build quality is great from the 3.5 inch port up until you get to the headphones' 3.5 inch port. If you use red on one side and blue on the other, it will double as a good I.d. Which side is which. I couldn't even plug it in to my headphones without first removing a small amount of plastic from both sides and it was a tight fit on my pair of HD 600. The rest of the cable is very nice, and if you don't mind making a small modification, it's a step down from the original. The metal cinch is heavy and has a carbon fiber ring in the center that makes the cable rest better on my chest. The cable was not stretched out to make it straight. I would definitely buy again. I would pay more if the right and left ear cups had the same red and blue color.

👤After returning a similar cable, I bought this one. The unit has better packaging, softer touch cable, and better XLR piece. The sound quality is the same as the unit on Amazon. I haven't experienced any issues with the level of shielding so far. Solid but not perfect. My Drop HD6XX headphones are being used. The sound is great!

👤It works perfectly. Plugging it into my headphones was easy, but it wasn't hard to get it right. The cable is flexible and does not produce microphonics.

👤The price is half of other competitors and the packaging is a nice touch: a plastic container with a faux leather pouch.

👤A case and a cable tie are included in the price. The cable seems to fit well and is a fantastic length. I wish L/R was more obvious.

👤It is a quality cable at a nice price, and it was packaged in a way that was thought of very highly by the people who worked on it.

👤It does what it's supposed to do and at a great price.

👤I wasn't expecting the quality of the build.

👤I can't complain about the price. It is a little on the short side, but it is a perfectly good balanced cable, and the finish on the connectors going into the earcups leaves a little to be desired. I don't notice a difference between this and my cable.

👤They arrived a few weeks early. If my initial positive feelings change, I will update this review.

👤The HP-A4BL is HD 660 S. ZY-Cable HD 650 HD 600 HD580 HD525 HD565 (4-pin) OCC ZY-002. There is a 1.2m 1.5m. There is a The cable is called ZY-Cable.




What is the best product for xlr headphone cable?

Xlr headphone cable products from Cable Matters. In this article about xlr headphone cable you can see why people choose the product. Newfantasia and Newfantasia are also good brands to look for when you are finding xlr headphone cable.

What are the best brands for xlr headphone cable?

Cable Matters, Newfantasia and Newfantasia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xlr headphone cable. Find the detail in this article. Mugteeve, Newfantasia and Newfantasia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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